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"What attacked you? And what are those weapons that you carry?"

*Elara let the wind wall drop now that the threat was gone, looking over for a moment at the man that Sebastian held*

"Most importantly, however, what do we do with him?"
Leon D. Sagara
Posts: 465/859
::Elena opened her eyes to find herself being looked upon, and instantly jumpped up drawing her guns and aiming them at the travlers befre realizeing who they were. She let her arms down and made her guns vanish into nothing again::

I am sorry, I couldn't

::Elena turned her back to hide her tear, and then shot her head up in order to be strong, she began to walk again toard the tower, but waiting for the others this time::

We must work together, or else we will not make it very far

::Elena turned her head and nodded to the others, her blonde hair waved freely in the wind, as she moved her head from side to side::
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Sebastian continued to hold on to the man, not breaking eye contact, even as the bullets whizzed by them. This man knew something...
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FINALLY SOMEBODY NOTICED HER!!!!! Shiné didn't let these feelings show... Instead just smiled and spoke softly. "She's not suffering from anything... apparently not even fatigue. She's fine. Just give it a sec."
Posts: 3334/9719
*Elara looked over at Shiné as she tended to the unconcious girl... Elena was her name if she rememberd correctly. Apparently she was some kind of healer. Elara felt a tinge of relief at the thought, it was always good to have a true healer around*

"Is she alright?"
Kaijin Surohm
Posts: 1178/1852
Kaijin glanced through the trees, hiding in the undershadows of the leaves, guarding him against the sun's light. He blinked harshly as he wiped his forehead, still in awe over the fight he had glanced at over the sidelines.

First some weird ass creature with fangs, now this... Where the hell... He crouched next to the tree, and shook his head silently.
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With her hiding spot now turned into kindling, the white mage fell, landed hard on her ass, and complained for a moment or two about it. She got up, patted herself clean of dust, rubbed herself a little bit in pain, and she wandered lazilly over to Elana. A quick look was all Shiné needed to determine that trying to heal her would just a be a waste of time. She could probably wake her up, though... Shiné spoke softly a quick incantation. She didn't really need to say anything to cast this, but she figured everyone else was calling out the names of their abilities, and by doing so it'd show them that she had some too.

"Lefna." A Remeran word that basically translates to 'wake up'.
Leon D. Sagara
Posts: 462/859
::In a screaching second, the bullets came to a hault, and the scream stopped. The trees around the Hero's were now turned into scraps of wood and debris. No matter how hard they looked, no one could see who it was that was fireing, nor Elena. Moments after the stop of the assault, Elena came flying out of the shrubs, landing on the ground in the middle of all teh warriors. She was out cold, her hair was now out of its tail, and flowed freely behind her. She had scuf marks all over her as if she had taken a beating, but oddly enough, she was not damaged::
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*Elara looked over her shoulder at the sound of the shots. She didn't know what bullets were, but she knew they were projectiles and she had an easy way to deal with that. Bringing up her hand she cried out one phrase*


*A wall of wind manefested itself between the bullets and the group of people, deflecting the tiny missles. The roar of the winds drowned out what the elven woman shouted, but she motioned for everyone to come near her. The shadow beasts that were left seemed to afraid to come near the archer*
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Shiné looked up in horror at whatever the fuck Leon just posted. She hadn't had time to even notice this, but like the good planner she was, she had stored a barrier circle in her ring. All she got time to see though was close to a thousand ripples on a barrier that automatically started up, and just as many bits of metal... Neat... well, I bet I'd better get started on healing...

Shiné looked down from the trees to see...
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Ooc- Quote from Cairoi "Allow me to explain.
You were placed here on Ember Island. There is no bridge or boat to enable you to leave the island. If you can manage to scale the planet, reach the top of the Tarot's epic tower, he will return you to your world."

That means the tower is really super-far away. We would need to work together to get there.

Joan was crouched on the ground and thus was fully spared from the gunfire, her eyes seemed to draw thin and malevolent for a moment, in a sudden realization of how much the gunfire would've hurt. Though she knew nothing of futuristic weaponry. She knew the danger of most weapons and noticed that the yellow lights would probably hurt very badly. Especially since they tore through the trees. Here she decided that she would simply stay put and hope whatever was trying to hurt her would just go away.

Xeios noticed this woman's back to his, blowing away creatures with some sort of hand-held magic focusing device. He marveled at them for but a second and threw bolts of sonic energy into many of the shadows around him. He heard a scream and heard something quite devious, almost like a more powerful version of what the woman at his back was using. He thrust his right hand in that direction and a wave of sonic energy launched forth, disrupting the particles in the bullets coming for him and destroying their momentum, forcing them to drop lightly onto the ground. Xeios let out a sigh and figured he was safe for a few seconds at least.
Leon D. Sagara
Posts: 461/859
::Out of the forest, came a loud cry. As if a giant beast was in pain. crying for help, and revenge. In a cold second, the people who had travled to the island were under attack by an invisible foe, as a rain of bullets turned the trees around them into swiss cheese. The assault would be upon the champions in meare seconds, but no one could be seen doing the attacking. Only the loud scream could be heard, before what could easily be called "ALL HELL" broke loose::

Posts: 463/3775
When he saw that the man was bound, Sebasian began to move towards him. He hit another shadow, then two jumped at him. He ducked down and they colided.
When he reached the man another shadow attacked him, but he impaled it with his staff, then stabed the branch deep into a nearby tree. He grabben the man by the throat.

"Where is Dumont?"
Posts: 3275/9719
*Elara's bow was up and the arrow flying as soon as the shadow beasts emerged. It was quickly followed by many more, seemingly endless amounts came out of the quiver at her side. In less than a minute she had felled two of the beasts. Turning her attention to the man that had summoned the things, she yelled out an incantation in her native tongue*

"Yala'amin n'tess earuile a' neuma gothamin!" ("I summon holding vines to trap my foe!")

*Vines shot out from the ground at Chad's feet, holding him in place as well as another beast that was within the range of the attack*
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Shiné wasn't about to leave until the rest of the group went with them... She didn't see the problem though. Not a single person here was injured yet. What the hell made them even think these creatures were dangerous.
Leon D. Sagara
Posts: 451/859
::Elena rolled forward and was now back to back with Xeios. She was fireing wildly at the shadow's knocking them off, but frowning when two more took ones place::

This isn't working, we need to get out of their range. Or set off a nuke or something.

::Elena threw her right arm out, causeing Xeios to shift only slightly blowing one last shadow away before pulling her guns aside::

Lets run, everyone, meet up at that tower.

::With those words, Elena took off running into the forest, dodgeing the beasts while she ran, her target was the tower that was drawing her toward it. She could only hope that the others would follow her lead:
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"I have magic," He said as he swatted away another shadow, "it just doesn't manifest itself in a physical form, like yours."
Posts: 1403/2954
Amongst the ruckus a girl who was not there before had slipped in. She did her best to conceal herself, hiding was a good option for a girl with little magical ability, she really had no weapons to hurt these creatures and she solemnly say amongst the bushes. He last memory was the death of a dear friend, and her barely gripping onto life from an encounter with a true beast.

Xeios smiled as a shadow creature lunged for his throat, he merely held his right arm up, and the creature dissapated. A small seal was on his hand and glowing in a deep red bloodlike color. His face contorted with some bit of pain as he stared at his hand. 'This reminds me of the first time I used my magic, what in the world? Has this trip brought me back in my power, removing my more recent discoveries?' Xeios' arms moved slowly across his body under the tight-fitting black tunic. He recognised that none of the sybols he constantly had activated were activated. He shook his head as he blasted another creature away. Tapping feverishly, he unlocked magical seals which greatly increased his power and were constantly active, using little energy to run all the time. A grin spread across his young face, his pale blue eyes peircing into the evil looking guy. He was rather tempted to try and kill him now, but he decided to help out some other poor sap first. This John character seemed to be able to help himself. He stopped before Sebastion blowing the two creatures he was fighting into bits.

"Listen, that's not going to work, they seem to be only hurt by magic. And if you don't have it, you might want to either get it or hide!"
Posts: 2205/-3459
Shiné didn't really do anything, except think Wow! He's awake! and readjust her seating arangement so she was more comfortable.
Posts: 346/3775
As Sebastian stared at the tower, he heard gunshots coming from the forest. He turned and ran up the path. Just as the others came into sight, a shadow creature jumped at him from behind. He spun around and grabbed it, throwing it into a tree. He quickly pulled out the knife on his hip, and cut a long branch off a nearby tree. He began hitting shadows off with it, using it as a staff.
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