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Darian laughed, clicking his com link off as he patted Morrighan on the shoulder. "Thank you, Miss Morrighan. Over." He walked off, laughing and stepping towards the compound. In a few minutes, they'd be heading in, and each member would be getting objectives they're surely not expecting.
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"Probably watching them to make sure they don't fuck up."

*Morrighan stepped out from behind the vehicle, where she had been standing unseen for a few minutes after scouting around looking for any possible threats. There was a smirk on her face*

"You know, you two really should make sure you're alone before you have these little chats. You always seem to forget that I'm sneaking about."

*With a slight chuckle, she moved past them and walked towards the encampment; hitting her com-link to contact Darian*

"Finished scouting, no sign of the enemy. Over."
The Accidental Protege
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"Sound fun?"
Not really. In fact, not at all. That's what ran through Kevin's mind as Darian spoke. He watched everyone as they troupe made their way to the small encampment, then turned to his wife.

"Francine, I doubt you an' me are gonna need this assisting crap. Most likely, it'll be those green kids. They always get the short end of the stick," he said, smiling.

"You're gonna jinx it if you keep talking like that. While the greenies are learning, I wonder what we'll be doing in the mean time," Francine answered him back

The two spoke quietly so that the other's wouldn't eavesdrop.
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ooc-- Lol.Ressurection spell.

Alex smiled, he liked roller-coasters. He exited the vehicle and stumbled as if he were drunk. His shaggy brown hair shook and flew about in the wind. He turned his head towards the vehicle.

"Whoa, how far did we travel? And where the hell are we?"

Alex had a way of putting things as simply as possible. And saying things most other people seemed to have trouble with.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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Harry grunted, "so I come out from my hut hoping for a fight, and I have to be an assistant to some guy. If it's office work, I'm going to get irritated."

He felt bored, he had already finished his hamburger, and hoped he could do something that was actually fun soon.
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"Oh I do hope it isn't desk job work, I don't do well with that. But hey, do what ya have to, right?"

*Morrighan looked kinda bored, traveling in a vehicle always did that*
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He leaned close to Eevie shortly after finishing his meal.

"Sorry, I was getting changed and got distracted by a good cigar. Did you need me for something?"

Alex looked directly at Eevie for a short amount of time, he smiled gently.
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James' head jerked back as they hit the transrail, slamming into the headrest. As they stopped he jerked back forward. He rubbed the back of his head.

"Jeez, you should pad those things better. And what do you mean by 'assisting jobs'? I'm not gonna do some desk job..."
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When Alex didn't reply to her question, Eevie sat quietly. When they were given the meals, she ate without protest. The ride itself didn't do much to jar her stomach. She was sure to eat a bit slowly while they did have the chance and neatly folded everything back up once she was finished. She glanced over at Alex once more and sighed.

Her attention was now drawn toward Darien as he spoke, giving them a heads up on what was about to come. Not that bad... she thought. She was extremely relieved at the mention of getting some sort of practice in before the action.
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OOC: Alright, since people are showing damn interest again, I guess I'll bust my ass again.

BIC: Darian smiled at his fellow passengers, the main worry being keeping their hamburgers and the rest of the lunch they've digested. Suddenly, Shane spoke up, and Darian laughed loudly.

"I thought you'd all have noticed, we're not on the transrail anymore, eh. We are currently on our way to a small outpost set up by 369 to attempt to keep an eye on werewolf activity. We'll be there in about half an hour. You'll all be debriefed on what to expect in the wild, you'll take on a temporary assisting job for a day as practice for when you actually have to do it for our own purpose, and we'll recieve the current intel on the werewolves' positions.

Sound fun?"

The Accidental Protege
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((Elara, we need to move this along. 16 pages, and no real intensive action. It needs a jumper cable.))

Kevin glared over at Harry.
"I'll be sure to aim my puke on you," he retorted, finally resuming his meal of the vacuumed packed MRE. Nothing like a dehydraded pack of chicken fingers. But hey; at least there was a lot of food in one package, so it's not like he'd go hungry.

Shane piped up for the first time in a while.
"Hey... Captain Darian? When do we depart from the trans-rail and begin our mission, sir?"
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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Harry held onto the hamburger, and braced himself. Suddenly the forward momentum kicked in, and he slowly adjusted. He looked over at Kevin, who was looking sick. He grinned as he said, "You know, this actually wasn't that bad, the way you all were playing it, I almost thought I was going to feel sick."

He took a bite of his hamburger for emphasis. That was one gone, now only one hamburger remained. He hoped he wouldn't have to use it for emphasis much. "Agreeing with Kevin, do we jst sit here for the next week, or do we have any plan to entertain ourselves? Oh, I know what would be entertaining, do that transrail a few more times as we go, that was fun." He glanced over at Kevin, smirking.
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((So we can't have a conversation in an RP, but you can? Whatever. Apparently we can't eat and talk while in a vehicle. I put her reaction to the vehicle about three posts ago, but like always no one seems to pay attention to what my character does.))

"You'd think you'd learn to ride in this thing by now, Kevin."
The Accidental Protege
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OOC: In case you didn't notice, we're past lunch time, people.
I am disregarding your posts, Xeios, Elara.

BIC: Kevin lurched forward at the initial shock of the stopping of the craft.
"Ugh... I think I'm gonna lose it... I'm gettin' too old for this shit."
Francine only smirked. She was used to this kind of stuff, and her werewolf instincts helped too.
"Calm down, honey. You're fine."

At the stopping, Shane's head smacked back against the wall against where he was seated.
"OW! Son-of-a..." He stopped himself, steadying against his high powered rifle. He grimmaced. He didn't want himself to go haywire again. That was all that was on his mind.

Kevin spoke up, apparently talking to Darian.
"Now what?"
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Alexander appeared in between Darian and Kevin.

"I, on the other hand, Thoroughly enjoy beef to the deeest extension of my being."

alex shook his head approvingly and shoved nigh half a cheesebuger into his mouth with one bite. Some ketchup dripped from his mouth reminding him of blood. Alex thought that for but a moment he was taking a hugechunk out of an enemies arm, just to add insult to the fact that he already beat them. His daydream stopped abruptly however, and he looked back and forth, wiping the ketchup from his mouth with a napkin.
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*Glancing at James, Morrighan smirked*

"You'll be living off those damn rations for the next week or so, enjoy the burger while you still can. Besides, you work it off quick with our line of work."

*Morrighan patted her stomach in emphasis. No traces of extra fat at all, and it was obvious she was older than all of them*
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Darian sat firmly in his seat, preparing for the hapazard ride ahead. He adjusted the vehicular settings to ensure no fatal damage to any piece of equipment or any soldier. The pilot looked over at Darian and nodded as they drove straight down the jump ramp. Darian hit the PA system and spoke quickly.

"8 seconds till we hit the transrail! Hold onto your dinner, and if you already ate it, then hold it in!" His eyes filled with excitement as the pilot hit the jump switch and the vehicle blasted forward on turbo, lurching everything forward. They hit the Transrail roughly, causing the vehicle to teeter for a moment while traveling at speeds of 500 mph, no doubt putting the members in the transport ill at ease. The Transrail moved as fast as a train taking off, but it moved like a rollercoaster. Darian smiled insanely as he watched the sparks fly. The vehicle fly crazily on the Transrail until it exited out the exit tunnel. It flew down th highway until the momentum wore out and it stopped. Darian unbuckled his seat belt and lumbered off balance into the sitting area where everyone was.

"Wasn't that fun!"
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James looked at the hamburger in his hand, disgusted.

"Hey, do you have any more of those things? I have to be careful about what I eat, due to... you know. And beef isn't the best thing for me. The hormones wreak havoc with the mechanic blood vessels."
The Accidental Protege
Posts: 1932/2641
Kevin looked at the burger, then looked at Darian.

"You know this shit is terrible for you, right? That's why I have these." He reached into his bag and pulled out a foil-wrapped MRE. He got a few blank stares.
"It's an MRE. Meals: Ready to Eat. All the nutrition you need in combat, foil wrapped. Has to be foil; plastic is not an oxygen barrier."

Francine put a hand on Kevin's shoulder, and smiled subtly, as if to say, "That's enough." He looked at her. "Sorry. Old habits are hard to break." He replied with a chuckle.

Shane was situated in the back corner of the transport, not talking to anyone. He had offended enough people, and didn't want to get himself into any more trouble.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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Harry heard the call, and quickly buckled his seat belt, taking a bite of his hamburger. This was going to be interesting, he had actually never ridden on one of these before. He waited for the rail iwthout comment.
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