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02-27-24 02:37 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Entertainment - What Are You Watching?
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I know I SHOULD start "Last of Us," but I'm waiting for season 1 to end then will binge it.

Not much that I'm watching that's currently putting out new episodes other than "Bob's Burgers" and hate-watching the American version of "Ghosts."

Still on the re-watching Markiplier videos train.
Posts: 6/15
Currently been rewatching Avatar: The Last Airbender on DVD

It's seriously such a good show and probably my favorite western animated show
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Since there's been only so much content at a time, we've been watching A LOT of YouTube and Twitch streamers. I'm STILL watching old videos of them playing "Among Us." Yes, I'm a simp.

Finally went through "Book of Boba Fett." I really disliked the first few episodes, but it got better once they stopped focusing on Boba and just concentrated on Mando and Amy Sedaris' character.
Posts: 11861/11918
Been binge-watching shows lately.

In the last month went through:
- All of "Peaky Blinders"
- All of "Penny Dreadful"
- All of "Derry Girls"
- New season of "Disenchantment"
- Final season of "Vikings"
- All of "Flight of the Conchords"
- The latest season of "Letterkenny"

All series watched since the beginning of quarantine (however many I can remember off the top of my head):
- All of "Agent Carter"
- All of "American Murder"
- All of "Baskets"
- Latest season of "The Boys"
- All of "Bridgerton"
- All of "Call Boys"
- All of "Cells at Work"
- All of "Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba"
- Latest season of "F Is For Family"
- All of "Fleabag"
- All of "The Goes Wrong Show"
- All of "Ghosts"
- All of "Hoops"
- All of "IT Crowd"
- All new episodes of "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver"
- All of "Lovecraft Country"
- Latest season of "Mandalorian"
- All of "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel"
- The last two seasons of "The Masked Singer"
- All of "Queen's Gambit"
- Latest season of "Rick and Morty"
- All of "Run"
- All of "Snuff Box"
- All of "Solar Opposites"
- All of "Star Trek: Lower Decks"
- All of "Thieves of the Wood"
- All of "Tiger King"
- All of "Toast of London"
- All of "Upload"
- All of "What We Do in the Shadows"
- All of "Year of the Rabbit"

Posts: 11826/11918
Binge-watched the "Watchmen" series HBO put out. It was OK. I was a huge fan of the graphic novel and I actually liked the movie Snyder did (obviously it's VERY flawed ), but the show was like watching fan fiction. Decent fan fiction, but I kept going, "Is Alan Moore OK with these plot points? Eh, most likely not."
Posts: 11825/11918
Yep, watched "The Witcher" as well a couple weeks back. I liked it, and bummer about the long wait. Par for the course these days, what with "Rick and Morty" only pumping out new seasons a couple years between.

Started watching "Letterkenny" on Hulu. It has its moments. Kind of a live action Canadian "King of the Hill."
Lord Alexandor
Posts: 405/417
I just finished watching The Witcher on Netflix and I gotta say it is my favorite show within the last 5 years. I am so stoked for the next season, but it's not slated to come out until late 2020 or early 2021.

On the plus side, I can read the books and play the games to tide me over until then...
Posts: 11819/11918
Got a Disney+ subscription, and watched the one episode so far of "The Mandalorian." I liked it a lot.

Excellent quality for a TV series.
Posts: 11813/11918
I really should pick up "Curb Your Enthusiasm" some time. I loved "Seinfeld." (Well ... except that final episode.)

Working through Marc Maron's show "Maron," now that it's completely over.

Watched the second season of "Disenchantment" that dropped. Complete and total meh.

Posts: 11682/11750
Been waiting for Prime to add Curb season 9 forever now! lol
Posts: 11810/11918
Trudging through the latest season of "Harlots," but my favorite character got killed off.

When I was sick we went through an ungodly amount of TV.

While I was sick we knocked out:
- The rest of the final season of "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend"
- "GLOW" season 3
- All of "Umbrella Academy" that's out (one season)
- All of "Shrill" that's out (one season)
- All of "The Act" (miniseries)
- Re-watched all fours seasons of "BoJack Horseman"
- Re-watched A LOT of "Bob's Burgers"
- Re-watched A LOT of "King of the Hill"
- Re-watched all of "Evangelion"
- Started "Babylon 5"
- Started "Wolf Hall"
- Started going through "Drunk History"
- Watched some "Portlandia"
- Re-watched all of "Documentary Now"

Watched a number of movies:
- Captain Marvel
- Aquaman
- The Favourite
- Invasion of the Body Snatchers
- The second Fantastic Beasts movie
- Bad Times at the El Royale
- The Dead Don't Die
- Dangerous Liaisons
- Stay
- Possession
- Ophelia

The TV was pretty much ALWAYS on.

Just waiting for John Wick 3 to finally have a rental option on Amazon Prime.
Posts: 11789/11918
We still have one episode left to go in "Good Omens," and yes, it's great.

"American Gods" has just ... ugh.

The latest season of "Black Mirror" dropped, and though it was only three episodes, still very good.

We also watched "Catch-22," which was good.

I wish more shows were miniseries.
Posts: 9656/9734
Still need to finish American Gods. We lost access to Starz so it may be a bit.

Good Omens was such a well done show. I was very pleased with it!

Also, I really enjoyed the Deadwood movie, even if it took me a bit to remember who some people were. Makes me want to go back and watch the whole series again and then re-watch the movie.
Posts: 11775/11918
"American Gods" is back on with season 2. Still need to watch the new episode from this weekend, but it's going along just fine. It got renewed for a new season and a new showrunner already, and I hope that'll be the last. It's ONE book, for crying out loud.

"Game of Thrones" will be back next month. And then "Good Omens" will premiere in May.
Posts: 11648/11750
Old wrestling lately on the WWE network... lol. Watched the 1990 WWF Royal Rumble tonight. Warrior vs Hogan is heating up!
Posts: 11766/11918
Finally taken up watching "Broad City." It's freaking hilarious.
Posts: 11737/11918
Lately been watching "Schitt's Creek" on Netflix, but the romances with the kids has been a huge turn off. I just don't ship characters most of the time these days (obviously, I do ship, if you know me. BUUUUT yeah, I'd prefer characters just remain friends most of the time rather than have a forced, no chemistry get-together on screen. )
Posts: 11713/11918
"King of the Hill" is back on Hulu, so we've had it going 'round the clock as moving wallpaper and background noise.
Posts: 11707/11918
We went through "Castle Rock" in a couple days. It's ... okay. I get why people like it, and I do like Stephen King. I'm just having trouble with understanding WHY it's a continuing series and not a limited one.
Posts: 9627/9734
The thought of Rick and Morty in that universe is a wee bit scary to be honest.

Have you seen Britannia on Amazon? It deals with druids and the second Roman invasion of Britain.
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