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01-25-21 02:43 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - 2vs1: Vulkar vs any two challengers.
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Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 924/4539
Both Leon and Kaijin underestimated him, and missed several things. Ares' shield was already up, and as such, he was able to sustain it for several more moments, and as it was a charged shield, it was legally able to block Leon's attack.

Kaijin's, however, was somewhat harder. However, even so, Ares' was familiar with this form of attack, which had one extreme weakness, it homed in to the body, in order to attack the spirit.

With quick concentration, Ares concentrated on his soul, and suddenly he flew out of his body, astalling projecting for several moments, keeping the shield on his body. Ares would continue to fight outside of his body, which would not be able to do anything, until the attacks subside. The shield would protect him from the physical attacks.
Kaijin Surohm
Posts: 1103/1852
(Ooc: You never really said what Appollo did, except for close in... so... yea)

As the attack happened, he completely ignored it in a whole, and rose his hands into the air. As he did so, the blood red armor began to radiate, into a blinding effect, as he was completely immune to the heat.

The two orbs collided, and caused a drastic effect to happen. The built up energy went massivly wide, and turned the entire air black. The ground turned black, the very aura of the world seemed to darkness into the blackness of Kaijin's soul, causing the Realm of Darkness.

Shortly, red dots formed in every consivable direction surrounding ares. Thousand upon millions of little lights. Suddenly, every light formed, and shot down a large barrage of high powered lights straight down at Ares.

Barrage of the Eternal Soul - A highly power attack, amung one of Kaijin's most deadly attacks. Each beam is on both the Pysical, and Spiritual realm, just as Kaijin is. If the beam is to be stopped by Physical barriers, it is instantly sent through the spiritual realm, from where it will attack the soul. The attack itself lasts almost 10 minutes straight, and the large charging time was fuel for the power of the attack

(Edit: I accidently submitted the attack halfway through x-X )
Leon D. Sagara
Posts: 400/859
::The Light struck the ground and burned all in its shinning glory. But when the light cleared, the blue energy that once stood had now been surrounded by two rings of gray energy. The rings from the ground shot up into the sky, protecing both Leon and his energy from Ares' attack. The war god had made one very fatal mistake in his plan, he had assumed he was dealing with mortals. But as anyone would know, Leon and Kaijin were not mortal. Leon being the King of Demons, and Kaijin the Lord of Vampires, nither of them had the limited resistance of regular humans. In the blink of an eye, all the energy around Leon subside, and he stood stronger then he had ever been before, his skin now a dark gray color, and his eyes were as red as Blood. He was ready to end this fight, and end it with a bang::

Ares's, your failed attempt to destroy me has backfired radically toward your position. You underestimated me, and now you will Die

::Leon's feet left the ground, and in a single second, He was standing right behind Ares with his hands pulled at his side, the energy had now returned, and Leon shot both hands out and fire n energybeam that when fired, burrie a hole in the ground 20 feet deep. The massive blast could asily destroy the planet they all stood on if Leon wished. The beam was shot forth at tremendous speed and casting rate, that it would be a mirical if Ares could dodge, let alone survive a direct hit from it::

River of Power - A massive beam of non elemental energy. It is said that only those who have witness'd death and overcome all great obsticals in life, as well as survived the attack itself can use this ability. 40 years is also needed to harnnes the amount of energy that it takes to use. The enrgy blast even at its smallest form could with ease destroy the Sun, makeing the probabiltity of survival from a direct hit, .0232%
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 923/4539
Ares nearly smiled. These humans were not properly prepared, they clearly misunderstood what he was doing.

A large and bright light appeared, giving out extreme heat. All of the land around them caught fire and turned into dust within less than a second. The light was capable of blinding everyone, and the ultraviolet light from the sun had potential to kill anyone unprotected. Realisitcally, survival without precharged shield is impossible.

Ares then released what he was charging. What everyone here did not suspect, is that all he charged was a shield, the ability to protect himself from such heat, from the ultra violet light, and from the brightness able to blind someone, even if his eyes are closed.

Ares shield stopped all the heat and ultraviolet light, and helped him be able to see despite the bright light.

Appollo moved at a huge speed, several hundred miles per hour. He was to try and go at least a meter of first Leon, and then Kaijin, homing in on them, and moving at such a fast pace, that there was no chance of outrunning him, even with Leon's extreme speed.

"You are but mortals in the realm of the strong. Leon has not enough time to charge a shield, instead of charging protection."
Kaijin Surohm
Posts: 1100/1852
Slowly, his hands spread apart, the massive aura he had splitting in two, forming to his hands. The enrgy formed into to massive balls of energy, crackling with power, and shook the very air around him.

He smirked to himself in the process, as he locked his gaze tword his towering opponent.
Leon D. Sagara
Posts: 397/859
::The energy around Leon's body swelled to its maximum, and on the ground came two rings of light that were dark gray in color. Leon's energy shot out even further, he hadn't put out this much energy in several hundred years, the refreshing taste of his energy brought a smile to his face as his skin began to change color. From a deep peach color, Leon's skin quickly changed into a dark gray as his muscles swoll and bent to his desire, however, it was still very much imposible to tall what Leon was planing, due to the energy around him. His image was nowhere in the energy ball to be seen. However, Ares' should know that The threat that Leon presented was very real, as he transformed into his true Demon state, for the very first time::

Demon State - All of Leon's abilitys are increased ten-fold. Also, his skin changed intoa dark gray color, and he is constantly followed around by two rings of gray light, one on the ground that surrounds him, and the other that surrounds the first light ring. His muscles bulge, however, by no means does the increase in size lower his speedat all, it is more or less amplified by the rings below his body.
((The Rings are Unidentifyed, I will explain what they are when they are used))
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 919/4539
Ares also continued charging his, waiting for the right moment, that is, when Apollo his brother came. Ares' charged ability and the ability of his brother should destroy everyone here.

It will happen next time I post.
Kaijin Surohm
Posts: 1092/1852
the rocks slowed, and shattered into nothingness when they neared the pent up aura surrounding Kaijin. Simple attacks like that wouldn't be strong enough to break through the energy that has already had time to build up.

It was a short time untill he was ready.
Leon D. Sagara
Posts: 394/859
::The rocks entered the energy field,and seized their movement, shortly before disapearing into nothing more then air. The energy around Leon shorted their follow and caused them to turn into ash, and then into nothing. As the War God boasted, Leon's smirk widened as he charged for his ultimate attack::
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 914/4539
Ares continued standing, he, along with the other two was charging something, and his brother should arrive in two turns. Suddenly however, the rocks sprang up again, again attacking Kaijin and Leon, this time they will continue until the sun god appears.
Kaijin Surohm
Posts: 1091/1852
Kaijin said nothing as he hovered not far from Ares. He made it so Leon was closer for a reason, as he slowly built up his power. The black aura surrounding him only built to be more intense.
Leon D. Sagara
Posts: 393/859
This is a waist of my time.

::Leon said as he slammed into the ground, landing perfectly on his feet, never takeing his eyes off of Ares for a single second. Leon bent his knees slightly and began to glow a haunting green color, and before long, the energy began to flare up all around the Demon King as he charged his power. He was readying something big, something that would show Area that there was only one true God, and it was Leon. God of Death and Destruction. Leon stood in the crater that he created as force of his landing, surrounded by his energy, and waiting for Ares to finish his attack::
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 910/4539
Now that Ares didn't have any need or desire to dodge both at once, and as they were no longer in the form of an energy gall, rather in a spread of bullets, this was fairly easy.

Another advantage Ares had was their speed. He concentrated, and was able to creat energy of his own, which creat a shield, causing the other energy to join in with it, and stop. "I invented this type of battling. I should feel insulted."

Also, while these energy blasts had plenty of force, it was not enough to drop a several ton man, and not strong enough to punture armor made by the gods.

Ares continued chargin, and his brother should be along in three posts, both of them charging energy since apparently the opponents don't mind if Apollo does.

Edited to change my defense style, this seems too much like god modding:
Kaijin Surohm
Posts: 1082/1852
ooc: not that it matters (to me) but I wanted to point out that if Apollo is charging energy, that means he has a direct effect on this battle for more then one turn, making him a violation to the rules >cough<

Kaijin crossed his arms, and hovered back a bit. Leon giving him an idea for something simple.

Quickly, he floated backwards, a bit back from the fight, and slowly, began to build power from within his mind.

(edit was me puting in ooc marks)
Leon D. Sagara
Posts: 381/859
Psh..... Your starting to annoy me.

::Leon cross'd his arms and pointed them straight up. At that exact moment, both energy balls that Ares' had so easily dodged shot up after him. Now aimed at his extended body. However, just as they shot up, the balls shrapnelled and sent several hundred smalled energy shots screaming at sub-supersonic speed up at the giants body::

Die fool.....
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 905/4539
ooc: Sorry then, misunderstood your post Leon.

ic: Unfortunatley, both of these mortals were wrong. Extra mass did not in any way mean slower. As Ares' size increased, his speed in proportion did as well, and as such, he was still fast, faster than any mortal.

However, Leon's attack was not one to be feared. Ares was the creator of warfare with energy, and he should easily know how to avoid an energy ball. However, it would be best if he could dodge both with one move, meaning a quick jump to the right was be to the most advantage, as such a move would allow him to dodge both completely, and land with perfect balance.

"You two are weak. You had an opportunity to hit me, but you did not. This shows your weakness."

Four more posts, and then this section of the earth would be burnt into a firy inferno, with Ares still charging his attack, and his brother Apollo gathering energy to cause a true inferno.
Kaijin Surohm
Posts: 1078/1852
Acctually, any Naruto freak is the reason it's there. (and DBZ)

But, lets not jump to this, alright guys? Don't forget I was the one who personally set thoes rules up, and I'm keeping an eye out.

I could have said somethign about you Summoning a GOD, Vulkar, but I didn't. Rules state that a summon can be used as an attack. That basically ment right on spot, type of attack, but I chose not to comment, because I was wanting to have fun.

Leon, I could have said something about the Afterimage, but I didn't. I could have even questioned how you became fast enough to create an after image without completely destroying yourself, but I didn't.

Since this is basically one hell of an odd match, lets leave technicalities at the doorstep, alright guys? I just wanna have fun for a change
Leon D. Sagara
Posts: 377/859
I clearly stated that it was an after image meaning i used SPEED to move like that. I know that rule very well my friend. I am the reason it is there.

So i am in my bounds, post your reply
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
Posts: 904/4539
ooc: Leon, hang on, I quote a rule:

"5. Substitutes.
By no means should there be substitutes. By this, the rule means, the second you get hit, you claim the attack went through an illusion, or you magically transported yourself, and replaced it with a log or some sorts. If the attack is comming at you, do not god mod, and substitue yourself at moments will. This is cheap, and kills any enjoyment there is to a fight.

Substituting will result in an Instant Disqualification on spot"

I don't want to you DQed, but please PM me when you have altered your post and dodged in a different manner, and I will edit my post.
Kaijin Surohm
Posts: 1075/1852
Kaijin shook his head slightly as he saw the same trivial attack be performed tword him. Amuzing at best...

"You fail to understand the velocity at which you take, giant!" He held up both of his hands, with a sickly black aura engulfing them. He allowed the bolders to come flying at him, and when they came within reach, his black aura flared into a spear. The heaps of rock flammed into the shield, from which they caused their own weight to be destroyed into peices, while the aura flared with an energy that further vaporized the earth chunks, not giving the God of War enough to reform.

He thought for a moment, when he looked back in the God's direction. No, he would play about and chance losing. Even the weakest of foes could be dangerous if handled carelessly...

His dragon wings wraped around him quickly. And as quickly as they did, they exploded into a flurry of black angel feathers, from which Kaijin, in his original vampiric attire, rose up, flying at the Giant's head, sword in hand, the blade glowing a black aura. The Vampire's Bane. As he approched, speed great enough that he was sure the Giant's own mass would work against him, he slashed upward, from his sword being by his left hip, now jetting upward. He was too far from the Giant to physically hit, being not far from 7 feet away, but the black aura took effect, and extended into a 12 foot black ethreal wave of non-elemental energy. Due to it's transperent nature, not even the strongest metal could withstand it. Mainly since it passes through defenses, and strikes straight for the soul.

Vampire's Bane - A weapon of great magnitude, and the symbol of the Lord of Vampires. The blade has many abilities, and has seen many feats for it's been around for almost an eternity, and the craftor's of this blade are still unknown. The blade itself makes one wonder if the blacksmith was surpassed of even a god...
One aspect of the blade is the ability to channel one's personal abilities through the blade. Due to Kaijin's highly unbalanced, and unique existance of living on both the plane of Mortal and Spirit, he has the ability to send a wave of energy that could peirce one's soul. If one's soul is completely cut in half, or destroyed, one's magical abilities would be terminatned, if not the being itself destroyed, untill the soul had time to regenerate.
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