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06-28-22 11:36 PM
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“… Everyone? May I have your attention, please!?” A town crier yelled throughout the town. Apparently, it did her no good so she closed her eye, thinking of a way to get everyone’s attention. While it is hard to be louder then a social person, it is even harder to be louder than a crowded people. Instead of being loud, she decided that in order to get people’s attention, she would need to cast magic…

So she did. She raised her hand in the air, the clouds gathered quickly like the Meteor struck the planet without any warning. A huge bolt struck the ground, giving a blinding red flash to anyone in the villager. When the bolt struck the ground, everyone was dazed for a few second, and then looked at the town crier. Apparently, she turned out to be a envoy from unknown place that people never heard of.

She stood in a high place, with everyone looking at her. Her short brown hair was flowing along with the wind, and her sapphire eye examined the crowds. She was sent here for an intentional reason… Her dress was different then any of the villager’s peasant clothes, she is young and yet acts with proper trained mind. She hasn’t yet to hurt anyone unless they posed a threat to her.

“Look, I’m Ilyia and I came here to spread a message… The Dark Day is coming soon. There will be a huge war between us and unknown source of evil! High Sage Nenithyn is looking for people who are willingly to accept huge sum of money and fame. I…”

Before she continues, she was interrupted by one villager.

“What a’e ye, some sort of bitch? Tis villager isn’t gonna to listen to the like of ye. War, fame, money, what’s good if it only results yer death?”

She responded rather harshly. “But… If you don’t do anything, you can die! I’m sure your family wouldn’t want that.”

“WHAT? You dared to speak ill of me family, aye? Ye have no proof. Hell… I’m sure these sources of evil wouldn’t mind us slaving for them… As least, they might keep us alive… Aye.”

This was getting pointless to her… Apparently. “If anyone wants to join this quest… I’ll be waiting at the inn. You’ll have until the next dawn.” She walked off the platform and headed toward to the inn. Along the way, she saw Katana… Clearly, she would walk up to her but with her voice creating the fuss, it is pretty doubtful none would hear her at all… She continued to go to to an inn...
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Katana opened her mouth to reply to Enn, but she something else caught her attention. She turned sharply and was face to face with Jaques. She eyed him suspiciously for a few moments, before taking a few steps back so that both men were in her sight.

"I wake up in an alley with a strange man looming over me...of course I'm going to point out that I'm not a pushover." She says indignantly. She shook her head and then sighed.

"I'm sorry." Was all she said before pushing past Enn and making her way out of the alley and back into the bustling town.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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Jaques stepped forward, out of a corner. He was covered in bue armor, which conceled his skin. In recent, and unofrunate times, he had fallen to the job of guarding a trade caravan, which set up its stock in this city. now he was out of work, and looking for another job. He had stood in that corner to rest for a few minutes, when a woman fell, and a man came and tried to talk to her. She threatened him, and Jaques raised an eyebrow. She didn't look strong, and he had a feeling he could take her in a fight.

He stepped into view, his blue armor looking dull in this light, thouh in the sun, it shined. In a scabbard was a long sword, one which looked heavy. On his back, was a shield. It was clear that Jaques had no clothes for an ordinary day, nor did he have anything else on his but his armor. He kept his money in contact with the skin, underneath the armor. That prevented pickpocketers.

"Those with strength have no need to critisize those they believe are under them," he said. "Someone with strength will show it by his every action, but not once speak of it."

He doubted either of them were capable hands, but if he said that, his point would be lost.
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Enn raised an eyebrow.

"Hey, I meant you no harm. I was just curious to see a newcomer in our small village.'

He lowered his hands and stuck his thumbs in his beltloops.

"Besides, strength means nothing if placed in incapable hands."
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Her eyes widened. After the transformation, she usually feels as though she were hit by a train, but it doesn't take long for Katana to feel perfectly normal afterward. She took one step back and broght her hands up, balling them into fists. "I might look different now, but don't think for one second that I am not as strong as she is..." She says, hardening her voice so that she could sound intimidating.

Truth was, as far as hand to hand combat went, her human side was just as skilled as her demonic form, even though they had extreme personality differences.
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Enn met Katana's gaze.

"You're in an alley, in Elmitia. You came from the tavern. You're different now..."
Posts: 1761/3649
Katana groaned as she was nudged. For a few seconds, she didn't move, but slowly, she opened her eyes. The girl's eyes were no longer red, but now a shade of emerald green. Her skin was pale and her cat ears, as well as her tail, were gone, but her attire remained the same.

"Where am I?" The sound came from a groggy and feminine voice. Taking her time, Katana rose to her feet. She brushed herself off and straightened out her hair. What was once shoulder length hair now cascaded down all the way to her knees. Once she was through straightening everything out, she peered up at Enn through her green eyes.
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Enn looked at the unconscious woman.

"Well this is interesting..."

He slowly crept towards her. He gently nudged her with his toe, and leapt back.

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I'm being trailed... Katana thought to herself a few moments later. She walked through the town as though she owned the place, taking one confident stride after another. She could smell it in the air though. The scent was had to be someone from the inn. She smirked to herself as she decided to make following her difficult. Gracefully she weaved in and out of the crowds or people swarming the place. She kept this up for a few moments until...

"Goddamn it..." She mumbled under her breath. She could feel herself growing faint. Her eyes darted around quickly until she spotted an alleyway. She walked over to it, inspecting the area around it. Luckily, it was completely empty. Once again, she glanced around to see if anyone was watching. She couldn't spot whoever was following her from the pub, nor could she smell them.

Hopefully I've lost whoever it was... she thought to herself. Katana knew that she was about to change to her human form, but she hoped that she lost their scent because she really lost them, as opposed to her demonic sences failing her.

With that she ducked into the alley way and knelt behind some crates before passing out.
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There were only sounds of creature chripping that flews throughout the forest. The humid environment and steady temperture kept this area more suitable to all form of organic life. The water becomes pure spring water from the nature's desire to keeping this forest peaceful. The plant kept the filters and provided organic food to protect from any harm in the animal kingdom.

If any threat come, Amulius will be there. Just recently before, he fought and protected a mother bear and her cubs. Although the animals are aggressive to people, they adapted to smelling Amulius and will not disturbs him at all cost.


Everything was quite today... He thought. Something will happen.
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"It's fine. I was about to leave anyway."

Enn placed his empty glass on the bar and left some money.

"Sorry for troubling you," He said as he walked out of the inn after Katana.
Jedi Master Desroth
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His sleep was broken by the sounds of a commotion downstairs. It sounded as if someone was fighting down in the tavern, and by the sounds of it, really well.

Being no stranger to the fact that people would hunt him down from town to town once they found out what he was, his mind began to race. He had no one with him if he was under attack, and his driver had gone further up the road with the wagon.

He couldnt afford to sit in this room for much longer without knowing what was happening, so he rolled out of bed onto the floor. He hit the ground, but yet made no noise. It was a strange thing he never quite figured out, though he always assumed nearly silent landing was useful for stalking humans to drink their blood. He ran across the room, swipping his full body robe out of the window he had hung it over. He tugged it over himself, making sure it was fully covering him before he drew the hood over his head.

He opened the door slowly, looking out down the hallway. The sound of the commotion stopped as soon as he opened the door. He investigated further, coming to the top of the stairs. He stepped down so he could see the tavern, and to his amazement, a girl was walking away from a few obviously drunken men who were on the floor groaning in pain. He noted that she looked right at a man who was drinking at a table by himself before she had left the inn.

Intruiged, Vyer thought that it would be a wise choice to follow this girl and find out more about her. For all he knew, she could be one of his invisible enemies in this town that would one day kill him.

As he walked to the door, he bumped his elbow into Enn. Although he had done it on purpose to find out more, he passed it off as a accident

"I am sorry sir... I didnt see you there. May I buy you another drink?"
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Bastard... Katana thought to herself a strange man entered the inn. Well, most of the people there could be considered "strange"...but this one had an aristocratic air about him...but there was also something else odd that she could sense...

Katana sat at one of the tables, leaning over a drink. She wore a black cloak with her hood up to help conceal her demonic form. She watched the man head toward his room and then paid no more attention. Rather, she finished her drink and rose from the table. Underneath her black cloak was a turquoise top with thin sleeves that draped losely over her shoulders, along with a dark brown skirt and black leather knee-high boots. Everything was tight fitting of course, but she didn't mind. Her human side felt it was easier to fight in the tigher clothing. In her present form, however, she simply kept them to show off her slender, curvy figure.

Gingerly, Katana pushed her chair in and began making her way for the door, her boots clicking on the wooden floor. As she passed Enn, something about him drew her attention as well. She peered at him through her red eyes from underneath her hood. Her lips parted as though she were about to speak, but formed a smirk instead. She then turned to head out the door once again.

She was only three feet from the exit when it happened. One of the men who had obviously had too much to drink reached over and grabbed her upper thigh. Katana looked sideways at the man as he flashed her an almost-toothless grin. She rolled her eyes and let out a sigh as he made an offer she had only heard many times before. Gently Katana leaned forward and lifted the man's hand off her thigh. She then smirked as she threw back her hood, revealing her cat-like ears, short black hair, and red eyes. Her lips were pressed into a smirk once again as she lifted the man up by the collar of his shirt with only one arm. Almost as though it were nothing, she flipped him over the table and he landed on his back. His two comrades quickly rose to their feet, but she simply reached out behind their heads and knocked them together. As they crumpled to the ground she steped over them to the original offender. Katana was still smirking as she placed the tip of her boot to his throat. "The next time you want to play, make sure you know what you're playing with." She says cooly. She then glanced about the room as she slowly lifter her hood once again. Her eyes fell upon Enn once again.

Odd... she thought to herself as she gave Enn a wink and turned and finally walked out of the Inn.
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Enn set down his empty cup as Vyer strode past him. What a peculiar man. He took a swig from the refilled cup and nearly gagged.

"Hey, I was having milk"

"Sorry Enn," the bartender said as he changed the cups. Enn had never really cared for alcohol. It messed with him when he was flying. He took another drink. How he wanted to take to the skies to relieve his tension, but he could feel a storm coming, and he didn't want to get caught in it. That was never a pleasant experience. So, he sat there, drinking...milk, and watching the very strange robed man.
Jedi Master Desroth
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He had been traveling for many days through the country side, his carriage and driver moving with precise accuracy. The windows to the carriage were all shut, and the curtains were drawn tight.

The light from the mid day sun cascaded down through the curtains, giving the inside of the carriage a rich purple glow, protecting Vyer from the sunlight. He fixed his velvet peti coat and checked his ruffles. He sighed, pulling out a small vanity mirror and checking his hair in it.

The smal carriage came to a stop just outside the city gates, as the driver was granted passage through the gate. They pulled up infront of the local inn, as the driver stepped down the ladder and opened the door to the carriage. A small set of steps dropped down automatically, as Vyer brought one fought out the door and onto the step

In the time it took them to arive at the inn, Vyer had put on his tightly woven silk and wool combo full body garb. It matched the color of the clothes underneath, red and black, and it seemed to cover down around his hands and covered his head in a large hood.

As he got out of the carriage, he brought out a cane, the hand was shapped like a skeleton, and looked to be made of silver or pewter, and the shaft was black.

"Devon, bring my bags in. We shall stay the night here in this rat hole..."

Vyers driver nodded and brought the bags out as Vyer opened the door to the inn. He scoffed at the common drunkards wasting their life away with the fine spirits the inn offered. Vyer approached the Inn keeper, and wrapped his cane on the counter.

"I would need your finest room sir. My friend here will take care of the cost for me."

The inn keeper had almost no time to hand Vyer the key before he swipped it from his hand. He strode calmly through the tables, sneering at the filthy common folk who frequented the inn.

The room left something to be desired, but it would service his needs for the moment. He drew the curtains tight and placed his full garb over the window as well.

And with that, he sat back on the bed and relaxed. His mind wandering freely again as he crossed his arms on his chest and fell asleep on the soft down bed. Even in death he knew how to enjoy the finer points of life...
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It was more then the ancient time that eternal war begins. Until the extinction of the ancient, one would claim that only one figure would rule the world as if he was the respectful god for it. The war between this god and several of other races began their quest for power, but in the end, this god have banishes and destroy all races. Growing old and weaker, the god decided to give the races one more chance… But to ensure that the god’s next legacy lives on, he created seal that was told to have his power and gave each race a royal blood family.

But there is a catch, if each royal family are completely killed, the seal will unlock and release disasters upon the world. Even if one was tarnished from the royal blood, the seal will release… The Eternal Darkness. Every life on the land will fade and die. But with new death may bring new life… But the chaos will raid the land forever.

Or how the legend was told. Life was just normal and peace was prefect…


Amulius sat on the tree branches, looking at the nature’s animal living in peace. Such a harmony exists in a divine forest with fresh amount of life in it. If disturbance came, Amulius will immediately hunt the predator, making himself look more like a selfish bastard who rather lives isolates.

(Sorry if the post was short, I'm kind of in a hurry.)
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