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08-17-22 12:29 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - General Chat - ATTENTION Southern California people (LBCC, etc)
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Well, extra ticket, I guess. I haven't called Alan, but I'll do that tomorrow. Although, I doubt he can make it. Keep trying on your end to find someone.
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I just checked, she's going to actually be subservient to her mother on Mother's Day.

Well... erm... what now?

I might need to do a mother/daughter thing at my mom's church that morning, but that should be it.
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Sure, if she wants to come along.
Posts: 1624/11900
Hmmm... maybe Christina? She hasn't been to Southern yet.
Posts: 1524/2785
Ok, that leaves me an extra ticket since Bernie's not going. At least, that's what I assume from your post.
Posts: 1616/11900
So Bernie IM'd me to say that she won't be wenching it up, but didn't say why. Probably Mario or CSUN issues.

Still planning on hitting the grounds this Sunday. The list looks like Zoso, me, Zabuza and Maira.

Anyone else going?
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Nope, sunday.

Anyway, I wonder if Zoso can carry my scythe there, and I can take it on the way home in my car, since I have to go out to Northridge to get Bernie.
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I've found a friend to go with on the 13th. It'd be cool to meet ya'll though, if any of you guys are gonna be there on Saturday.
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Brandon and I are going in his car on the 14th, I don't know what the rest of you are planning on doing.

I just might go up to Corona again on the 21st, since we'll be celebrating gay pride on the 20th.
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If I paid for Zoso's gas, we might be able to pick up Belial, but you'd have to purchase your own tix since I don't have anymore available. Other than that, my car is full.
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I'm so sad. I had plans to go to the Renn Faire in Irwindale the 13th.... but now my mom and sister don't want to go, but I'm still dying to go because I've never gone....
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Sorry to double-post, but according to the Merry Wives, Hugh Jackman was at faire on Sunday and he came up to talk to them after their show.

I'm not agonizing over it like a lot of people who just discovered he was there are, but damn...
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It's $10 for that show.

Brandon might be taking you up on that extra ticket. We were planning on going the weekend of the 13th.. probably the 14th, since he has work and I might have other plans. I have that free ticket that I got last time at faire.

OK, just checked with him, he's open on Sunday.

It's possible to find Bernie something, but I'm not sure what. If I still had my Fredrick's corset, she could borrow that, but it's still out on loan and I HIGHLY doubt it's coming back.

There is always taking a tight shirt, cutting it down the middle and lacing it.
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By the way, how much money will I need?

And, I have four tix for Ren Faire, with Bernie possible going and Maira. You want in? Don't know when, though...

And Bernie wants to dress up as a wench, can we find something for her?
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Originally posted by Elara
Heh heh, I miss Sound and Fury. *cries*

We'll see how they do at Corona.

I'm half wondering how they managed to get in Pyramus and Thisby opening weekend at Southern. Either way, it was still pretty damned good.

Was anyone planning on hitting Southern again? Brandon and I are going the weekend of the 13th. Going to Corona this Sunday. Going to Corona on Saturday with Christina.

Side note: Zabuza, I extended our reservation on the 17th to include Christina. They said to be there by 6:30, because even though our reservation is for 7, it's still first come/first serve for us.

*puts on snooty air* Then they let the normal people in.
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I also had no camera, so meh. You looked awesome though.

Heh heh, I miss Sound and Fury. *cries*
Posts: 1444/2785
I had a camera, but it was in my pocket under the robes. I am blameful, but you have been absolved of not having your camera. You are poopy.
Posts: 1551/11900
I didn't have my camera. I am blameless.
Posts: 1440/2785
How come no one in our group throught to get a photo of Death? Is Death just not meant to be taken pictures by our group?

I had too much fun making the Puritans grovel. I want to go again on Sunday, if only for that.
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Brandon and I are going to Corona on Sunday.

I wasn't sure if I told you or not, but I was approached at faire this weekend to take a survey for what I liked and didn't like and so on. For "What new act would you like to see?" I wwrote in, "BRING BACK SOUND AND FURY!"

Now hopefully they'll take their findings to heart.
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Xeogaming Forums - General Chat - ATTENTION Southern California people (LBCC, etc)

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