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01-23-21 10:46 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - Imor Challenges You... (Open Battle)
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Imor wasn't too scared because of the arena properties. Just as the metal touches him, everything disappears and both fighters are back in the lobby. A large "WINNER!" sign flashes randomly over Ivan's head. Imor offers his hand in a handshake. "That was a good fight... Luckily for me they don't allow deaths here." From Ivan's fighting it seems as if he wanted Imor dead, even though it was supposed to be a battle for fun. "Ah well..." he thinks as he walks out the door, slightly depressed that he lost but still in high hopes for anything that was to come next.

(ooc: Yeah whatever, maybe now you won't constantly IM me nagging me "Reply reply reply reply reply!". You win... What a surprise, I never win. )
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Ivan continued to fly, and landed on the far wall. He placed the palm of each hand aganst the smooth, cold metal. His hands began to glow. Tendrils of flame began shooting out from them, and sinking into the wall. After about a minute of this, he let out a great grunt, and began to pull. Slowly, with an ominous rumble, a large piece of the wall began to slide out. With all his strenght, Ivan lifts it over his head, and releases it, falling down towards Imor...
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Imor has no time to dodge so is hit by the flame so he feels his body become completely stiff and unmoveable. He crashes to the floor hard unable to move.

EDIT: Shut up! I was tired!!!
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Ivan dives forward, the spear catching the back of his shirt, and leaving a nasty cut. He reaches out to brush his hand on Imor on the way past with the Violet Flame.
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His armour protects him from any proper damage, but the impact certainly had an affect. He is sent back crashing into the wall where, because the wall was indestructible, he just bounced off with nothing much to help cushion the blow. He lands this time on one knee instead of his usual crouching position. It was obvious that he had been injured. He slowly stands collecting his spear. He holds it towards Ivan in a stabbing fashion yet he walks slowly. As soon as he gets within a metre of Ivan, Imor jumps up and over him as fast as he possibly could and brings the spear down on top of him.
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Ivan holds up his right hand, and a very small white sheild appears in front of it, blocking Imor's foot. Ivan creates another spike in his left hand, and stabs it at Imor's stomach.
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Imor grabs the disc in his mouth, smashing it with his sharp teeth. His form begins to deteriorate and he becomes his normal human self. He falls slightly from dizziness but quickly jumps back, landing near Ivan. He swings around aiming his right heel to Ivan's face with enough force to smash through steel.
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Ivan spins around, and turns the spike into a sheild, protecting him from the stars. He then takes the now frozen discy thingy and throws it at Imor.
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Imor jumps up as the spike extends towards him. He opens out his wings and speeds forward with a single hard push of them. As he travels over Ivan he throws down a couple more freeze throwing stars, and he lands on the wall behind Ivan. He crouches down as before, grunting as he feels slightly stressed and slightly glad that his current form is slipping from himself.
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as the stars head towards Ivan, he spins the whip around him, knocking them out of the air. He then points the fire spike at Imor, and it fires out towards him (( still attached to his hand))
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Imor merely lets go of the whip as Ivan pulls on it, then watches him create his little fire spike. He jumps up and over Ivan, aiming his spear's blade at Ivan's head as he moves over. As he lands on the floor he grabs a large handful of about seven or eight throwing stars, and placing one in between each finger he throws all of them at different angles and curves,but all ultimately ending up in the place Ivan is. These explode on contact and have a possible chance of freezing or paralysing.
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The fire provides an air lense that disipates lightning down to nothing. Ivan then pulled Imor towards him, using the whip, and creates a fire spike in his other hand. ((Imor is going to be impaled on it))
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Imor goes straight through the 'explody fireball thingy', not caring about the damage it had caused. He spins around, grabbing the whip as it comes near him and he sends a huge blast of electricity down it at Ivan. If the whip isn't metal, the electricity will flow around it and attack like a bolt of lightning.
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Ivan quickly dives down under Imor, and leaves in his place a big red explody fireball thingy. He then comes up behind Imor and lashes at him with the whip again.
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Two huge dragon wings sprout and tear through the back of Imor's armour. He jumps and swoops down to avoid the flame (Even though the damage would be minimal) and he takes a large bite towards Ivan's head.
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As the wave of heat moves towards Ivan, he slowly floats a foot into the air. As he does this he violently pulls the end of the stream of flame, whipping it towards Imor.
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Imor begins to perform his usual trick but only runs on the ceiling as it is the only place the flames had not travelled to. He slows down to a stop and crouches. With a smile, he says "Okay... Time for Mr. Nice Guy to pack his bags for Ohio my friend..." The small yellow gem embedded in Imor's armour begins to glow extremely brightly, illuminating the entire room. His body begins to make sickening noises as it changes shape. His skin becomes dark green and scaly, and his hands and feet become large claws. His entire body grows slightly as he becomes his reptilian, more evil than good self. In his current formImor finds it hard to speak and think rationally, and has a large urge to kill and eat what he kills. He touches the metal floor and sends a pulse of heat through it, causing it to heat up to extreme temperatures to get Ivan moving at least. In a similar way that a cat enjoys playing with moving and twitching objects, Imor does but in a much more fierce way.
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as the stars sail towards Ivan, he holds up his hand, and a cylander of white flame appears around him. The stars are absorbed into the holy sheild, but as the last star reaches it, the flame can take no more damage, the star shatters through, cutting through Ivans left bicep. He curses, then jumps into the air and slams his right fist into the ground. A line of red flame emits from it, traveling across the floor and up the wall, right in Imor's path.
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Unable to properly dodge at all in midair, Imor is struck by the violet flame. He crashes hard against the steel floor with a sickening thud. After Imor regains full control over his body, he gets up, slightly weary from having his body paralysed temporarily. "Cheap shot..." Imor begins to run and jump around the room, gradually but quickly getting faster and faster. Pretty soon he manages to get fully around the room 15 times in a second, allowing him to launch his attack. He throws around 20 throwing stars as he does this with deadly force and accuracy towards Ivan's limbs and torso.
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As Imor sailed down from the ceiling, Ivan jumped into the air, brushing his back with the tips of his fingers. Purple flames surround Imor.

The Violet Flame- Paralyzes the opponent

Imor then crashes into the ground. When he lands, the Violet Flame is dispersed.
Ivan lands and a flaming red sword appears in his hand.

The Red Flame-The only truly offensive flame. It explodes and shit. Also can be formed into weapons.
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Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - Imor Challenges You... (Open Battle)

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