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01-24-21 05:16 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - 2 v 1. FX vs Desroth
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Jedi Master Desroth
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Desroth smiled at Oebuss' words

"Demon? Heh, what a foolish creature you are..."

The wip struck out at Desroth, snaring him as was planned, yet Desroth didnt seem to notice.

"I may have fallen forever into the eternal darkness, but I will not fall to you. I must rise up once more!"

As his words passed through his clouded lips, a faint glow appeared within his chest, lighting the depths of darkness that had encased him. It filled his entire body, making him shine as bright as the sun for a few moments before the light exploded outwards. The wip was incinerated in the process as the light shot straight up into the sky. It hung perfectly infront of the full moon, lightining the night sky around them.

"Maybe Scian was right, maybe I am not a savior, but I will never walk the path that he chose. With this light, I will be one step closer to destroying his shadow once and for all..."

Through the light, Desroth gazed at Oebuss for a moment, contimplating his words.

"And you for that matter."

The light faded, revealing Desroth once more. His wings had become graceful and pure white, like that of a angel's. His face and skin were still completly white from the intense inner light that was radiating deep within his being. Arzul had become less sinister, the skull guard became feathers that wrapped around his hand. Elw remained the same, reverting back to its original form without the skull handguard. Both swords looked as if they had been crafted from the finest and purests silver every known on Earth. His armor gleamed, crafted from the same silver looking material. A full suit of plate mail, seemingly crafted by the hands of a angel graced his pure white body. His eyes glowed with a soft blue color, instead of the intensity and malice of his conflicted spirit form.

"The end is near, can you feel it Scian? This is my power, and I will demonstrate its extent on this god. Come now Oebuss, I am waiting..."

Desroth stayed floating in the high in the sky, not bothering to put up and defenses.


Herald of the Apocalypse; Lucifer Form: Desroth assumes this form when he is very close to transforming into his true demon form. Almost identical to his Void form in abilities, he gains the ability to use Elvish arcanum like his ex-friend Scian, but as his ultimate defenses, these spells draw a significant amount of power to use. When he is finished transforming into the form, he begins to count down from five. When he reaches zero, his true form will be revealed and the whole world will be plunged into the void world in which Desroth was trapped in for over 5 milleniums.

OOC: Scian is another character in Desroth's story. Scian always coveted the 3 weapons Desroth wielded, finally resorting to attempting to kill Desroth. Although Desroth thought he had killed Scian, he has returned from hideing more powerful then ever, forcing Desroth to learn to control Elvish Arcanum as Scian does in order to fully defeat him. The only reason he is bringing Scian up now is because he is finally close to revealing the full extent of his power, a feat he has never done before.
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As Desroth charged towards him, Oebuss began to retract his arm, but he was not quick enough. The metal of Desroth's sword clanged with his scaled forearm, bringing up sparks.

"You will have to try harder than that, demon"

He resummoned his whip, and slung it towards Desroth's waist, hoping to ensnare him.
Jedi Master Desroth
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Desroth barely saw the beam coming, but was alerted by the sudden increase in temperature. He dodged to the right, falling away from the beam as he caught himself back into flight from a falling spin.

He propelled hismelf at Oebuss, both swords at his side. He would have to use a little offense with his defense to win this battle...

He closed the distance, keeping about a 3 feet apart. He sliced forward with Arzul, aiming at Oebuss's held out hand. If he hit, that would probably leave a nasty cut behind, or even cut it straight off.

As he did that, he brought Elw forward slightly, keeping it within parrying range incase Oebuss countered with another weapon.
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Oebuss held out his hands and charged energy into them. After a moment he fired a beam of superheated air. It was of such extreme temperature that one could almost see the air burning. Contact with the beam would instantly sear through flesh.
Jedi Master Desroth
Posts: 484/569
Desroth lost his balance, falling downward towards the magma below. He managed to right himself and open his wings.

He slowed to a stop with a few backward thrusts, and looked up to see the rest of the pillar almost about to crush him into the lava. He couldnt dodge, since he didnt have enough time, so he would have to come up with something new.

He swung Arzul, the aura extending out and cutting the pillar in half. It peeled open and split around him, barely missing him. He brought the blade back to his side, and looked up at Oebuss.

Desroth thought to himself "He wants to make this a air battle I am guessing. This will get complicated..."

Desroth raised his altitude to match where the pillar had been, and floated there. The best offense would be to wait and see what his opponent would do and turn it back on him if it was possible.
Posts: 1499/3775
Oebuss was blown back slightly by the returned force of his attack. He flapped his wings once, then dropped down to the ground. His feet hit the pillar, sending cracks towards Desroth. The ground beneath him crumbled. He dug his claws into the rock and flapped, pushing down, sending the pillar falling after his opponent.

Jedi Master Desroth
Posts: 466/569
Desroth glared at Oebuss's new form, a giant red dragon that was now diving down at him to crush him into the ground under his giant claw. He had heard of dragons before, but he had only seen the demon plane versions of them. This one was the god of all dragons, and clearly was not demonic. Desroth would have to act carefully until he could observe Oebuss.

But then again, thinking rationally isnt a strong point in this form...

"I am going to need another weapon for this... Ah, I think I will use that weapon as well..."

As Oebuss plumeted down towards him, he held his right arm out to the side, pointing straight to the right. The Dark Sol Sword formed into his hand for a few seconds, before it began to glow and change. Another sword was forming into the Sol Sword, and it was none other then Arzul.

The new sword was the same length on the blade as the Elw Sword of the Seals, except the blade was thicker. It resembled a sort of broad sword, capable of being wielded easily in one hand like any other short sword. Streams of void energy came out of his arm, and connected to the hilt of the sword, as the new sword began to warp and change.

The streams of energy formed a skeleton covering, protecting the streams from being severed. The blade became a type of wave pattern on the blade, providng a cutting edge capable of slicing and hacking in one slice. The edge was just as sharp as the Elw Sword of the Seals, but it was bolstered by the void energy flowing into the sword. A similiar skull like handguard formed around the hilt, further protecting the bone like structures protecting the flows of energy linking the sword to Desroth.

Oebuss had closed the gap, and was about to strike. Desroth swung both swords to form a X, as the aura's of both swords clashed.

"X Guard; Elw Sol Defense"

Oebuss's claw smashed into the swords, but the force of the impact was exploded outwards from the swords, instead of down through his body and in the swords

"You see, this form is not meant to be for offense, but it specialises in defense. You will have to do better then a normal melee attack to break through to me..."

Dark Sol of Arzul: The true form of Arzul. Originally, Arzul was a single sword that was used in the first wars between the demon clans. It was feared above all else, but when the wars ended and the clans were united in peace under a new leader, the sword had to be dealt with. Using the power of the Elw Sword of the Seals, the sword was split into two in hopes that it would never be rejoined. With the use of the Elw Sword of the Seals, Desroth can form this sword by joining both Arzul and the Dark Sol Sword into this weapon. The weapon binds itself with the one who creates it, becoming a extention of the wielder. Among its strengths is the ability for it to extend a aura addon to the sword that appears as a dark purple glow around the sword. If the sword misses, there is still a chance that they energy will hit you and still cut you.

X Guard; Elw Sol Defense: A lesser defense technique of the Void Form. Normally the swords spread the impact down into the users body, and into the ground. The effect is meant to limit the damage/strain on both the swords and the user. When Desroth uses the Dark Sol of Arzul and the Elw Sword of the Seals together to form this defense, a new effect is achieved. Instead of spreading the impact down, it spreads the impact outwards. This means that the user feels almost none of the strike, and allows for a quicker recovery time. The form Desroth just used requires energy to disrupt the force of the strike, though the cost balances the gains in the long run...
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Hmm, this man was stronger than he appeared. No matter, he stood no chance. Oebuss curled forward slightly, and his spine began to enlarge, pushing through his skin. The seam began to expand, until he had completely shed his human skin. The flesh fluttered to the ground. Where Oebuss once floated now hovered a dragon. Standing at eleven feet tall, he had dark red scales that matched his wings, glistening in the light of the sunset. He took a deep breath in through his snout. It felt great to be free of that cramped human shell. He was not as fortunate to have the shape-shifting abilities of his brother, Ornlu, or cousin, Darynia.

"So, Desroth, you continue to persist."

He folded his wings back, and dove towards Desroth, one four clawed hand outstretched.
Jedi Master Desroth
Posts: 465/569
Inside the dome, Desroth sensed that something had happened to his beloved sword, Arzul. Oebuss would pay for what he did, though it woudlnt matter, he was going to use his strongest weapon he had.

A booming voice rose from the dome, a voice that did not sound like Desroth at all. It seemed to resonate from a plain of existance that seemed to rend the very soul of any mortal who heard it.

"Oebuss, you think that your god like powers can stop me? You are sadly mistaken!"

The dome began to warp, as if something was trying to get out. A crack began to form across the top of it, as pure void energy began to escape. It buckled, and exploded outward, before sucking back into the new form that was standing where the dome had been. It stood almost 9 feet tall, shrouded in void energy that made his body look like a bottomless blackhole. His wings had changed, now he had one devil wing and one angel wing, both of them matching his body's power.

His eyes burned with intense hatred, brought on by spending almost 5 milenium in the void. He held no weapons, but he still had the ring on his right hand. He removed it, and looked at it.

The rings inner glow began to expand, and the entire ring soon became englufed by the glow. It changed into a sword, a little over 5 feet in length for the blade itself. It was pure silver color, and the outward appearence made it look like it was made from highly tempered silver, although it wasnt.

The sword itself did not look to interesting, a normal looking short sword type, but as Desroth held it, the void energy cascaded into the sword, absorbing into the sword itself. It began to transform, growing a large skull handguard, and the blade itself grew a cruel edge sharp enough to cut through armor, flesh, and bone like a lightsaber through butter (very VERY easily)

Desroth stopped looking at the blade, and looked up at Oebuss

"It is time you meet your fate once and for all, and allow my sword to gather your very soul..."

Desroth stood in the same spot, his eyes on Oebuss

Void Form; Conflicted Spirit: Desroths void form. In this form, the void energy he uses takes over his body, and turns him a deep purple-blackish color. Aside from the general power and strength spike, he also gains the ability to access 3 ultimate defenses that are impenetrable, but they draw a horendous amount of energy from Desroth to use, meaning he can not keep using them all the time and expect to stay standing...

Elw Sword of the Seals: A powerful artifact created to counteract the Dark Sol Swords power. It allows the one who has mastered it to use the sword to its full extent. The sword has the ability to absob any magic or energy it comes into contact with, and integrate it into the blade. With the sword, Desroth also has acess to the a powerful spell that he can only use when the sword is active. The blade itself is indestructible by normal means, as well as most most magical attacks, though it is like most abosrbing types. Feed it a giant overload of energy, and the blade goes boom.
Posts: 1461/3775
Oebuss continued to float in the same place, his wings beating through the air. He pulled his whip back, Desroth's sword flying into the air. He caught it and examined it, before in began to melt. The drops of molten metal fell to the ground. This opponent was weak, he could feel it.
Jedi Master Desroth
Posts: 444/569
Desroth smirked. Fire was nothing he had to fear, after all, he had fought other people who specialized in fire and triumphed over them.

The fire energy raced down the wip and into Desroths sword, also hitting his arm. The fire surged into his body, but he was shocked by something else. His arm was racked by electricity, he gasped in pain before his arm went numb. His hand fell off the sword, leaving it tangled up by Oebuss's wip.

His right arm fell limp. The shocking after touch of the fire wasnt enough to permantly put his arm out of use forever, but it was clear that he wouldnt be using it for sometime.

"Heh, that was pretty smooth Oebuss, but your plan didnt quite work out. I do admit I was shocked by the fact that I couldnt get rid of that shocking part of the fire. I may have to step my game up a little."

Desroth kneeled down on the ground as he brought his wings down around his body. They seemingly vaporized into energy, forming a small dome of void energy around him. No light could penetrate the blackness around Desroth, making anything that was going on in there unviewable to anyone outside the dome.

The dome could repel weaker attacks and survive against some moderate power attacks.

None of that was important, since something was happening inside the dome itself that would soon be revealed...
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Oebuss tilted to the side, not letting go of the whip. He felt the gust of wind as the beam rushed past him.

"Insolent fool, you will not get rid of me that easily."

He sent a shocking burst of energy down the whip into Desroth's sword. If he wanted to avoid getting his hand burned past use, he would have to release the sword.
Jedi Master Desroth
Posts: 440/569
Desroth shot past Oebuss, barely missing him in the air. He wipped his wings open, slowly to a stop instantly with his wingspan. He spun around almost to late. Oebuss's wip was about to hit him with full force.

"Holy hell!"

He spun his sword around and managed to catch Oebuss's wip around it. It appeared they were at a standstill once more.

"It seems I have your weapon locked up for now, lets see if you can handle this?"

Desroth raised his other hand, and began to swirl it around and around. A cloud of void energy spiraled into view and formed a swirling vortex of energy.

"You may not know this attacks giant big brother, but you will learn soon enough what this is... Mana Cannon Chiisai!"

The vortex fired a beam about 5 inches across straight at Oebuss. The beam was purplish in color and powered by a mysterious energy coming from Desroth.

Mana Cannon Chiisai: Mana Cannon Small when you translate the last part. A variation of the Mana Cannon, Desroth's strongest technique when he is in his first form. This version however is much smaller and weaker when compared to the Mana Cannon, nor does this variant require a charge delay to fire. The beam is usually anywhere from 5-7 inches across, depending on how much power he feeds into it. The power he uses is known as Void energy, energy that is from a demonic void he fell into a very long time ago. It is a dark type of energy, but strangely has no oppossing energy (like light). It can be considered a non-elemental energy of sorts.
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Oebuss chuckled,

"You are not the only one that can fly, after all, I am the god of dragons."

Huge red dragon wings, with a span of 12 feet, grew out of his shoulder blades. He flapped once, and soared high into the sky. He recoiled it back, and lashed it out towards Desroth's recceding backside.
Jedi Master Desroth
Posts: 435/569
Desroth chuckled as the wip shot out towards his leg. What was he planning on doing? Yanking him off the platform and into the lava below? It was almost to easy of a ploy for a god to use.

"Heh, your wip can only catch whats standing still. Lets see how well it works against something that is flying."

Desroth ran towards the incoming wip. At the last moment, he lept up into the air as a pair of demonic bat like wings spurted from his back. He lifted himself into the air with his wings, and rose above the platform.

"This battlefield was a bad choice. You never know when a unfortuante accident may happen... FALLING PHEONIX STRIKE!"

As he yelled this out, he launched himself back down at the platform at Oebuss. He held his sword at his side as he plummeted down at Oebuss.

Falling Pheonix Strike: A melee weapon attack. Using the same principal of a hawk falling from the sky and striking its victim at high speeds, Desroth launches himself into the air and propels himself back down at the opponent. The resulting attack crushes the opponent into the ground with one hit, and causes a crater where it hit, even if the opponent blocks it and takes no damage, that is how much force it has.
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Oebuss laughed. This man was very theatrical. Well if that's the way he wanted to play it. Oeubuss lifted his hand up, and a ring of fire appeared around them. The circle in the ring then rose high into the air, the ground below it a churning pit of lava. Oebuss stood at one side of the 50 foot pillar, Desroth at the other.

"Trust me, a god can defeat a demon."

Oebuss grabbed the whip on his hip and shot it out towards Desroth's leg.
Jedi Master Desroth
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Desroth smirked. The power of fire gave one a destructive edge on the battle field. But Oebuss forgot one thing.

Fire burns all...

"So Oebuss was it, so nice of you to happen by. As for trespassing on your land, I dont think you have what it takes to make me leave."

Desroth stepped forward, towards the man before him. As he walked, the ground around him began to char and blacken. Small puffs of flame ran down the lengths of each blade of glass, radiating out towards Oebuss.

"Your not the only one, who shall we say, likes things hot..."

As he said this, his hair burned from tip to root. It turned to a pure black color, matching the jet black sky above. His eyes seemed to flame over, turning pure red. He held out his right hand towards Oebuss, as a jet of flame shot out. It extended out a little over 5 feet from his hand, which looked like he was graspong something. The fire took shape, shifting into a sword. The sword looked like a plain broadsword, but it seemed to pulse with its own energy as if it had a mind of its own.

"Now come. Let us see if a god can defeat a demon..."
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Oebuss smirked at the man's ignorance,

"I am Oebuss, Lord of the Flame," He waves his hand, and a ball of fire appears, floating above his palm. He shuts his hand, and the flame dissapears. "And you are invading on my territory. If you do not leave immediately, you will invoke my wrath."
Jedi Master Desroth
Posts: 427/569
Desroth remained still even in the face of a terrible danger behind him. His mind shifted its attention from pondering the meaning of his own life to how he was going to respond to the person behind him. He sighed, as he craned his head around to see his opponent. The amount of power radiating from him was slightly disturbing, even to Desroth, but he wasnt about to let that scare him off. His opened his eyes and took in the man before him.

He could sense that this person held much power, but there was something wrong with this one, but he couldnt place his finger on it.

Desroth stood up, as he brushed open his cloak revealing a white suit that extended down over his legs and flaired out at his white boots. It was a 1 piece outfit that looked to be simply made of white cloth with long sleeves and flaired pant legs.

He reached up and unfastened the cloak. As he did, a unusual ring was on his right hand. It appeared to be the only thing he had on his person at the moment.

As he undid the cloak, it floated away on the ocean breeze and off into the distance. He smirked and began to speak

"My name is Desroth, and who might you be?"

Desroth continued to watch his opponent, waiting for the answer
Posts: 962/3775
((Due to trouble in Kansas, Qariel will not be participating in this battle. Fighting in his place will be...nobody. 1v1 it is...))

The earth rumbled as a large cave mouth appeared in the ground. Oebuss stepped out, strenching out, adjusting to his new body. His black leather trenchcoat flapped in the wind. He froze, noticing the man on the cliff. There was an intruder in his lair. The man reeked of power, but he was no Yeresian. What could this mans business be here. He approached the man...
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