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02-27-24 02:09 PM
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((If I tried to revive this, would anyone care?))
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((I declare this RP revived.))

Al spun around in the chair.

"Well, if that's how you feel--"

Alexander cut him off, "Then it's time for your first mission. Follow me."

He walked out the door, "Oh, and to answer your question, we're here to kill vampires."
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Rhyven glares at the strange room. "Well this is just boring," he mutters, lighting
yet another cigarette.

"Can we move on to the part where someone tells us why the fuck we're here?"
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The man and knife dissapear. The door slides open.

"Very good Kendrick, although I would have gone straight for the knife, but that's just me. Who's next?"
Dirk Ralthar
Posts: 70/328
*Kendrick twists as much as he can, catching a glancing shot across the stomach. He lets go of the man's hand and grabs the knife, rolling it in his hand he holds it in a reverse grip and steps into the man. Reaching around behind him, he slams the knife into the base of the man's skull.*
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The man's wrist loudly cracks as the bone breaks. He drops the knife and shoots his right hand up, catching Kendrick's wrist as it moves towards his neck. He pulls Kendrick towards him, aiming his knee at Kendrick's stomach
Dirk Ralthar
Posts: 69/328
*Kendrick wrenches the man's wrist violently. The elbow cracks against his skull and stars explode in front of his eyes, but he does not lose his grip. He launches his free hand up to grab hold of the other man's throat.*
Posts: 992/3775
The man grunts as Kendrick 's elbow connects with his groin, but he doesn't release his grip on the knife. Instead he sends his right elbow towards his chin.
Dirk Ralthar
Posts: 67/328
*Kendrick rolls, the knife slicing into his leather duster, he reaches over to grab the man's wrist, his other elbow driving up at the man's groin (a.k.a (soon to be not so) happy place).*

This is a $500 dollar jacket dipshit!
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Kendrick collides into the Man, who goes flying through the air, landing on the ground. While airmorn, he grabs the knife. When he lands, he rolls over, and stabs the knife at Kendrick's back.
Dirk Ralthar
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*Kendrick chases after him, attempting to tackle him before he gets to the knife.*

Not this time dumbass!
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Kendrick's kick hit the man. He fell to the ground, and quickly sprung up. He paid no attention to Kendrick, and ran towards the knife.
Dirk Ralthar
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*Kendrick drops back into a fighting stance, his hands raised before him. He glances at the knife to see its orientation then his eyes reset on the man opposite him. He dives forward, his right leg sweeping at the other man's knees.*
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((Dude, not DNA sample, read the explanations))

Al's fingers fly across the keyboard.

"Alright Kendrick, I'm going to start you off on difficulty level 2,"

A circular room appears around Kendrick. All of his weapons are gone, and there is a knife hanging from the ceiling in the middle of the room. A man stands opposite him.

"Okay, you are both unarmed, and mortal. Fight to the death."
Dirk Ralthar
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*Kendrick steps forward.*

I'll go next.

*Kendrick steps over to the door and puts his thumb to the pad. The machine pricks his finger as it takes his DNA sample, then the door slides open, he steps over to the middle of the room and waits for the simulation to begin.*
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The door hisses as Ki stepps out of the simulation room. Al spins around in his chair to face the group.

"Alright, who wants to go next?"
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Ki takes a leap of fath and dives head first after the orb. the air howels as he dives twords the orb. as he plumets in to the seamingly endles abis he manges to get to fingers on the orb
Posts: 961/3775
As Ki's sword pierces the vampire, it bursts into golden ash. Ki continues flying, landing on the opposite cliff. The orb that the vampire was holding falls, bouncing once before rolling off the edge of the collumn.
Posts: 27/178
Ki releses the built up energy that he has in his left hand. the vampier drops him and steps back realing in pain. ki quicly coulculates his next move, he pushes his feet agest the calem and propels himsels to the cliff whicth he grabes ahold of whith his left hand, he than throwa a small vile of a bluish liqued in to the air over the distracted vampier. ki draws his gun and shoots the vile whitch sparays over the vampier, the vampier begins to smook and burn. ki jumps and grabs his sword out of the cliff wall he uses 50% of the power he built up fror jumping calems and propels himself sword tip firs at the vampier.
Posts: 958/3775
The vampire wrenches Ki's sword out of his hand and throws it. It embedds itself in the rock face. He grabs Ki by the throat, and holds him over the edge.
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