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01-19-21 07:24 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - Ultimate Dispute. Leon VS Benja
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Leon D. Sagara
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::The knives aimed at Leon struck his energy and turned into dust. and with that single second passed, Leon and Benja both began to shine, their energy's met a center point and flared into an enormous amount of power. Just as the two fighters had planed. Show off enough skill to one another and then explode with fury, unleashing all of the dormant energuy with in both of them. The arena turned pure dark, and what few bistanders that were standing by watching had been turned into ash. But even in darkness, some light must glimmer, and in this cituation, the light was both Leon and Benja, now standing side by side, again wearing all of their battle atire. The two rose high into the air and looked down at the meager world, then to each other. After a short second passed, the two again flared up their powers, unleashing energy that individually made them great, but as a Team, made them the Best. They were Hells Champions, the two outcasts who had been damned to a firey death, and returned to the world of the liveing in order to punish all those who had underestimated them. The era had passed yet again, and with the passing, came changes, and with changes came choices. With those choices, came Oblivion::
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Benjas street smarts came into play as he rolled away from the fists coming down and looking at leon and spitting in the distance. The blood on his chest was still flowing as he smirked and took out a knife and then another and another secretly. He then had many knives and threw them in a direction that covered all the area like an oncoming wall. The knives had a poisen on them that if coming contact with the skin, it would poisen the enemy to where they could not breathe.
Leon D. Sagara
Posts: 424/859
::both Leon's swords fell through the pipes, makeing sounds of metal against metal as they fell. Benja's punch had firmly landed against Leon's chest, the sound of his fist pushing against Leon's ribs could be heard for miles, however fatal the blow might seem, Benja coudl tell somethign was wrong. None of Leon's ribs were breaking, even at the tremendous pressure they were at::

Fool, Defensive Technique numer One, Kiwami Hassuci.

::Leon spoke as he removed his fist from behind his back, and arched it and pushed it down hard at Benja's head. It had become clear that Leon had punched himself in the back at the exact time Benja's attack landed, the two blows countered each other and nulled themselves out, Leaveing Leon barely harmed, and Benja in a world of trouble::


::The Leathal punch of the forbidden fist, the punch that could crumble a castle's base foundation with one blow. The Crash of two hits moveing so fast, that its impossible to detect. The first punch is used with the fingers raised, serveing its purpose of destroying any and all defense that the object might have. Leaveing the second punch to attack the target full on, no suplements to help withstand the full force'd blow::
Posts: 413/550
When leons voice came benja immediantly hit the deck when the energy ball flew over him but the thing was he didnt expect the slashes again which made quite the cut on benjas chest as he kippoed up and rushed towards leon while bleeding throwing a punch and a sidekick at him so he couldnt just dodge.
Leon D. Sagara
Posts: 423/859
::Benja's bullets tore through the air, causeing the smoke to clear and disipate. when the image was clear, nothing was seen standing near where Benja had aimed, from the looks of things, Leon had gone down. Finally, after so very long, the tormented can finally rest, the angry souls of the dead can sleep once more::

????: Don't use your eyes

::From directly behind Benja, came a large energy ball that traveled at an extream velocity, and only grew faster with every millasecond it was moveing. It would hit Benja in exactly one second, and with his back turned, it would be very unlikely that he could dodge it, However, should he succeed in avoiding the projectile, Leon once again shot from the darkness exactly ten feet from Benja's left side and aimed two horizontal slash's at his ribcage::
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Benja rolled to the center and through a hole in the grating and landed on the bottom floor shaking his head

Boy our rivalry will never end dipshit!

Benja took out a gun and fired magical bullets that could tear through anything up at leon

Magical bullets- Made of energy that cannot be stopped by anything and can tear through any type of surface and any element
Leon D. Sagara
Posts: 420/859
::Leon dove into the darkness, the steam blocked his vision, but he could still detect Banja's figure. For a person to create that much energy at one time, it would take a master to conseal the extra energy that remained::

Die Fool.....This Rivalry ends HERE

::Leon shot through the mist, directly behind Benja, and aimed a consecutive six slash combo at Benja's back and sides, starting from right and ending with the left. Six slashs faster then the speed of sound, Kiten Kempu::
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benja shot two orbs into the ground sending him down below the arena in to the darkness of the bowery of pipes and metal. He hid within the darkness and watched as he was waiting for leon.

You want to play games you bastard, well then ill play games too. Come and find me, your pathetic, always looking for a fight when you just cannot bask in what you have.

Benja shot a couple of more orbs into some pipes, making steam arise out of them so leon couldnt find him very easily.
Leon D. Sagara
Posts: 419/859
::Leon's smile fell intoa frown as he quickly brought his fist back into veiw of Benja's sight. After a short breath, Leon shot into the air, drawing both his swords from behind his back, he quickly circled around all the orbs that now followed him around::

Tme to end this

::Leon shouted as he shot his right foot directly at the ground, sending a strong wind force-wave at the ground, the gale slammed into the ground and sned wind flying all around, and as if planed, Leon kicked his left foot at an angle to meet the wind and created a giant tornado. The twister send all the orbs into a furious spin, and caused them all to colide with one another, leaveing Leon alone in the air. Useing the force of his own attack, Leon shot himself out of the twister at Mock 5 speeds, aiming two consecutive diagnol slashs at Benja's chest, looking to end this fight::

Posts: 410/550

Benja riled up energy and opened his palms to reveal what looked like orbs sealed inside his hands. He then shot out tiny energy balls around the arena, some hiding behind the rocks. This energy could not be broken by any metal or energy or any field of aura or any of the elements.

Orbs of sparda- sealed inside benjas hands are orbs that create the energy mentioned above. Given to him by a special friend of his in battle.

Benja had the ability to move the orbs around until they surrounded leon and they attacked two at a time, he had many orbs out there and some hiding almost in the shadoews and behind the rocks that were risen with benjas last attack. He zoomed them at sight breaking speeds. They also could not be heard.
Leon D. Sagara
Posts: 418/859

::Leon shouted still standing perfectly still, he was now surrounded in a small field of dark green energy, the power around him blocked most of Benja's attack, however some small amounts of it broke through and cut Leon on the face and neck very slightly, not enough to do major damage, but enough to notice. When the attack was done, Leon still stood firm and strong in his same pose. He wasn't moveing untill Benja came and forced him to move with his own fists. His will was strong, but something seemed off as His energy subsided::

Come Benja, Hit me, Its an all or nothing show. The moment you been waiting for is right here, show me what your made of. SHOW ME WHAT ITS LIKE TO BE THE LEGEND KILLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KILL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posts: 409/550

Tears flowed down his eyes as he then started to scream louder and louder. This was benja's new move

Scream of sorrows- Benja screams loud that the earth shakes and hurts the persons hearing so much that they cant stand to hear it anymore, though it gets louder and louder as that they become almost defenseless because they have to cover their ears. A sound field is around him due to the sound waves. The victims head would explode if they cannot do anything

The earth crumbled around benja and leon and started to move like an earthquake and chunks of rocks flew around the arena.
Leon D. Sagara
Posts: 417/859
::Leon smirked as the chains fell to the ground as if only a peice of iron was tossed at him. He remained in his position, his right fist still hidden behind his back, and his left still one inch off of his thigh. The smug look on his face widened as he saw Benja's attack fail::

You fool, When a martial artist switchs styles like mine, His energy changes too. Gauokishi Style bases its form on Human energy. This one is based on a earth style of energy. You failed, now attack me
Posts: 408/550
Benja kippoed up from the debacle to see leon on the other side of where he was looking at. He reached into his pocket and pulled out two pairs of shackles that had mysterious markings on them. He rubbed onto the markings and they started to glow an eerie blue color.

You wont have nice fancy tricks this time you son of a bitch. These are shakles of the oni that have been blessed by many shamans of the world!

Benja threw the shackles at leon and they almost were floating at mach speeds towards leon.

Shackles of the oni beast- Shackles that when glowing sense dark energy and cannot be destroyed by any metal or energy and are stronger then hercules himself. They could not be easily broken. They lock onto the dark energy and do not stop until they have latched onto the target. When latched on, it drains the targets energy and in two turns sucks them dry.

Benja got into a jeet kun do stance awaiting if leon could somehow escape. Though it would be tough
Leon D. Sagara
Posts: 416/859
::Useing the motion leftover from the attack, Leon propelled himself forward, spining in a circle to avoid the bottle, his feet to far off the ground to be hit by the sweep. Leon landed on his shoulders and rolled up into the same stance he started in, readying himself for enja's next assault, he changed styles of fighting, his right fist disapeard behind his back, and his left lay just one inch away from the top of his Thigh, his fingers were slightly extended, but akwardly shaped as a fist, Benja had never seen this stance before, even out of all the years they had worked together and been enemys, Never had such an odd stance shown itself::

Come, I ll show you the power I possess.
Posts: 407/550
Benja saw where leons hands were as he fell onto the ground throwing the beer bottle at leons face. When he was flying towards the ground also he made a swift left kick to leons legs
Leon D. Sagara
Posts: 410/859
The I can safely assume that means you wanna begin.

::in that single instant Leon flew toward Benja and aimed two open palms at his chest, concentrateing his energy into one focused blow. The Haka-Sanosho::

Haka-Sanosho - A Fierce strikeing move that exhales energy through two open palms aimed at the opponents chest, it is used to throw an enemy several hundred yards back
Posts: 399/550
Benja took off his lightweight title and growled at those words. He removed his shades and trenchcoat and tightened his black gloves as he put his fists up. His street skill would come into play as one fist was high and the other one was low. The high fist covered his face and the low one covered his stomach. He wiped his feet on the california flag as he was ready.

You know what leon? Im gonna make you scream!
Leon D. Sagara
Posts: 408/859
To see you this flustered......Brigs a smile to my face

::The aura around Leon slightly flared up, encaseing him in a green glow. He brought his feet down to the ground, and readied his fists, this was going to be a match to remember. His stance was unknown to most, but Benja knew it well. The Gauokishi Style, a form of martial arts that uses speed to inflict small cuts on their opponents body, A form banned in the year 560BC.::
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Benja makes his way to the arena and inside it wearing his gold belt and having a beer bottle in his hand. The black pants he usually wore and no shirt seemed to be his usual moniker. He puffed his cig and glared through his dark shades and black cowboy hat. The back of his black trench coat had the united states flag on it. He wore something asa cape and it was the california flag. When he reached leon he took it off and wiped his forehead with it and drank more of his beer.

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Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - Ultimate Dispute. Leon VS Benja

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