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12-04-23 08:40 AM
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Thank you both for your replies to this, I mean, I don't know. We seemed to have worked most of the stuff out, it's just there are still problems about us dating for three months and her mom still not knowing about us...It really sucks. I mean, I want her to trust her mom with the knowledge of us dating, but supposedly her mom will find a way to make us never see each other again. (which I doubt) but we're working on the problems.

We didn't go on a break, and probably won't, but I was just worried for a good week there(before I posted) that we were going to be going on one, and we would not get back into a relationship.

I love her, I guess that's what matters.
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Taking a break is a nice way of saying breaking up in my opinion, still hurts the same when your the one that didn't make the call.

Just make sure that you two communicate about the issues you're having. Don't rely on her "realizing she failed" if you've never said anything about it. Be clear, be precise. Don't be accusing (calling someone a failure will drive them away in a heartbeat), but say how it made you feel. Hopefully it will go well for you and it will work out, I wish you the best in that. If not, it will pass.

Please forgive the lack of sugar coating, I've grown tired of it.
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Well know how I feel about this situation...kinda...I prolly confused you as much as I confused myself when I was trying to word it over the phone that one night. both are great people, so I still truly hope that whatever happens, happens for the best.
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I'll not bore you all with creating a whole other thread for this, but I have an update of sorts.The love is still there, it's just the problems keep piling up and I don't have what it takes to work through them. Soon(in the coming week) We're going on "a break". And I do not know what the outcome will be. I love her, but maybe time away from her, or with others, will allow me to appreciate that more. And maybe after some time she'll realize how she's basically failed every time she's attempted to see me. (making me very frustrated mind you)

uhhhgh, Comments etc.
Azen Dalin
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AWH! YAY! I'm glad for you! It makes me happy to know that some people on the board are falling in love and are happy.

As for me, I have my crushes and love interests...but that's all they are for now.
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^.^ Congrats, man. Seriously, you two are going to make beautiful dark-haired fashion-aware babies.

I'd have to say I'm loving my luck right now, I'm in a relationship. WHENEVER you get the hell back we'll talk.
Dark Luke
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This is a picture of the one I love. She's always been there for me.

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Originally posted by Mortimer Shreddington
Yes, Kat, we are official. .


If you see this here before we actually get to talk in some other way...CALL ME!!! I want details!!!!!
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Good luck. I don't really have any advice because my luck with guys has been absolutely atrocious. I've had one good boyfriend and I screwed that up completely. Thankfully, we still talk, but he's moved on. But that's neither here nor there. Good luck.
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Don't worry, I know the other stages of love, which I and her have been referring to Infatuation, Teenage Love, and Love.

Basically my first real girlfriend was Infatuation, three months and I thought I loved her.

Second major girlfriend was the one you've seen in the photo album, Teenage Love. She meant the world to me then, and now, I could care less.

And her, She's amazing, everything I'm looking for in a person to spend a long time, if not my life, with. Love.

Yes, Kat, we are official. .
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Congrats! Sounds more like the infatuation stage, but that is still awesome. All I can really say is that trust and communication are so important in a relationship that the lack of either can spell doom. Other than that, just be happy and enjoy every moment you have with her.
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Xei!!! **Uber glompage** You actually made a thread about this?! Teehee. And I know exactly who you're talking about! (You guys shoulda heard him on the phone with her when we were down the cute!)

Anywho...I'm so giddy for you and I don't know why. Ha. Are you two "official" just yet?! You gotta call me and lemme know soon as it happens!!! **huggles**
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Well, Im in love with a girl who lives on my street. Her name's Becky and she looks exactly like This.

And this may sound selfish, but im also in love with another girl named Kasey. I spent time with her when she rode my bus, we talked, got to know each other, she hates everything I like, but it was obvious we flirted with each other badly when she rode my bus. Like just 4 days ago she invited me to a party while I was at my resturant. kept saying she was "glad to see me" and "That she was looking all over the place" for me just to invite me to her party....

In all honesty, I would rather date Becky, shes cute, outgoing, loves anime ( Because she has that one girl's haircut from naruto ), and may not seem like it; she loves the same types of metal I like. Which really surprised me...

Maintaining love to me comes natural. I dont show effection unless necessary, but untill then, Im more of a pacified person ya know? I really dont talk unless spoken to...

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I know this is a place where ill feelings usually reside, but my feelings are hopeful and happy. I'm in love, or close to it. It's an amazing feeling, I yearn for her touch, I grin at the slightest word that escapes her lips. I'm surpised at my feelings. For years ago, I was the man with no emotion, who kept cool, who had no distinguishable emotions other than happiness and anger, with a little bit of sadness thrown in.

Now, the real reason for this thread, is to get other's experiences and advise on love and how to maintain it. Thank you all, much love.
Xeogaming Forums - Sunset Waterfall - Love, or close to it.

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