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01-19-21 12:44 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - Hmph... I appear to be flat broke...
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Leon D. Sagara
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::Leon smiled as one of his swords dropped to the ground, stabbing firmly into the soil beneath Shine's barrier, but still not going through. Leon lept high into the air and threw his second sword in the exact same place on the other side of Shine's body and barrier, putting her right inbetween the two blades. Leon flipped in the air and looked down at her with a smirk that could easily wake the dead. Leon then put his hands together as a lightning bolt slammed into his now connecting palms. With a mighty yell Leon seperated his hands and threw them down at Shine's body, but nothing happened. Moments later, the two swords left the soil and began spining around Shine's body, and as they both began to glow a haunting blue color the two blades shot a bolt of lightning that connected to each hilt, makeing the two seperate swords connect by a chain of pure energy, concentratted into pure electricity. What ever came into contact with the electricity would not be harmed in the least ounce, but instead would become tempoarily paralized by the sheer force of watz surgeing through the swords. Should Shine's barrier withstand the blow, it would be instantly shattered after the assault was over, makeing it easy for Leon to quickly launch two more energy balls toward the girl, one blast was the size of a bowling ball, and the second was a bit smaller, and simmered in the middle. It was a bit Different, but none the less, it was sent barreling down at the young girl's position. Shine would have to be very crafty and agile to weasle her way out of this mess::


((Leon screamed as he kicked the two balls of energy known as Bit Shards at Shine))
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((Oh yeah... whooops... forgot about this))

Shiné wasn't ENTIRELY confident that the barrier she just formed would defend properly against Leon's attacks. She recoiled a slight bit, curving the wall around her, protecting her front, and sides, but leaving her back exposed. On the other hand, this defended quite nicely against all six attacks, so there are no complaints coming from Shiné. She gave a bit of a sigh of relief, pausing for a fatal second...
Leon D. Sagara
Posts: 460/859
::Leon slammed into the ground and instantly charged at Shine, aiming six different directional slashs at her body, three with each sword::

Then I ll kill you for it
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Shiné gasped and spun out of the way of the ball of energy to her right. JOY SAVOREM! What the hell had she gotten herself into!? She had a bit of trouble acting calm, but she pulled it off nicely, smirking as evilly as she could look, but it came off more as a child after clearing 100 skips, playing a game of jump rope. Shiné made a white wall of light between Leon and herself which would defend nicely against any physical attacks, and low level magical ones, too.

"In due time, in due time."
Leon D. Sagara
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::birds shot out of the trees in an akward motion, as if scared by something, or someone. In that single second, a blue ball of energy shot from the forest, the size of a soccer ball, it was sent flying toward Shine, following shortly by a hooded figure leaping out of the forest and straight into the sky, his twin swords were already drawn and ready for combat. It appears that the notice at the red dome had gotten his attention, as he launched himself toward his opponent. His green eyes very noticable through the darkness of his hood::

GIVE IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Shine stood in the middle of a clear open field surrounded by a forest of trees. She was saving up to buy an expensive handbag she saw in a store window, and what better way to generate some cash than a fight?


"Well, you could post some bogus challenge to some fighter." Her sister told her. "They allways seem to be super rich, right?"
"Uh... sure... Couldn't you just give me the money then? You're a fighter, so you're rich right?" Shine asked.
"Yeah...... or not..."
"How exactly do get them to take my challenge seriously?"
"Tell them that you've got the item that they seek, and make it sound like it's some kind of crazy bulletin that only they can see, and nobody else can, and uh... have it say 'The item you seek is in my possesion' or something like that so that like, any crazy adventurer who do does have alot of money will take it seriously because they're crazy."
"Uh... people aren't that stupid..."
"Obviously you don't get out much."


Rather than on a bulletin board by the police station, she posted it at the Red Dome. It read: "The item you seek is in my possesion. Come to the plains east of where you stand at noon today. Go alone."

It was nearing noon.

She also told some drunk guy to tell anyone that they saw to go see that board, in the most enigmatic voice possible, but since he could barely talk, she told him to wiggle his fingers to try to make it at least seem mysterious.

Damn she wanted that handbag....
Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - Hmph... I appear to be flat broke...

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