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01-23-21 10:06 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - FX accepted... Now he will... Probably win.
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There was little Taylt could do besides move the shield in the way of the attack and raise his arms in defence, as moving himself would take too long and creating a second shield would be too energy draining. The shield flashed as Taylt was struck. He slammed straight into the ground but, luckily for Taylt, Battle Mode Alpha and the power of the VR Gauntlets gave him super-human strength, so it wasn't a major set back.

He picked himself up off the ground, realising his dagger had been knocked out of his hand and VR range so it had disappeared. The special bar was over half full now:
[Spec: |||||||||------]
This meant Taylt was close to being able to perform a small range of hopefully almost unstoppable combination attacks.

He brought back the Sheemo Staff and caused it to grow very rapidly to an extremely long length, also with a very sharp tip. If you haven't already guessed, the tip was also aimed at Aalderink. A small warning flickered in Taylt's eye, telling him he needed to not create anything else for a few seconds until the Gauntlets can recharge from his own bodily energies. (Basically he can't attack next post, only try and dodge.)

REMINDER: Relium Shield activates in 3 posts.
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Aalderink looked at the sheild. He leaps high into the air, and charges down towards Taylt, shoulder first, with enough force to break through steel
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While Taylt was in Battle Mode Alpha, he was a heck of a lot more focused on the battle than he normally was. As soon as the whip's end got near enough he floated backwards and held one of the daggers in the way, allowing it to be taken in his place. Anyway, as soon as the dagger left the VR field it disappeared.

Taylt glanced briefly at the 'Special' bar, which had gone up another two points:
Spec: [||||-----------]
He still knew it would be a waste if he used that now, so instead he held his daggerless hand out with the palm facing Aalderink. A thin, red disc appeared infront of it which was doing to things. It provided a basic frontal shield (*1) for Taylt while at the same time was secretly constantly being charged to release a more powerful attack. (*2)

(*1)Absorbstion Shield Una (ASU) - This is Taylt's most basic of absorbtion shields that he can readily produce. It leaves a very translucent, red coloured wall infront of Taylt (Meaning he can still be attacked from behind) which whenever it is hit by an attack, it absorbs a small amount which helps charge other attacks. It may be the most basic shield, but it leads to many more offensive techniques than it's stronger cousins.
(*2)Relium Shield - This is an attack that Taylt can perform only from Absorbtion Shield Una. It charges for four posts, also utilising any energy the ASU absorbs. When released it stays in the field for five posts, damaging anything that is being a threat to Taylt. Taylt can choose to re-charge the Relium Shield any time in the five posts it is in the field, causing it to stay active for three more posts for every one post it is charged. It is one of the few abilities that go outside of the VR Gauntlet's field.
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Aalderink gripped the ground that his fist was embedded in, and brought it up, creating a wall of stone that blocked the energy. He held out his hands. A large black sword appeared in the right, and a whip appeared in the left. He shot the whip out towards Taylt, intending to use it to pull the boy towards him.
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Taylt concentrated for a brief moment as the shockwave travelled towards him. He flicked his feet downwards and pushed up from the floor, floating above the shockwave until it passed him, and he landed back on the ground softly.

"I wouldn't lay the table just yet though..."

Taylt clenched his fists and closed his eyes, and almost as soon as his eyelids touched two daggers appeared in his hands. He opened his eyes which were now glowing a deep blue colour. He had just entered 'Pissed off battle mode alpha' which was mode one of a series of four.

He took off the ground with a few steps run up, then he floated upwards so he was slightly above eye level with Aalderink. He gripped the daggers so tightly his knuckles were going white. Both of them were emitting a very thick green haze. He slashed both of them in a cross in Aalderink's direction, causing to arcs of non elemental magic energy to fire off at him.
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Aalderink chuckled coldly.

"I can't wait until the police see this. They are strong. Their souls will make delicous meals. But until they arrive, you will have to satisfy my hunger."

He dropped down, his fist hitting the ground, creating a shockwave that sailed towards Taylt.
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"Stupid angel person!" Taylt thought while glaring at his right shoulder before taking Aalderinks advice and took off running. In fact, a white glow surrounded him temporarily so he could absolutely peg it until the sphere stopped expanding. When it disappeared, Taylt ran back to see the... Well, nothingness that was his and many other people's houses.

"Man... Are you gonna be in BIG trouble when the police see this!" Taylt stared up at the new figure, now feeling very scared. He was glad that his dad wasn't due home for another 25 minutes though, since it would have been horrific if his dad was caught in the blast.

He created a small stick in his hand exactly like Omi's Shemo Staff, and it extended out into a double ended mace-like weapon. He was ready for whatever this new guy was about to do.
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Aalderink trembled, steam rising from his body. As Taylt got near him, he raised his head, a look of extreme pain in his face. He managed to choke out one word,


As Aalderink clutches his body, he begins to rise involuntarily into the air. He lets out a blood curdling scream, and a sphere of energy releases around him, destroying everything in a three block radius. When the smoke cleared, Aalderink was gone, and in his place was a ghoulish figure, with large leathery wings and foot long horns. He looked down ad Taylt (assuming he survived ) sizing up his first meal.
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Taylt watched as Aalderink fell, and two tiny figure appeared on his shoulder. One was dressed like an angel, the other like a devil.
Devil: Laugh at him! Go on!
Angel: No! Be compassionate and go and help him!
The angel went over to the devil and killed him, so Taylt ran over and helped Aalderink up.

"Are you okay?"
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"Well, I guess I'll leave then..."

Aalderink leaps into the air, engaging his wings. After several flaps, he feels a sharp pain through his head. He crashes to the ground, curling into the fetal position.
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Taylt sighs as he causes the vial and the flame to disappear. He guessed the guy wasn't so bad. Taylt kicked a stone across the lawn into the fence behind him.

"Soooooooo......... What are we to do now then?" If there was ever a time worse than when Taylt was attacking from anger, it would be attacking from boredom.
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He looked up from the paper.

"Huh? Oh, I'm not on a mission. I don't do missions anymore. Not since..."

He paused, thinking back.

"Anyway, I was supposed to meet a friend here. When he wasn't here, I figured that it was a setup by the Divine, and figured you were one of his agents."
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Taylt was unsure of what to say. He had never met an angel... Well, ex-angel before. Especially one who was given a mission but was given the wrong address. In fact, Taylt began to ponder over this, "How many guys are sent to a house for a mission!?"

He still wasn't entirely sure he could trust this dude. Since the guy was an ex-angel, it could be possible Aalderink has a super cool, dark side to himself that is a true, unnatrual born killer. Either that or Tekken has lied to him again.

"So wait... What exactly are you doing here?" He asked, now creating a tiny orb of fire in his hand. Both hands, including the vial, were behind his back, and he was making sure he was perfectly ready to hit this guy with reacting Thermite, which would probably (Read as "hopefully") burn through him quicker than a knife through half-melted butter.
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Aalderink slowly descended to the ground and dissapated his wings. He pulled out a small piece of paper.

"My name is Aalderink, I am...was an angel."

He carefully reads and rereads what is written on the paper.

"This is the adress he gave me. What's going on."
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"It says on the door..." Taylt replied, pointing towards a sign that said "76 Morgland Drive". He couldn't help but snigger at the fact his opponent had managed to attack the wrong person.

He made the ice beam disappear, but created a small vial of a powdered mixture of iron oxide and aluminium, just in case his foe still attacked. He knew quite a bit about this material thanks to television, and how dangerous it could be. Of course he could very easily make it much worse.

Taylt did kinda hope the angel dude would attack with something quite powerful, because then his special bar would increase. It was still only at "Spec: [||-------------]" so nothing extravagent could be done. In fact that's only enough power for a mid-powerful attack. He sat on the grass, keeping ready to move at any moment.
"So who are you exactly?"
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Aalderink holds out his palm, a pensive look on his face. The beam of ice freezes in the air (get it? FREEZES! I crack myself up.)

"Hmm, maybe you don't work for the Divine. If you did I'm sure you would have dropped your guise a while ago... What adress is this?"
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Taylt was becoming truely pissed off with this guy. This guy who thinks he has the right to trespass in his garden and demand things that Taylt knows nothing about.

"I wasn't playing games! Get the hell away from my house! I don't know what the heck you are talking about, Astragoth sounds like a dude's name from a fantasy book, you're beginning to piss me off and my dad'll be back very soon! I don't need you demanding the location of people I know nothing about!"

And with that, Taylt breaks free of Aalderink's grip and lands neatly on the floor. He gives himself some basic magical abilities and fires a beam of ice at Aalderink. The beam travels just under the speed of sound, it causes freeze 'burns' if it hits skin (And they can hurt very much... Believe me, I know.) and it has a small chance of freezing the opponent.
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This time, Aalderink doesn't take the effort to block. He grabs the sword, and in his other hand grabs Taylit's wrist.

"I'm done playing games. Where is Astragoth?"
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Taylt jumps back as the energy burst hits the gun. Just as it explodes Taylt makes it disappear to prevent it doing any damage to himself.

"I seriously do not know what you are talking about..."

He makes the sword and shield appear again, and he again jumped up aiming a couple of slashes at Aalderink.
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Before the kid could fire the large gun, Aalderink fired a burst of energy into the barrel.

"Stop playing coy with me, I know what you're up to."
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Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - FX accepted... Now he will... Probably win.

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