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06-22-24 10:41 PM
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OOC: I think that we should vote on letting FX replace Gaius because i personally would like to continue with this RP. I'm sure everyone else would also.
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As the squad trickles in and takes their seats Merith glances at you all. She looks
around the room and sighs, glaring angrily at the wall screen and the empty
ventilation shafts.

"What the hell went wrong out there people?" she said, her voice low and calm.

"I thought that you had come together as a squad and as a team which is why
I sent you into this situation instead of calling a better trained group. Obviously
I was mista... Where's Gaius?"
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Donavan clicks the safety on his pistol. And hands Marin back her weapons.

Walking back Donavan thought about their targets. Eyes narrowing he considers who they were, and why they were here. Eventually he get back to the office they were in a little over an hour ago, only a step behind Marin.
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(under his breath)
"maybe they will respond to your winning personality, merith...charm them out of the trees like the little cherubs they we can murder them for you"
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Keel pressed his hand to his ear, and sighed in relief after hearing Merith's instructions. He packed up station and made his way back to her. He grunted under the weight of the gun and was in no hurry to hear what Merith would have to say about how they did.
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*Giving a grateful sigh, Marin climbed out of the nearest exit. Dusting herself off, she made her way back to the room they had been in before, stopping to pick up the empty gear case she had stashed earlier.*

What I want to know is what they were doing here in the first place.....
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Over the course of the next hour and a half Marin finds herself somewhere in
between the fifth and sixth floor of above ground portion of the building, covered in
dust, tired, scratched, and bruised from one run in with a closed security door. No
hint of the children was found at any time.

Merith sighed and spoke into her wrist mike again. "Bring it in guy's. I think it's safe
to say that they've cleared out or we're going to have to use alternate means of
locating them."
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(ooc: yes he is being sarcastic...john is kind of a bastard)
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Keel wipes the sweat from his brow, and makes his way to roof. He sprints there, and once reaching his destination sets up post. He crouches and starts to unload the heavy case. He mounts the gun on his shoulder and stares through the scope at the distant ventilation covers. He thinks to himself..."I don't want to shoot a kid".

(OOC: I'll edit a better description of the gun once I get it)
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"I can try my best... guess I better leave these here just in case."

*Marin hands her weapons to Donovan*

"I don't want to risk them getting their hands on any of that while grappling in there. Wish me luck."

*Marin crawls deeper down the shaft, silently hunting for the renegade children*
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Originally posted by venomouslobster
"why yes donovan, yes i can because i am your magic talking wrist...put a watch on me!"

WTH? Was your character being sarcastic? Or are you being obtuse?

Donavan looks at Marin. "Well, if you pull them out I'll tie them down."
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"why yes donovan, yes i can because i am your magic talking wrist...put a watch on me!"

*shuts down all the locks on the ventilation system*

"they are going nowhere, unless the children can bore through steel, which if merith has her panties in such a bunch that she threatened to have you kill Marin cause she wouldnt murder em over, well all i gotta say is they better be able to at least bore through steel"
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Poping off the floor Donavan hurries to Marin's side. Looking into the vent he speaks into his wrist. "John, can you see which way these vents run, and which way are they going? We can try and cut them off."
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The children have already vanished somewhere into the maze of the ventilation
system. Marin can hear them vaguely off somewhere in the ducts but can't
pinpoint exactly which direction they went.
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"Bloody hell..."

*Marin holds a pistol in her hands and crawls into the space... it will be a lot harder for them to run if she shoots them in the knee or something*
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The lead boy glances back, and Donavan catches a glimpse of a red "1" tattooed
on his right cheek. "Up," he shouts and as Donavan slides through all three
children jump into the air so that he slides under them.

They hit the ground running and are off down the halls again. The first boy dives to
the floor 100 feet down the hall and rips a small vent off the wall, the next boy and
the girl drop to the floor, sliding through the opening without missing a beat and the
first boy immediately followed after.

The vent is a bit small for Donavan to fit through but Marin might be able to with a
bit of effort.
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Donavan slows down a step or two, and stoops to lift Marin to her feet. And he was off again. Around the corner, and after the children. Running up behind them he does a sliding tackle into the center of the group, kicking out his legs to catch all the running feet, and trip them. In hopes that Marin was right behind him to jump on the so that the two of them would be able to subdue the children.
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The girl shouted inarticulately and her elbow lashed back catching Marin solidly
across the cheek. Squirming free she jumped up and sprinted after the two boys.

The three of them reached a corner and ducked around it moving fast down the
deserted corridors.
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"... Yes. ma'am."

*Marin turned and headed back down the hall, running full speed she leaped past Donovan and tackled the girl with the tattoo. Not hard, but taking her to the ground*

"I won't have to hurt you if you cooperate! What is your name and why are you here?!"
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"God damnit Marin, you've been given a direct order by a superior officer. Catch the
hostiles and do it double quick or I'll have your ass in a sling so fast you'll think
you're back at week 1 of basic!" Merith screamed into her wrist mike snapping
John out of the semi trance he'd fallen into from his new computer system.

"Donavan if she becomes a liability put her down."
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