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01-27-21 09:54 PM
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As Ironman charged he suddenly disappeared. Before Blonsky realized what had happened, he too had dissapeared.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 1502/4539
Abomination quickly recognized the signs, and threw himself to the side, narrowly avoiding the beam, and slamming his shoulder onto the stone platue.

A large craw appeared, and Blonsky slammed his arms onto it again. The cracks continued growing at an accelerated rate. Soon this entire thing should collapse.
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Ironman charged towards Abomination. He backhanded the first boulder, sending it flying off into the distance. He continued to charge towards Abomination, but at the last moment he veered to the left, just past the green behemoth. He spun to a stop at the edge of the plateau. He stood up straight and fired a blast from the unibeam in his chest.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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Abomination quickly jumped, avoiding the first shot. He then pulled up his rock, and held it in the way of the beam.

The rock turned shiny due to the heat, but ddid not shatter. It was still there, and still powerful. Angrily, Abomination grabbed it on two ends, careful not to touch the supheated metal, and split it in half. He threw on half at where Iron Man was now, and would throw the second a fraction of a second later, throwing them both fast enough that both couldn't be destroyed quickly enough without the other hitting him.

However, if Ironman decided to try to dodge then Blonsky will instead throw the second rock in the direction he was going. Also, Abomination flammed his arms into the ground again, damages the rock surface below him, but not offering much more effect.
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Ironman stared up at the green behemoth before him.


He attempted to ignite his jet boots, but true to his word, they did not work. He held up his palms and fired out two beams, one aimed at the rock wielded by Abomination, and one at his chest.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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Blonsky, aka, the abomination, moved forward. His massing bulk appeared, green skin shining brightly as the light caught it, his body covered in muscle.

"I thought I was supposed to be cured with the last battle. If I don't get cured in this one, someone's going to die!"

He smashed the ground with his fist, sending sveral rocks flying, and one large rock still strong. He grabbed it, and held it up, ready to use as a weapon. "Come on!"
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Ironman and Abomination appeared on the plateau.

"Whomever wins this fight advances to the finals. Ironman, you will find that your jet boots will not work. Commence."
Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - CBT: FX vs. Vulkar

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