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01-24-21 02:32 PM
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There was almost complete silence in the rocky valley as Imor walks through it. Besides the very slight hum of the wind and his footsteps, nothing else could be heard. Imor has spent the last few hours admiring the valley from a much higher place. It was a strange thing to admire, it was just a brown, dusty, rocky set of cliffs and valleys. His main fascination towards it was the fact it was quiet. He also enjoyed the smells of the rocks very much.

He also found it to be a perfect training spot. He would jump up and down the cliffs in the fastest possible time; he would run across thin stone pathways with 400 foot drops below. He often wondered how such a place had been created, and how it is still here with no visible human damage.

Imor jumps and twists across the walls of the valley, grasping his spear in his hands. His current hope is he comes across a skilled warrior who he could commence battle with.
Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - Open Battle

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