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01-29-23 01:20 PM
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Yeah I toatally like that one....

Go ahead and call us stupid, like no one's done worse shit on the board.....

Just like random bashing without no one doing shit about it....Cept Drizzit, He rules!....Hmm...I think the banner suits it quite well
Posts: 1069/1566
Hows about this one

This one is good...
Posts: 554/3775
meh, the color contrast on all of them doesnt work for me...i really like ash...
Posts: 599/720
I'm on the kirby scheme, and it isnt bright. You might need some monitor adjusting, or not sit so close

the only one you need to watch out for FX is the NES one...
Posts: 552/3775
ya, but the other schemes hurt my eyes...
True Flight
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Simple. you can do a different scheme. The Zelda scheme has Link, there's a Mario and Kirby one too.
Dark Luke
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TP's on vacation until august.
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There's one on the main site....

but if that isn't enough, well, guess someone could make a new one. I've always had a problem with the Forum banner, but that's just me.
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TP and I tried several ideas....I even spent some time making a new one....but I dunno...

I could try again if some people feel like it....Or maybe TP can...I dunno...
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we need a new xeogaming banner...that one is getting boring, besides its over 2 years old now anyways isnt it?

Xeogaming Forums - Help & Suggestions - new banner

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