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01-25-21 03:05 PM
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Mortimer grinned.

"But isn't the ''Lord'' everywhere and nowhere at the same time? If it can even be said that it exists?"

Mortimer threw his hand up and a club-like object appeared in it, a few seconds earlier he had muttered something intelligable. He swung and deflected the blow sent towards him, and attempted to bring his swing back and hit Jeremiah on the head.

--Objective Clause- This is a sentance literally solidified into the subject of an objective clause Mortimer mutters under his breath. He then may use this object as a weapon to beat his foes into submission.
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Jeremiah created a reflective sheild in front of him. He turned to Mortimer,

"There is always someone around to hear it, for the Lord is everywhere."

The carvings on his club began to glow and it became a sword. He grasped it with both hands and swung it at Mortimer's head.
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Mortimer covered his eyes from the blinding light. He smiled and stroked his head lightly. At the top of his lungs he burst forth a question that has been brought onto this earth many a time.

"If a tree falls in a forest, and no one's around to hear it, does it make a sound?"

Unbeknownest to the two battlers, if they are caught in adible range of this attack, which both are, they'll be forced into quiet contemplation for one full turn, in which Mortimer would have free action. A retort is the only way to reflect this attack back at Mortimer.
Leon D. Sagara
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::Angelica retracted all of her wings leaveing just enough time to jump out of the way of both attacks. Now flying in the air, Angelica took to the skys and burst through the clouds above, spreading her wings and arms at the marvel of the sun's beauty::

Dear power of the sun, I ask you now for your tremendous power. Power of Beauty and Destruction, Burn it all

::Angelica's wings began to shine and hum with the tone of the sun. She raised both her hands to the sky and collected all the power into her arms, the mass of energy swirled and spiral'd around her body untill it was compleatly engulfed in light. Leaveing no room for error, Angelica retracted her wings and shot herself at the earth. AT a distance of exactly one mile from the earths crust, she threw her hands in front of her and sent out all of the power she had been retaining toward the ground, aiming it at Jeremiah, the scorching power of both the sun and the speed of Angelica's travel made the blast extrodinary. After leaveing her hands, the energy would contact the earth in exactly 2.4 seconds, and would easily blister the ground and anything standing in its way. With a overall tempreture of 4500 degrees, it was truely a wonderful attack, both in apperance and destruction::

Transended Fury of the Hellbent Angel.
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Jeremiah brought his stick up and blocked each of the slashes. He held up the club, and it shot out towards Angelica's stomach.
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The man's name is Mortimer, Mortimer Shreddington. He is a posting connoiseur and enjoys long walks on the beach. He smiled intellectually and held his left hand to his chin.

"I declare this bout to become a free for all."

Mortimer leapt into the sky and pulled a massive whip from no where, though it seemed he was mumbling something before hand. He lashed the whip directly at Angelica and as it neared her it appeared to be made entirely of...letters?

"Fear the wrath of my Dangling Participial Phrase!"

Dangling Participial Phrase--A phrase which is implosive to the mind, and a target when struck by the whip is sent into a wave of confusion being entirely unable to act for a full turn. The participial phrase is rather indestructable, being that the only way to remove it from existance is to build a magical cusion sentance. There is also a large amount of pain that will be caused in the head of the foe when struck by the whip anywhere. The pain is equivalent to Brainfreeze but a bit nastier and much more painfully immobilizing.
Leon D. Sagara
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((Fuck this, I ll fight you both myself))

::Angelica pulled all her swords together and deflected the blast. The swords now once more upon her back, she began to hover into the air as the two below her scurried about looking for a way to defeat the Divine Woman::

Thou Shalt not Kill indeed.

::Angelica dove once again down toward Jeremiah and threw 5 of the swords toward him, slashing wildly with each. But keeping the final blade concealed behind her back, her reasons were unknown, but her assault was very real, and if Jeremiah was not careful. He would end up like a loaf of bread::
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((The post order will be Leon, Me, Benja, Xeios))

Jeremiah refexivelly held up his club. The carvings on it began to glow and shift around. The club reformed and became a large disc. Five of the blades stuck into the sheild, and the sixth missed, hitting the wall behind him. The sheild changed into a sword. Angelica's swords fell to the ground. Jeremiah pointed his at her.
"This is simply a duel, no more." He pulled the sword back and shot his left hand out, firing a blast of telekinetic energy towards her.

"Thou shalt not murder"
Leon D. Sagara
Posts: 459/859

::The wings on Angelica's back flew up and sprung behind her in a scattered formation::


::The wings shot from behind Angelica and all six were sent stabbing at Jeremiah, looking for a quick one hit kill. But not holding her breath. The innocent look on her face quickly turned into that of what seemed to be a Devil, she seemed to be enjoying the thought of killing another liveing person::
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"Only one man knows who we should battle with or against." Jeremiah lifted his Club and pointed it at Lance, then Angelica, and finally at the man in the suit. "We shall let the Lord decide." When he pointed it at the last, the carvings in the wooden stick began to glow white. It seems that we are ment to be parnters. And your name would be...
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Lance was not amused by the newcomer and he shook his head

Sorry but you missed your opportunity and I already declared my allegiance. Therefore, you have your partner over there

He pointed to the other person other then the girl.
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A man stepped out of the shadows, he seeems to have been there all along. His pale blue eyes scanning the fighters. Hm, this would be interesting...

"Actually, Mr. Glasses person, I'll be filling in as her partner unless you really have that strong of an attachment to her. So, as soon as the partnerships are decided we should hurry this up, I've got a five o'clock at a bar."

The man was standing in a full tuxedo, black vest, black jacket, black long tie, white dress shirt. His dress pants were also perfectly black, and his shoes were rather shiny. He was not insulting Lance before when he called him Mr. Glasses, for he too had a pair of glasses over his eyes. He held a distinguished moustache and a small goatee.
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Lance walked out onto the battlefield and looked at the lady and the man ready to fight. He sighed as he had a staff in his right hand and he moved his glasses up on his face. When he got to the center he spoke:

"Now now now letting a lady fight two people all alone is sort of a non-gentlemenly thing to do. Looks like I have no choice but to stand with her and fight against you and your partner to be. Lance greenstones the name......pleasures all yours.

He waited for his other opponent to arrive.
Leon D. Sagara
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:: A shadow was cast upon the awaiting foe, the gimmer of the wings embraced by what appeared to be an angel could only be described as breathtakeing. The figure floated a simple twenty feet above the onlooking man and his partner. Her blonde hair floated freely into the wind, as her blue eyes glared deeply into the souls of her opponents. She floated slowly to the ground, landing softly and pushing her wings behind her back. What had been seen earlier as wings however, were now in full veiw. Upon this young girls back was no angel wings, but blades, six blades each in order upon her back, three for each side. The girl looked at her opponents and spoke with a soft and gentle voice::

Hello, My name is Angelica, and I will be more then happy to take this opportunity to show how strong the Divine race truely is

::Angelica bowed in respect and then firmly glanced at her foe's awaiting her partner so that the match could begin::

Oh, and should your partner arive before mine, feel free to proceed with the match. I have no problem with a two on one match.
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Standard sim battle rules, but you must use a character that you have never used in a sim battle before.

Jeremiah stood next to his partner. His grip tightened on his Scripture Stick as he looked across the street of the abandoned city, at his opponents...
Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - 2v2 w/ all new characters

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