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01-21-21 11:08 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - CBT: Jobes vs. Desroth
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Venom vanished, and in his place stood the Beyonder. He held out his hand, and the spike retracted. It continued even after it reached his arm, and the entire suit crawled off of his body.

"Indeed, you truly are stronger than Carnage. And because of that, you get to advance, while your parent does not."

He waved his hand, and they continued to the next arena.

((Congratulations Des. Although, your victory was partially based on Jobes' inactivity.))
Jedi Master Desroth
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Toxin looked at Venom as he charged at him, preparing to punch him with a mean right hook. Right before Venom could punch him, he grabbed Venoms fist in his right hand, stopping the punch. As he did this, his mask seemed to open a mouth with very sharp and dangerous teeth in it.

"But you forget who is stronger. I was born from Carnage, and not even he can beat me..."

Toxin's free arm turned from the axe into a spear like weapon, and he struck forward with it as if he was trying to impale Venom with it. Also, he is holding Venoms right fist in his right hand, hindering Venoms movement slightly
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Venom watchs toxin web away and chuck a tree at him. The tree hits Venom square in the chest and it knocks him to the ground. He gets back up and barely hurt from the tree.

" Did you forget the we have healing powers and a stronger then that pest Spiderman?"

Venom charges at Toxin throws a right hook towards Toxin's head.
Jedi Master Desroth
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Toxin saw Venoms attack almost to late since he was so close to him. He ducked to the side, but the tentacles still managed to hit him in the side, cutting a small gash across the suit and cutting Patricks skin. It had been a very powerful strike if it had actually hit him as intended.

He had to gain some distance to get ready to fight again, so he reformed one of his arms back to normal and shot out a steel like spider web at a tree and pulled himself a good distance away from Venom. As he got to the tree, he sliced it with his other axe, causing it to fall. Toxin grabbed it and hurled it at Venom's chest.

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"We will stop anyone that gets in our way... you dare to charge us after we raised you."

As Toxin was charging venom..Venom shot towards Toxin a tentacle from his arm towards the mid section of Toxin.
Jedi Master Desroth
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Toxin felt as if he could still be seen even though he was blending in with his surrondings. He decided he should just lower the camoflage and fight in the open

"Hello Venom... Are you here to kill me, cause I have news for you, you have no chance of killing me..."

Toxin charged forward at Venom. As he did so, his arms changed into axes made out of the suit, but they were as hard as steel. He began to swing his arms at Venom trying to cut him to pieces with his super sharp axe arms.
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OC: Sorry I have been away I have been busy with school and what not...

IC: The black stone released the chains of Venom.....

Venom scanned the area for any signs of life. He stood there waiting for his competion to show itself. Just then he sensed it. It was his offsprings offspring.

"So you come here to fight us. Well show us what you got."

EDIT: Sorry about that it was late when I was doing that and I didnt realize it. How venom speaks that is.
Jedi Master Desroth
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The black stone enveloped Toxins body, snapping the chains off of his body. He slumped forward as he gained control over his body again.

The creature looked around curiously, this place was far different then New York, even Central Park for that matter. For starters, the sound was gone from the surronding roads and parkways. Not that it really bothered him that the sound was there or not, it was worth noteing.

Then he noticed it. Another figure was chained across from him, and that couldnt be a good thing. He could feel it was somehow connected to him in some sort of ominous way.

"Keep calm Patrick... If its him, then perhaps he wont fight me, but just to stay on the safe side..." Toxin thought to himself

As he thought this, his body began to change and become transparent. In actuality, his body just perfectly blended in with his surronding environment on all sides. He glanced down and saw that the grass he was standing in was still depressed since he was standing in it still. That would give him away to one who was watching for any signs of his movements.

Symbiote Suit Power: The ability to blend in with his surrondings. This power is similar to that of a Chamleons, but it has been highly refined to be nearly perfect, though to someone who knew what to look for, Toxin is quite easy to track (ie depressed grass, sounds, etc). If FX wants it more tuned down, I can bump it down a little...
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The Beyonder appeared in another clearing, and summoned the next combatants, two men bound in chains. He raises his hands. In each one is a small black stone. Tentacles shoot out from each one, enveloping themselves in their masters.

"Toxin and Venom." He pauses for a moment realizing that these two probably don't need a reason to fight. "Fight."
Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - CBT: Jobes vs. Desroth

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