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01-23-21 10:16 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - Rar... my two characters vs. FX's... Custom fight of lame... lame lame lame... god...
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The moment Shine ducked under his attack, he flipped over her. As she flew towards Aux, he attempted to grab Shine's ankles as she flew away. If he grabbed them he would spin around and slam her into the wall behind him, and Aux would continue his attack on Shaddow. If he missed he would slam his fists into the ground, and create a wave directed at Shaddow, and Aux would blow back Shine with a large gust of wind.
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Shaddow made a winching noise as she hit the floor, curling into a ball on reflex. Aux's knife could not penetrate her glove, though.

Shiné ducked very low, under his horizontal slash, and quick casted Angel Wing. A pair of white shining wings appeared on her back for just long enough to let off a tremendous flap, sending her flying straight betwee Ivan's knees. She grabbed for his ankles on her way through, to take him along with her, but regardless, she went to slam hard into the side of Aux, preventing him from attacking her sister, before he had a chance to even pick up his weapon. If she had succeeded in grabbing Ivan, she'd be using him as a baseball bat...

((OOC: Lets keep in mind that Shiné is incapable of dealing any damage, so this'd accomplish nothing more than to disorient the hell out of both fighters...))
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Aux spun around, slamming her on the ground. He stabbed his knife at her free hand, which would pin it to the ground. He reached back and grabbed his sword, which he dropped, and stabbed it at her chest.
Ivan created a sword of fire in his hand and spun towards Shine, slashing at her chest.
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Shine finished her fourth circle, and dodged to the side, away from Ivan's groping hand. She didn't bother making another circle, and reinstated the Level 1 barrier to protect her from Ivan.

Despite Aux catching her first attack, Shaddow still slashed fiercly at where his throat was. This was in vain, because Aux quickly dipped under this attack though, and Shaddow was left helpless. She began to whip forward due to her own momentum, and the tight grip on her wrist, and flipped up and over him. She felt a horrifying popping in her shoulder as it was dislocated, and she swung around on a pivot to collide with his back.
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Ivan grabbed at the necklace around Shine's neck, as he intended in the last post. As Shaddow flew towards Aux he reached out to grab her wrist. If he succesfully grabbed it he would dip under her other arm and stab at her stomach with his knife. If he missed he would roll to the side and shoot at her with his pistol, Deuce's Wild.
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Shaddow was unable to dodge, but wasn't slowed down a bit. She winced in pain, but continued flying for Aux. She made two quick slashes for his throat, but was a little too shaken to charge these with energy.

Shine looked a little concerned for her sister, but merely stocked another circle, and started again.
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As Shaddow flew towards Aux, he turned his sword towards her and fired a beam of charged energy from the tip. Ivan, tired of this pointless battle, charged himself with yellow flames ((makes him rlly strong)) and approached Shine.
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Shiné watched Aux, not looking scared at all, and just continued charging, having completed one circle, it disapeared into her ring. She immediatelly started to draw another.

Shaddow felt the pressure on her ease, and grinned. She touched her hands together in a symbol like something out of Naruto, and electric wall between Ivan and herself immediatelly converted itself into a wall of very solid needles, so thin that from Ivan's angle, they'd hardly even be visible. They lay in the air Shaddow jumped back, but neglected the wall of the church right behind her. Her tail hairs brushed against it, she realized where she was headed, used it as a surface to jump off of, away from Ivan, and towards Aux. Shaddow was smiling, but her breath was shallow, and she felt like she was burning up, because the sudden change in pressure, while relieving, messed with her bloodflow a bit.
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As Ivan flew towards Shaddow, he created a wall of fire to block his path. Aux released his hold from Shaddow and pointed his sword at Shine, and began to charge the energy in it.
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Shine blinked, cut out her barrier, and dodged to the left, out of the way of Shaddow's wave attack. She then started drawing another circle in the air, like before.

Shaddow on the other hand started to dodge Ivan, but found it rather difficult to move, feeling compressed by the air around her. She'd felt the effects of an attack like this before, however, and knew how to react. She quick casted a simple Ki Barrier, composed of the same energy as the last attack. She was feeling tired though, and would be unable to keep up this sort of thing for much longer. A wall of bluish green energy burst from the floor and curved up and over her head, right in the way of Ivan's flight path. It was clear, but seemed to be sparking with electricity. Contact with this would most likely hurt like hell.
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Ivan pushed off of Shine's sheild towards Shaddow. Since Aux hadn't grabbed either of them, he was still in wind form, and the waves from Shaddow went right through him. He stood, and returned to normal form, he turned to Shaddow, and using his cool telekinetic wind thingy, attemped to hold her in place.
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Shiné took the liberty of keeping the wall of light up, as Ivan made his way toward her, which would protect her nicely.... Shaddow on the other hand, tore her hand out of the ground, spun around and slashed at it with her other, quickly, and sent a double shockwave of energy for Aux. She was feeling a bit dizzy after the sound, but that wasn't going to stop her.
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Aux crouched down, and covered his ears, the sonic blast assulting his acute hearing. Ivan let go, flying through the vaccum, and used the momentum to fly very fast, feet first at Shine.
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Which didn't really work. High speeds'll do that. Regardless, the two let go and flew back to the walls once again, this time hopping down softly the the floor, and crouched down, shielding thier faces. Shaddow drove her fist through the floor and held on for dear life, while Shiné made a white wall infront of her. With that, the barrier from the last attack cut out, and the air surrounding rushed back to fill this void from where it had blown out all physical matter. This worked like a mini black hole for a second, and caused a deafening sonic explosion.
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Ivan was thrown back, but he extended his swords, which caught on the edge of the window. Aux held up his sword, creatin a purple sheild in front of him, holding him in place. He slowly reached down with his free hand and unsheathed his dagger. He brought it up, and made a small cut on the back of his arm. As soon as he had bled, he transformed into a being made of wind. He reached through the barrier, and becoming physical again, grabbed at an ankle.
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Shiné and Shaddow both jumped to their left, avoiding the fire and the beam, respectivly. They sailed away from each other, landed sideways against two pillars next to doorways on opposite ends of the church, then kicked off, flying back straight towards each other. Shiné's circle disapeared, absorbed into her hands as spare energy, stocked for use later. The two caught hands as they started to fly by each other on their return, with both of their momentums perfectly equal. This caused the two to spin around at high speeds, aiming a couple of powerful kicks at their opponents, at about eye level with Aux.

As this occured, Shiné let loose the energy she had charged last turn, expanding a powerful barrier that would both defend against any magical attacks (IE, your swords) and throw physical matter away with considerable force.

((So unless you have a means to stop that, mention something about the benches being thrown away.))
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From the tip of Aux's sword a large purple beam shot out at Shaddow, he charged after her, slashing at her chest three times.


As this was happening, Ivan fired two fireballs at Shine. Two swords made of fire appeared in his hands ((like Kratos')) He let out a psychotic laugh and jumped towards her.
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((It's in Shiné's bust. XD))

The catgirl looked a little confused, but shrugged Aux off as a dumbass, in her mind, and decided not to pay any attention to it. She took a single step back, into a defensive stance (which tends to be very nessesary when dealing with an armed opponent). "Well you don't look so tough..." Coming from a 5 foot tall catgirl, Shaddow thought to herself.

Meanwhile, Shiné started to draw a little circle in the air, her fingers sparkling, leaving a spectral trail behind them.
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The man stepped from the shadows.

"I am Aux...and he works for me, and that is my necklace that you have between your... Shut up. Yes, as he said, I work for him, and that is my...his...necklace that you have, so would you please hand it over, and we can avoid this conflict."

Aux lifted his sword and pointed it at Shaddow.

"Because you really don't want there to be a conflict."
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((Ok... there you go... also, if my character's don't know your character's names, then I wont be writing them. ))

Shiné quickly took a small hop backward. "Hey!!" She put her hands out infront of her, her palms facing the flames. A white wall appeared, repelling the flames to go off to the sides, but mostly preventing them from pressing on forward.

Shaddow took this time to pull down on her gloves and glares at the purple sword'd fairy. "What's your name, boy?"
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Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - Rar... my two characters vs. FX's... Custom fight of lame... lame lame lame... god...

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