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01-24-21 01:03 PM
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These folks are also known as O.A.R. They belong in the wide genre of "Alternative Rock" But their style is more DMB(Dave Matthew's Band).

They pull their music from odd sources, their first CD had a very country feel to it, which they cleared up and refined their own sort of style with the later records. Still taking from the country genre a bit, they more heavily increased the rock in their music, as well as a jazzy or blues type of influence with the introduction of their Saxaphonist.

Overall, this band is quite interesting and as I've coined they're "Best Served Live." - Their home site, has sample music from their CDs. - A fansite with free downloads of live performances of their songs. Plenty of nice features here. Download as many as you want.

Xeogaming Forums - Entertainment - Of A Revolution

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