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05-28-22 06:20 PM
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Jedi Master Desroth
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OOC: Errr, I guess Kaijin is out of this, maybe it can be worked into the story somehow so his character disappears without a trace and he cant be found or something???


Scain turned his head, following Mune's path across the lawn. He didnt seem to have heard Kira, but then he responded back to her.

"It is good to meet you Kira. What a interesting name you have, I may have to watch myself around you..."

As he said this, Mune had reached the door to the house. As he knocked on the door, something happened. It was nearly at the edge of his own vision, but Mune was illuminated in a strange aura, and vaporized into thin air.

"What the hell was that?"

His mind raced, were they under attack from someone or something? He didnt have a choice, he wasnt going to stand around and be the prey for whatever was attacking them.

"I am sorry you will have to see this, humans tend to take this in the wrong way you see..."

Scain pulled his hood off, as his cloak blew open, revealing a monk like clothing underneath. The grass below him began to blow outwards from him, though it wasnt wind. Three kunai flew out from a sac he had at his waist, all three of them levitated up around him. It wouldnt be enough to stop anything magical, but he wasnt about to waste his energy over exerting himself at a enemy he couldnt see.

"Where are you hiding?"

Scain glanced around looking for anything or anyone who may be nearby, and then he saw Kail by the house. He didnt know that if he was friend or foe, or even his name, but it didnt matter. He had to have been the one that made Mune disappear...

"Hey you, over there. You have until the count of 5 to tell me your name before I start "throwing" sharp objects. 1...2...4..."
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She nodded as she watched Mune make his way over to the house. She then looked over at Scain.

"I'm Kira." She said gently as she walked over to him. Once standing directly in front of Scain, she offered her hand for a handshake.
Kaijin Surohm
Posts: 1348/1852
Goddamnit... He forced a smile when the hostle intent slowly died. He was still skeptical though...

"Mune." He said, placing his left hand in his pocket. "My name is Mune." He slid his right hand through his slanted sliverly spiked hair. This was going to be irritating dealing with these two. Hell, he could sense the power surge, but nothing called him to the house. Just what the hell were these two babbling about?

"I dont know. Stay here and I'll find out. I know the person who lives there." He motioned for them to stay put as he ran back to Josie's house. This was getting complicated fast...

He made sure the two stayed a distance from the door, and quickly, he rapped on the door once more.
Jedi Master Desroth
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Scain was taken back by Munes comments, what was wrong with wearing a cloak at night?

"I am sorry to have misunderstood what was happening here. My, shall we say, sight is easily clouded by my chivalry. My name is Scain, I have recently returned from a long stay in China by a feeling I had."

Scain could sense that each of these people had some sort of strange aura around them, perhaps they to had powers similar to him.

As he still had his head looking at Mune, he saw someone infront of the house. He could make out some features of the person, but he didnt know who it was.

"Who is that infront of that house? I came back here called to this place, and I intend to find out why. But seeing as how your here, it would be best to learn your names first."
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Kail could only puff his cigar as he looked at all these people out in front of a house. He didnt know what they were doing there and what they were talking about but this place seemed to be hustling and bustling as he took a drag from his cigar and continued towards the place. When he got in front of the house he took the time to examine the front of the place.
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Putting her cat Nibbles down, Josie straightens up, looking at Edward putting his leather book under his arm; she turns to head into the house. As she walks into the house, she leaves the door open just in case one of the others wanted to come in. She wonders over towards the kitchen, as she pulls some dips, crisps out of the cardboard and placing these food items on the bench, she looks out her window which faces the front of her house.

Seeing three more people outside, Josie leans forward to get a closer look, she recognises Mune, but the women and man she doesn’t.

“I’ve not seen them around the neighbourhood before, what is going on here.” She turns around to see if Edward followed her into the kitchen.
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Kira glanced from one man to the other. She didn't know what was going to happen, but knew that it was going to postpone getting to that house.

She let out a sigh and flopped down on the ground, sitting Indian style as she continued to look from Mune to Scain. she figured that if there was any extreme danger for whoever was in that house, she would have been able to sense it. And who knows, maybe this is what she was meant to be there for. For all she knew, it could be anything.
Kaijin Surohm
Posts: 1329/1852
Mune's body tensed as the new person appeared. He came in at the wrong moment of the conversation, and was given the wrong impressing...

Shit... Mr. Hero has the wrong idea... He wasn't too happy about the turn about. Even at the weak stages of his power, he could sense the telekinetic power in this person as he came into his range. He didn't want to show his power, didnt' want to fight... but if he had too...

"Whats with the getup? Not the perticular time of the weather to be wearing a raincoat." He kept his attention sharp, and his words played with their meaning of insult, and analysis. He may live a normal life, but he wasn't an idiot when it came to the battle of the minds.
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(OOC: Desroth, Mune (Kaijin's charrie) was actually being botherd by my charrie. We'll just pretend it was some sort of misunderstanding though. XD)

Kira turned to this man as he spoke. She looked at him for a good few minutes. The corners of her mouth twitched until finally she gave in. A smile spread across her lips as she shook her head slowly.

"Sir, you are mistaken. I was simply asking this man for directions, and he was ever so kind enough to lend me some assistance.." Kira looked over at Mune and gave him a nod, along with an awkward smile, before returning her blue eyes to the other man.

Again, that same gust of wind made its way down the small street. Again it was a gentle breeze, as it softly made its way around the three of them standing outside.

The hell...? Kira thought to herself as she kept her eyes locked on the man with the long dark hair.
Jedi Master Desroth
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Name: Scain, just Scain...
Age: 21
Height: 6'0
Hair: Long and black, but he wears a type of robe with a hood, and he almost always keep his hood covering his face besides his mouth.
Eyes: Neither of his eyes are working, he relys on his magical inutition to percieve the world (which is slightly better then seeing things with normal eyes)
Weak Abilities: Telekentic powers, able to exude a weak type of control over objects; and even people for a very brief flash of time.
Strong Abilities: He opens his eyes, allowing him to use his full powers. He can create weak shields, manipulate objects larger and heavier then before, and he can persuade people to do what he wants better then at the first stage.
*Note* He can use small blasts of psychic energy at both stages to hit the opponent slightly further away then his fists can reach. This range extends at second stage.
Background: He was born blind and was raised by parents who practiced magic. In order to continue his studies, he found he could take his magic and increase his minds powers to a level that could allow him to see like normal people. He eventually traveled to China and studied under a meditation master to hone his abilites further to what he is now.

A mysterious figure had been watching these 2 people out on the sidewalk for some time now. The girl seemed to want to get away from this man but the man wasnt giving up. It had to be something with that house, since the girl was always looking at it and trying to move towards it.

So, I was right about this. I didnt just dream it up that I was suppose to come here on this night... Though I cant just leave this women with this man, something about him seems different...

He stepped out from where he was hiding and walked across the lawn to the two people. His robe was a simple white cotten cloth, and the robes hood was pulled down over his face, only revealing his very light skin and his sharp cut mouth.

"Hey you. I dont think she wants to be near you anymore, so why dont you just walk away right now?"

He stopped, standing only a few feet away from the two on the lawn. His mouth was was slightly scowling as he waited for the answer...
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Good... The man's initial reaction wasn't as bad as she had feared it would be.

"I don't know what you believe sir, but I hope you can at least believe that as humans, we all possess something called intuition..." Kira then took a few steps closer to the man and smiled.

"I can't tell if there's something good or bad...I can't tell at all...there's just something..." She then turned and faced the house. "I'm going to presume you know the person that lives there..."
Kaijin Surohm
Posts: 1326/1852
As he walked past her, he froze at her last comment. The smile had left his face as he turned to glance at the house. I knew it... He looked at the girl for a long moment, considering his options.

"What makes you say that?" He said as calmly as he could. He wasn't sure how long this act could go on.
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Not knowing what else to do, she began to follow. She took but two steps and a gust of wind furiously blew by. It came directly from her side and toward Josie's house.

Frustrated, she pulled her hair from her face after the wind had gone by.

Goddamn it...

"Sir, I can't." She paused to look directly at him. "Believe it or not, there's something going on at that house." She said, pointing to Josie's house.

Great...there goes the possibility of comming off as sane.
Kaijin Surohm
Posts: 1325/1852
"Oh?" He looked at her sceptically. "If thats all it is, I'll gladly lead you back to the main road." He spoke smoothly, but glanced over his shoulder at Josie's house, and couldn't help but feel a ping of guilt. Pushing the feelings aside, he paced forth in the main road direction.

"Come along." He said with a small smile.
Posts: 1377/3649
Shit. She thought to herself.

The man came off as kind, so she wasn't intimidated. Yet why was she concerned about someone thinking she was absolutely crazy now?

"Well you see...I just took a wrong turn and am unsure as to how to get back to the main road..."

A soft breeze passed between them. Figures, NOW you wanna be gentle.she thought. All fricken day you've been going nuts...

She looked over at the man standing across from her. She gave a sheepish little grin and shrugged.

Maybe I am crazy...regarding the wind as though its a person...
Kaijin Surohm
Posts: 1324/1852
Mune did all he could to supress a chuckle. He placed his hands on his hips for a moment, and bit his lip softly to keep his mouth should.

He visably relaxed his posture and slipped his hands behind him, as he kept his gaze upon the girl. "Well now, that's easily fixed. Anywhere in perticular you need to go to?" He was highly amuzed. Not by the girl's plight, but by his own tension.
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Edward stuck the leather book under his arm.

"Thank you so much. And do not worry, I will be out of your way as soon as possible."
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Kira bowed her head slightly and then lifted it again and met his eyes. "I uh..." She couldn't believe she had actually gone through with all of this.

Stupid wind...she thought to herself ruefully.

"I'm lost." She said finally. A slow blush creeped across her cheeks. That wasn't a complete lie. Kira knew her way home. She just didn't have a clue as to why she felt as though some invisible force nudged her here and what she was to do next.

On the otherhand, she knew full well that had she really have been lost, her pride would never allow her to ask for directions.
Kaijin Surohm
Posts: 1323/1852
Before he left the sidewalk, he turned his head to the side that was speaking. He really didn't notice anyone comming toward him, so he was slightly startled at the notion.

He stood firm as he turned his body slowly to address the girl that was now speaking toward him. He light up slightly as he looked her dead in the eye. "Hmm? How can I help you?"
Posts: 874/958
She watches Edward scan the newspaper for it's date, she wonders what he is talking about with it worked. Something strange was defiantly happening here, but why her, why here in her garden house were nothing interesting every happened except the occasion spell here and there to make her flowers bloom a little early.

“I suppose you could come in side to have something to eat.” Josie looks around the garden house to see them standing around. “If you would all like something to eat … ?” She pauses, wondering why she isn’t thinking this through properly, but her mind is buzzing and a little voice in the back of her mind is telling her she should be caution.
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