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02-05-23 06:25 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - General Chat - Cats or Dogs?
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Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 1082/4539
No pictures here.

I'm going for cats. I currently have four dogs, and one cat. This one cat stands out for me above the dogs, and can be fun to watch whenever she encounters our canine friends.

I'm not posting a history either. We have had so many would be ridicuolously long.
Kard Ayals
Posts: 1525/2915
If I get a get camera, I will post pics of my cats.

But one of them is scared of prety much anything (and he turned five two days ago), so he's a bitch to get on photo.
Yoshi Dude
Posts: 23/23
I prefer cats. I like dogs, but I don't really want to live with one again. They're a bit high maintainence for me.
I'm fortunate enough to have never lost a pet. *knocks on wood*
Posts: 867/1461
I love both! I'm just an animal person, so I really can't choose. Each has something special that the other doesn't, so they even out in my eyes. I've only had dogs in the past, but that's only because my mother wouldn't let me have a cat.
Posts: 2/3
hmmm, tough decision. I'm actually surprised cats are favoured here. Don't get me wrong, I like cats but the only reason I voted for dogs is because they're loyal and more fun to be with then cats
Posts: 338/3775
now, because everyone else has done it, i must post my pet history...

when i was little we had two cats, Kelly, and Tasha. Tasha was white and not sure how to describe Kelly. Anyways, we had to put Kelly down , i dont remember why, i was really young. We got a kitten from my mom's friend, whose cat had just had kittens. She was a calico, who we named Peaches and Cream (we caller P.C.) She is vicious. We brought her home, this litle fluffball of a cat, and she scared Tasha away...We saw her once in a while when she came in for food, but havent seen her in a long time. Anyways PC is one of the weridest cats ever. She has multiple personalities, im sure of it. For a month or two, she will be so cuddly (its so cute, she'll go under your blanket if shes cold...) then the next day, shes really skiddish, and you cant get near her. She's also very territorial. Ive seen her scare away dogs....dobermans. But she's the smallest cat ever. About a year after we got her, she had two kittens. An all grey one, who i named Smokey, and a black one, with a white stomach and paws, who i named Sneakers.
PC hates Sneakers. They growl if they get near each other. Smokey left, i guess he didn't like his brother and mother fighting...
Sneakers is the greatest cat ever. He weighs 20 something pounds, and will sit in one place for days without moving . He's not really cuddly, its just that, if you put him near you, he stays there
Twice though i did get cuddles from both PC and Sneakers. Once i was lying on the couch, and PC came up and went under my blanket, then Sneakers layed on my feet. They didnt know the other was there Also once Sneakers was on my lap and PC layed next to me. But they were very nervous, and it didnt last long.

(Posting Pics Soon)

Officially my longest post ever...
Posts: 1164/3649
I like both.

I've never owned a dog really...but then again, technically, I've never really lived in one house. **Was raised by the village** My friend's family had a dog Rocky, he was cool. Giant Husky. Her family practically raised me, so I'm here as just as I'm "home." Rocky died last year though. He was old though, so it's cool. Then my mom-mom had a German Shephard, Buttons...he was cool too. He died when I was like 6 though...then my ant had a Shephard too, Bearbear. My aunt Paula, black lab, Midnight, and my sister has one of them little ankle-biters, Prissy. Considering how much time I've spent at all of those places, they were kinda like my dogs too. Each of those dogs have actually saved my life...I even posted about what happened with Midnight...nearly two years ago now, on Thanksgiving. **cringes** Anywho... grammy had this cat, Cleo, my mom got her two years before she had me, and then Cleo died when I was like she lived 14 years...**shrugs** That was devastating though, and I still miss that cat. She and I did EVERYTHING together. I know it sounds gross, but she used to do things like bring the mice and stuff that she killed and put them in my crib. When I was a baby, she even had my schedule down or something. When I was taking a nap or whatever, I'd wake up (Whether it be to be fed or something) on a certain schedule, and she'd be in the livingroom, going nuts like 3 minutes or so before I'd start crying, and when someone would head back to my crib, she'd like lead the way, and then sit there and stare at them as they fed me or whatever. She'd attack anyone who went near me if she didn't like them or if I tried squirming away...Lots of stories about her actually...most I was told about, rather than remember, so mom thinks it's cuz she used to lay on her stomach when she was pregnant with me. **shrugs** I honestly believe animals are smart like that too and could form bonds in the oddest ways.

And now, I have three cats, Babe, Pepper, and Tabby. Pepper is evil and attacks everything, Babe is huge and tries smothering me when I sleep, and Tabby is like a dog.

Sry...long as post...**loves animals** I could just go on and on about the subject...

Posts: 1864/2785
You need to post current pictures of the two...for size comparison.

I still love Fappy, and to an extent only for annoying her, Miko.
Posts: 1948/11914
AWWWWWW!!! I'm so sorry, Xeo.

I hate losing pets. It's like losing members of your family who you were very close to and had a very personal connection with.

I lost my cat, Harrison, a couple years ago and I still get choked up about it. Every time I try to think of what happened to him (he just went missing one day), I sometimes come close to shedding tears thinking about him being harmed or scared somewhere.

Shortly after he went missing, I acquired two kittens from a friend who needed them to go to good homes. This same friend is practically the local cat lady. She has SOOOOO many cats that she lost count years ago and they are CONSTANTLY having new kittens.

These new kittens weren't meant to replace Harrison. FAR from it. No cat could replace Harrison for me. Absolutely none.

It's actually quite amusing how I got one of the two. My friend had me sit on a bench swing in her front yard while her son brought me three kittens at a time to preview them since she was afraid her house was too messy for me to see. Anyway, it's hard to be given kittens and asked which one I want as they look up at you from your lap, because well... you try doing it some time. You'll be staring into these little eyes with cute faces, all of which just begging for you to take them home and cuddle with them for hours.

Anyway, my friend and I had already agreed before I came to her house that I would take her scrawny black and white kitten, who was so small, wasn't getting enough food and was getting picked on everyday (now he's big, fat, and lazy. Just the way I like 'em). So that kitten was already sitting next to me.

But back to the amusing one. Among the preview kittens, one was a gray kitty with yellow eyes, who immediate climbed into m robe (I was wearing a bathrobe at the time) and curled up and went to sleep. I just couldn't part with that kind of cuteness. She was mine.

And here they were shorty after that day:

Posts: 4313/11747

Even though a few years ago it turned out my mom was allergic to house pets (basically), but because of my dad's, mom's, and sisters biased love towards our dogs, we got rid of my two cats.

Yes, they were mine.

Charlie, and Leo. Awesome cats that loved me (I picked out Leo!). Leo was white and yellow, and did nothing but sleep. But at night ... it was like he got drunk or something, he'd be crazy. Charlie had striped colors like a tiger, but was brown and black. Charlie was somewhat like a dog as some would say. We'd have guests, and he'd go to the door to greet them kind of like a dog. He "meow'd" a lot, like as if he were talking or something. And he almost "always" slept in my bed with me, even resting his head on the pillow like a person.

Both were huge though. Charlie was 15 pounds or so, and Leo was a few more than that. Leo was "longer" though, and not as funny looking as Charlie.

I miss them.

But oh well.
(PS, then after this my parents got another dog).

But I'm sure the fact that I was attacked by a Rot Riler in 5th grade (still have an entire "mouth bite" scar on my right arm from it) could have something to do with how I look at this, but I just like cats more. They're lazy, and awesome. And not annoying and loud.

My parents always say when I move out and get a family or something I'll probably end up having some kind of pet, even though I say I won't. I don't know, I just don't want to bother with any kind of pet myself, even cats. Because Charlie and Leo were the best.
Posts: 1863/2785
I say cats taste better than dogs, but there are those that like the taste of dog.


You mean as a pet! Oh, then both. Since you obviously didn't have that option listed. So, I may love Whitey, but I'll have to go with cats.
Posts: 1009/1555
I'm allergic to both. >.< I prefer to own dogs though. I don't have anything against cats. I actually prefer snakes.
Posts: 1947/11914
I really like both equally, but there's something to owning cats that just makes me prefer them. Like they can go out, wander around the neighborhood and still come home and rub up against you for love and affection from their humans.
Posts: 203/647
Kitties!!! I have three. Camaro, Chevelle and Nova. There are only two dogs I like; my mom's, Rusty, and my friends, Bear. One's a German shepherd, the other an Austrailian shepherd. ^-^
Posts: 808/944
Cats are the shiznit but I am allergic to them (asmatha) which I'm growing out of so I will eventually be able to own a cat again
Trigger Happy Jones
Posts: 278/306
Cats are cool, but I prefer the loyalty and companionship the canine can only bring.
Kard Ayals
Posts: 1496/2915
Originally posted by Cairoi
I have 2 cats, 2 dogs, and 2 brothers...

I suggest killing the brothers (well, if they're cool, it's okay)
Posts: 1435/3807

I have 2 cats, 2 dogs, and 2 brothers...

And I can't really vote for one without the other.

Kard Ayals
Posts: 1481/2915
*owns 3 cats*

I think the answer is obvious: DOGS.

(not really)
Posts: 337/3775
I love cats. I have cats who i love. yay cats. I do like dogs though, except for the neighbors dogs, they bit me
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