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01-27-21 09:00 PM
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Aux lowered the blade of his sword with the broadside in the path of Katana's leg. The energy inside extended out, creating a small energy sheild around it. After succesfully stopping her attack he jumped back, pointed his sword at her, and fired a small beam of purple energy from the tip. It was weak, just enough to cause a small shock.
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"Now, if I were intimidated, I'm pretty sure you'd be able to figure that for yourself..." She replies with a wink. Suddenly, she slid her right foot behind her, pulling her right arm back as well, while leaving her left side toward Aux. "I sensed power moving through this area and curiosity seems to have gotten the better of me is all." She says, maintaining her calm and laid back demeanor for a split second before sprinting toward him. When she was close enough, she dropped to the ground and swung her right leg toward both of Aux's, lifting her's up just enough to attempt to take him down at the knees.
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"Anyone who attempts to stalk me intimidates me, the question is do I intimidate you?" He said with a slight smirk.
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Again, the girl found herself smiling. "Katana Alasol. Pleased to meet you..." She says, bowing slightly, all the while, keeping her eyes upon him. "And judging by your tone of voice, I'm willing to assume I intimidate you." Her smile still lingered on as she spoke, her voice soft and calm. "If that's the case, then why hesitate in your attack?"
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"Who are you." Aux growled as he tightened his grip on his sword.
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With her footsteps softly crunching in the snow covered ground, Katana finally comes to a hault. Her lips were slightly parted, as her breath escaped them in small puffs of smoke, due to the cold air around them. Her green eyes gazed intently upon Aux as her black hair draped about her to the back of her knees. Small bits of snow shimered throughout her long, straight hair.

"I've been wondering when you'd notice my presence." She says, in a childish, but feminine voice. She smiled, gesturing gracefully with her hand to their surroundings. "Let's pray not too much blood is spilled, my friend. We wouldn't want to ruin this beautiful scenery."
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Aux hiked through the mountain pass, snow whiriling around him. He stops and sniffs, there is someone following him. He slowly reaches up and unsheaths his sword from his back. It begins to glow purple and starts softly vibrating. He turns around to face his opponent
Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - I look forward to killing you SOON

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