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01-23-21 03:22 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - Vulkar vs Cairoi: Hopefully a finished battle this time.
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Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 1031/4539
"Interesting..." Everything that held power had a weakness. It could be overloaded. Admittedly, it was suprising that Cairoi was able to not be overloaded with this most recent attack, but with a concentrated blast instead...

It started charging energy for its next attack, something powerful enough to take out Cairoi's scars. "Your move."
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Cairoi laughed as his Red Cross Scar energy lit up on his body. The nuclear explosion let loose, shattering the wall behind Cairoi, and he could feel the rain melt around him. Radiation was no worry to him, nor the explosion itself. It was all energy, meaning his enemies' attack was granting him more power at his disposal. Due to his time spent practicing his Cross Scar energies, his whole body had nigh instantenous access to it. When the explosion faded, Cairoi's body was glowing a beautiful crimson, and he was walking slowly up to the fire beast.

"How about you try and give me a hug? I want to see how much energy you can give me."
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 1014/4539
Rain? that would have no effect. any raindrops would evaporate instantly on contact with such heat. If anything, this rain allowed the creatue to use boiling water with Cairoi.

It stopped what it was creating, and made its first attack. For something that small, if it has telekenesis, and was robotic, it had a large amount of aggressive options. for instance, it would not take too much strength to split an atom, what was required was precision.

The firey creature had already created a shield in the last post, and it now it split three nitrogen atoms. This should have the force of a nuclear bomb, strong anough to kill nearly anyone nearby, and even then leave radiational effects. In short, this was enough power to destroy the building, but the firey creaature confined it in a small shield, allowing it to not destroy the entire city.

However, if Cairoi attempts to leave the building, the shield will instantly be shut down, allowing it to reach him.

"You are weak. Niether explosions, nor radiation will hurt those such as me, with led prtection."
Posts: 1367/3807
Cairoi smiled as his plan worked perfectly. The blast had punctured a hole in the wall and he flew past the fire demon as he escaped outwards, stopping by turning and resting his feet on the side of the wall. His one hand was now lightly grafted onto the wall. It could be instantenously broken off, but it gave him traction against the wall. He pointed his other hand into the air and the rain clouds boomed at his command, calling up a powerful rainstorm. He could tell it wouldn't kill the monster, just weaken him. Anything he could do.

"Of course a human could dodge that. Too bad I wasn't aiming for you."
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 1010/4539
2.5 seconds. An entire 2.5 seconds! It would be extremely easy for this so called "abomination" to avoid. Even a normal human could move out of the way of that attack in 2.5 seconds.

So, the fire creature moved to the right, avoiding the attack completely. The creature then appeared to concentrate its flames, almost as if it were creating sometihng from the flame...

It did not attack, it waited for Cairoi to attack again.

"Even one of you humans could avoic that attack, try again."
Posts: 1364/3807
The elevator down the hall came to a stop with a soft ding. The steel doors slowly slid open to reveal a man with determination engraved in his face. He wore a long black trenchcoat, with no apparent openings besides those for his hands, head, and the large opening at the bottom for his feet. His once ponytail-length hair had been cut to a length that was more managable, shoulder-length. It was shaggy like it was when he had first picked up the sword, and in all accounts he looked as he did when he was 20. But in fact he was immortal. And his Hawkeyes were now ablaze, the emerald pupils scanning the fiery figure before him.

"You are nothing but an abomination created by humans. I see the mechanical chip feuling you."

Cairoi pointed his hand out towards the demon.

"I am the hidden guardian of humanity. Cairoi Alester. Now die, virus."

From Cairoi's hand sprung a large 3ft blast of green energy. When in contact with the flames it should negate each other, but if it were to hit the chip the beast would be maimed. And as the blast was moving at speeds rivaling 100mph, the mechanation had around 2.5 seconds to react.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 984/4539
ooc: Just so you all know, Cairoi has approved of my character.

ic: a large concrete apartment building suddenly exploded in fire. Those who were in the building beforehand claimed to see what appeared to be a small marble rolling past them, until it reached the center of the building, where it exploded in flame. All of the fire alarms were quickly burnt out before any alarm could be raised. Suddenly the marble raised itself up, after causing the destruction, and from it burst a figure, one that looked vaguely like a human. The eyes were simply holes in the flame, and there were small slits for a nose.

It walked forward, killing any humans it saw simply by walking through them. It walked into the elevator, and brought it one story up. Here is continued the slaughter, until, suddenly, it froze.

A voice came from it. Like the roar of fire, only somehow able to make human like sounds. Another hole appeared for its mouth, and it spoke, "Come out, you are not like all of these normal humans, it is you whom I have come to kill."
Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - Vulkar vs Cairoi: Hopefully a finished battle this time.

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