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((Yes, the < > is russian.))
Leon D. Sagara
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((OOC: Isn't the < > what your talking in Russian, if its not I ll edit))

::Victor looked up at the girl, and kinda tilted his head slightly, he couldn't understand her one bit,so he chose not to say a word to her only close his eyes again and continue his previous process of thought::
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Marika quickly started jogging to catch up with Victor.

< I am sorry, but I do not believe I know your name. >

No one seemed to be paying attention to Eric anymore, so he decided to do his own thing. He grabbed the sheath for the machete and tied it around his waist. As he slid the machete in, he winced in pain. He approached Joshua.

"Hey, Doc, anything else you can do for my shoulder?"
Leon D. Sagara
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::Victor opened his eyes, however the weight of his eyelids was tremendous and hard to open. Victor stood up and rubbed his eyes until they focused in on the task at hand. He quickly saw a few survivors bickering on the beach, and another few starting a fire. He looked around a bit longer, hoping to see the doctor who had sewed his forehead shut::


::Victor dropped his hands and looked at the beach noticing a blue object in the sand very close to where the fire was being built. He ran over to it and pulled it from the water, lifting it in front of him and smiling slightly. It was his backpack with his clothing in it. He draped it onto his back and walked over to a raise in the sand and again sat down::


::Victor whispered to himself as he took the pack off his back and began to rummage through it, he pulled out his wallet, what remained of his cell phone, a black fitted hat with a strange logo on it labeled in white and a package of toothpicks. He set the items on the sand and removed a toothpick from the box, then returning all the items back into the confides of his pack. He placed the toothpick in his mouth and placed the hat on his head, threw the pack next to him and lied back down, the hat shielding his face from the sun::

....What to do.....
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Vlad nodded to Marika.

< Sure, please do come along. It shall be fun. >

"We are all leaving now, anyone who wants to go should come now."

Vlad began walking towards the woods, he had hoped to get a large enough following to actually get relatively deep into the forest. He began zig-zagging between large trees which were very prominent. His eyes scanned the lish green forest, more like a jungle. And he began noting where he was going, entering it into his photographic memory.
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Brady sighed. Everyone wanted to go into the woods. Michael had gone off to fetch some firewood, so she was on her own to get this fire started.

Brady nodded at Joe and then watched as another wonded man made his way onto the scene. He introduced himself as Victor and before she could reply, he had slumped against a tree and as far as she could tell, had fallen asleep.

"Right. Fire." She said softly as she found an open area on the beach and made her way over to it.
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Marika approached Vlad.

< I would prefer to come with you, seeing as you are the only one who speaks my language. >

She grabbed a small dagger and spun it around.

Eric picked up a machete and felt the edge with his thumb.

"Well, I, for one, will stay behind. After all, someone has to watch after the 'camp'"
Leon D. Sagara
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::victor stood up and placed his hand on the doctor's shoulder, thanking him for stitching him up. Seeing the other people on the beach, Victor walked over to them and raised a hand up into the air::

....Victor, ........ Pleasure.....

::Victor lower'd his hand and walked to a tree behind them all, sat down and almost instantly fell asleep. He had to many thoughts in his head to cope with the crash as well, sleep would be the best way to heal both his physical wounds, as well as his mental ones::
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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Joe frowned at Brady, "I'm fine, just a little bruised up." He grabbed the knife that Vlad passed him, and nodded. This thing wasn't too big, but he could use it. He watched as Vlad argued with Joshua, and shook his head. There wouldn't be anything, the most they could expect were a few animals, and as long as they avoided such animals, he suspected they'd be fine.

"So when are we going?" he asked.
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Vlad's eyes noticed a man about thirty feet or so away with a gash on his forehead. Paying little attention to the man, he passed the "wounded" man a knife.

"We're not expecting to fight Dinosaurs or anything, his little shoulder bruise should be fine."

Vlad became bored of holding the knives and placed the case at the ground, beckoning for anyone who wanted one to take one. He slowly stepped towards the jungle, it was rather expansive.

"Good thing it's sunrise, or else we wouldn't have the time to waste deliberating on taking the hike."

Joshua grabbed Vlad by the shoulder, he began to squeeze tightly. Vlad's lips contorted for a moment, then spread into a sly smile. Joshua didn't care or notice, he needed to be heard.

"Even if we can find a better camp in the jungle, there's no telling what you may come up against. I strongly advise against it."

"Listen Doc, let go of my arm or penalties will be created and enforced."

"You wouldn't dare, not in these conditions with me as your only chance of medical help."

Vlad shook the doctor's grasp, eying him darkly as he stepped a bit farther away.

"If you did your job, Doc, I'd be worried. But I see a lot of dead people, and a few living ones. you're not even paying attention to living peoples wounds."

He glanced quickly at the guy who just fell from the tree. Then back to the others. Joshua noticed Vlad's glance and looked over to see a man dripping blood from his forehead. Slowly rushing over, Joshua sat the man down and grabbed some rubbing alcohol he had in his pocket. Pouring a small amount on the man's forehead and wiping free the blood. He began to suture the man's head. If Joshua was quick with anything it was his hands.

"Don't move too much, I'll wind up hurting you."

Joshua finished soonafter, and stood to smile cockily at Vlad, who was too busy reading a leather-bound folder filled with paper.
Leon D. Sagara
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:: In a tree just overlooking the shore, about 10 yards from where the people were grouping together, Victor opened his eyes only to see his own feet hanging below him. He was straddling the branch, and before he knew it, all he could do was fall. He hit the ground hard and face first::


::Victor looked up at the survivors and tried to shout to them, but nothing came out. His eyes felt heavy as he finally stood on his own, leaning against the tree for support. One eye was normal, but the other was seeing mostly red. Victor placed his hand on his left eye, but doing so caused him to loose his hold on the tree and again fall. The gash on his forehead must have been five inches long and blood was covering half of his face::

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With her left hand, Brady caught the matches Michael had tossed her.

"Thanks." she said.

She then moved a little closer to Joshua and placed her other hand gently on his shoulder to get his attention. "Sir, I must point out that I disagree. Perhaps it is better that people scout a little bit of the area first? Afterall, wouldn't it be wise to find the best spot we can to set up the camp...before we set it up?" Brady looked at him with a shrug and then turned to Michael. "Right, firewood..." She nodded and began heading to a more open area so that she could start the fire.

Before she got two feet away from where she was standing, Joe had made his way onto the scene. She smiled. "Sir, maybe it would be better for you to hang tight before doing anything." She surveys the man and nods. "You're wounded..."
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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Joe Grendeck opened his eyes. He had a splitting headache, and his shoulder felt bruised. Small wonder, he had been wearing his pack when it happenedm when the oxygen masks fell down, and he had to sit down. He had grabbed a random seat, and put on his oxygen mask, not bothering to take off his pack from one of his shoulders.

He looked up. The beach was nearby, and he was right under a couple trees. His pack was in one of them, the strap torn off. He looked at his shoulder, it looked terrible, and he felt like he had been bruised all over. It would be a while before h was back in top condition. He sat up, and decided not to get the pack yet. In his condition, it could be bad for him to climb the tree in his condition anyway. H knew beeter tha to test his luck.

He walked towards the beach, and saw one person searching through the luggage, another two people working on the fire. He heard the one with the luggage, "-say we go off and have a merry stroll in the forest."

He walked forward, his left arm hurt, but he knew how to handle a knife. "I'm in," he said. "I can help with this, or I can help with the fire, and seeing as how two people are doing the fire, I'm not really needed."
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Joshua became alarmed at this, he was a very practical man.

"No, no, no, no, no, no. No one is to enter the forest until we set up a base camp! We also need a head count. I'll get started on that."

Joshua began counting those around him, all those for as far as he could see. It appeared there were 34 or 35 people. So many survivors, especially with the condition the plane is in. Split in the middle it seems, the tail of the plane missing, cockpit stuck in some trees a little ways into the forest. Middle of the plane halfway under water, thrust into the sand there.

"I second the plan of going into the forest."

Vlad had returned from the fuselage, bearing gifts. A smile ran across his face.

"This case was broken open, it appears the owner of this was a hunter of sorts."

Vlad opened the case with the broken latches, and there was a sight to behold. Knives, ten of them. Bowie knives in particular, as well as some more appealing to the eye knives. Vlad placed the case on the ground and grabbed an almost silver colored kukri( picture here) with it's sheath. He strapped it to his belt and smiled. This was going to be a fun hike.

"So, what say we go off and have a merry stroll in the forest."

Vlad seemed quite happy actually, not nearly beginning to be depressed or saddened by this tragedy. He planned on keeping himself busy, and he would also like to experience as many things as possible here, experience makes the best books after all.
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Michael looks up at Brady and glances back at his duffel bag and ruffles through it and finds a box of WaterProof matches. He tosses the box over to Brady.

Here you go. These should help get the fire started...I can go around and gather fire wood. we should begin to move further into the island. Taking some people and scouting the area out till we find somewere suitable for the campsite.

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Brady nodded to herself as she listened to Joshua. She was standing only a few feet from Vlad and Marika as Joshua made his announcement. "I'll get working on the fire then." She states. "Anyone else willing to start that with me?" She glances around at the people crowing Joshua as she asks her question. While doing so, she spots the pile of suitcases that Michael had retrieved. Among them was her own, as well as her carryon bag. In a way, she was relieved. She didn't have much, but she would get by.
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Vlad repeated the statement in English for Joshua. The portly fellow was going to be looked up to as a leader, for reasons beyond Vlad. He noted muscles and guns over there, he thought there was about to be a showdown, but that was not going to happen this soon. The surrounding of people seemed faceless, they meant little to him right now. Muscles, Guns, Portly, Brady, Marika, and Kiler were all he knew, they were the only ones who stood out. A murmur of the crowd, and everyone realized they needed to do something. Some cleared wreckage, some used existing fires to build up a camp fire/signal fire. The island was warm. Though the fire would keep most animals away. He shook his head and walked towards the fuselage, he was prepared to raid the overhead bags, then try and find the cargo hold.

Joshua sighed as everyone began moving away from him, people irked him sometimes. Though he was often jovial, he didn't like glamour. It was not him, and he knew that being a doctor he would get enough of it. He had trained in surgery for so many years, Cardiology was a branching from his original passion.
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Marika listened as Vlad translated Joshua's speech.

"Tell him... tell..."

< Tell him that I can help with constructing the camp site, if my injury will not be a problem. >

Eric stood behind Joshua, and eyed Michael as he armed himself. He leaned over to the soldier and whispered,

"You may want to keep those things hidden, Mikey. Could cause some uneasiness among the others."
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Michael sets the injured young man down next to joshua catching the last of his speach.?"...and pass the time until we are rescued. We must first worry about a camp, then a signal fire. Now, who will do what!?"

Michael walks over to Joshua and taps him on the shoulder

Hey do you think you could take care of this young man I need to find my duffle bag. It has all of my Marine Issue medical supplies in it...along with ammunition for my handguns. I should have some waterproof matches in the bag that we could use to start the fire...along with my knife. I dont know though. Let me see what I can recover from the water.

Michael jogs back towards the water and dives back in resurfacing with a bunch of bags and dropping them on the beach.

Anyone who isnt injures please search through the bags for things we can use till help arrives!

Without waiting for a reply Michael dives bag into the water into the belly of the plane and keeps gathering the bags he finds and dumping them on the beach...after two trips he finds his duffle bag and grabs that and the last few suitcases he finds and lugs them onto the beach. He grabs his duffle bag and jogs back towards Joshua. he sets his bag down and holds his hand out to Joshua

Staff Sergeant Michael Cappannacci. I have some basic Medical training so I will do what I can to help you.

He reachs into his bag and takes out his issues Trauma kit and Small First Aid kit and deposits them in the sand next to Joshua. He then reachs into his bag and grabs his belt holster and the two locked cases. He unlocks the longer case and takes out his ruger, he puts it back together and holsters it. He then unlocks the other case and pulls out the clips for his Taurus and his Ruger. He takes 1 clip for his taurus out and draws his taurus...He checks to make sure that all 11 bullets are in the clip then slots it into the gun and racks the slide Chambering a round making it so there are 10 rounds in the clip and 1 in the gun. he clicks the safety on and holsters the gun. he does the Same thing for the ruger and holsters the ruger also.

Dont mind these...its a bit of a habit with me.. I was on my way to a shooting Competition in Hawaii...

he looks at the crowd of people staring at him...then realizes he doesnt have his shirt or boots on...he runs over to his clothes and puts them on. taking extra care with putting on his shirt and jacket so as to not upset the bruises on his back and neck.

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(OOC - I honestly don't think I was the cause XD)

Vlad nodded and leaned down towards her leg, it was caught in a seat. He pulled the handle on the one side and leaned the seat backwards slowly, allowing the opening to get just large enough for her ankle to slip through. He smiled kindly at her.

< Intellectual, nah, linguist, philosopher, and artist, at your service. Appears the plane crashed, just as I'd imagined it would be. The living here are...relatively unscathed, the dead are horribly mutilated though. This island, that we crashed on, it's...huge. >

He turned and looked at the Island from a different point of view, the Island appeared to be about 7 miles wide, at least as far as he could tell, no way of knowing how deep the jungle would take them. The panic began subsiding, people were huddled together around a Portly fellow. Vlad gestured to the others.

< Let's go see what he has to say. >

"Let's go see what he has to say."

Joshua had gathered most of the people to him, the ones who were injured and unable to be saved, he left behind. He spoke to this crowd now, trying to gain a better understanding of them.

"People, listen to me, this tragedy, will be even more tragic if we all die here in a panic. The best thing for us to do, will be to find something that we can work on, and pass the time until we are rescued. We must first worry about a camp, then a signal fire. Now, who will do what!?"

Josh was not a great motivational speaker, he was more of a practical man, one who did not dwell on words to fight his battles for him, but instead his actions. He had no time for sentiments for the dead.
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