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01-17-21 04:05 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - Battle in Traverse Town: Dynax vs. Teundusia
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Dynax merely darted forward for Teun, avoiding the building and ground... colliding... thing.. clearing the distance between the two of them almost instantly. He made one final flick of the wrist, completing a pattern he had started to draw a few moments ago, and pointed his palm at Teun from close range.

Destiny's Binding -- Dynax projects a complex glyph of light right in the opponents face, that when viewed mesmorizes the opponet and sends their mind into a paradise of their own imagination. In other words, this renders the opponent immobile and their attempts at moving useless.
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As the wall was technically not attached to anything now, Teundusia uses her powers to pull the top part, causing the wall to fall over very quickly at Dynax. She also influences the ground below Dynax to move upwards rapidly, trying as hard as possible to cause damage with this attack.
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Dynax stood there, doing nothing, since the Erumi magic orbs were just flying off randomly. Then he moved his head out of the way of the pin as it shot toward him. The pin hit a wall behind him and expanded, but didn't make any difference. Oh noes, now the area behind him is smaller, slightly. Oh boy.

He waited again, the tentacles from his arms hanging loosely to his sides.
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Teundusia pushes away thinking "Don't think so sucker!". She continues to move away as she throws a couple more Erumi magic orbs. She grabs the wall of one of the surrounding buildings, lifting it straight from the ground with very little strain. She begins to use her powers to compress it. Within seconds it was the size of a pin head. She throws it at Dynax, wherever he is now. As soon as it hits anything, it will expand back to its original size extremely rapidly enough to send anything flying with heavy damage.
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Dynax dropped his sword and rose his hands up to meet her, to clap his on her palms. The sword fell off randomly to the ground after colliding with Teundusia's.


Shining white tentacles shot from his wrists to wrap around hers, and then to move up and basically tie her up completely.
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"Gawd this battle was getting boring... Slash, attack and block, slash and block... I mean GAWD!" Teundusia thought, raising her arm to block the kick aimed towards her head. Sadly her deep thought caused her to misjudge the attack and she was caught smack bang on the side of her head, leaving her slightly disorientated as she flies upwards. Shaking it off, she throws her own blade in the way of Dynax's slash. She aims her palms at Dynax and this time fires a continuous beam of Erumi Magic and follows him wherever he moves to.
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Just as she blocks his slash, he spins around and kicks upward at her head, following her into the air, continues spinning, making his way behind her to slash at her back. Since the Erumi magic was headed down, it's totally meaningless to this action.
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Teundusia cancels her stabs and throws her sword downwards to block Dynax's swing, stopping it not even centimetres away from her groin area. "Phwew....." She jumps and flies upwards a few metres then throws down four basketball-size orbs of Erumi Magic.

Erumi Magic: I'm not sure if I've used this already during the battle but I'll tell you what it is in case I haven't...
Erumi Magic is an ability brought down to Teundusia from her "mother" species. It can be fired as either orbs and beams for offense or shields for defence. When using it as offense it acts like an extremely powerful acid and explodes on contact. As defence it can protect from practically any solid projectile, acting like an acid. Of course there is more too it than just that but I can tell you other things it is useful for later when Teun needs to use it.
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Dynax ducks under the roundhouse kick and draws his blade swinging upward at her groin area, between her now split legs.
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Teundusia lands very amazed. "This guy has some skills..." She thinks to herself, then half screaming swings around with her heel, aiming a very powerful kick towards Dynax's stomach. She also makes a quick stab towards his hands with her sword.
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Dynax was quite impressed by her ability to draw a blade and block from lying on the ground... and then even more impressed with the way she incomprehensibly jumped up from there, high enough to slash downward... and magic too? All at once? Incredible!

Dynax side stepped the lightningbolt since that's aparently possible too, and ignored the fact that there was even a sword there or the way it was swinging or anything.

He sheathed his sword and started moving his hands around in some strange pattern.

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Teundusia twirls round, drawing her own sword and throwing it in the way of Dynax's strike. She jumps up, firing a bolt of electricity at Dynax and swinging her own sword down at his head.
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Dynax had rose to his feet while Teundusia wasted time taunting him. He hopped up slightly and flipped forward, holding his sword straight out making a nice... uh... front flip... slash... thing... It glowed brightly and extended the way Leon's does in a Kingdom Hearts game.


An inherent ability to the Fear Blade, which Dynax hasn't named. Basically it extends the slash, with all the properties of a physical blade. Painful. About to slash right over your back. Yay
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Teundusia smirked as her attacks hit her, yet doing absolutely no damage. "You really think I would be foolish enough to allow my own magic to harm myself?" Instantly she drops to the floor, sliding towards Dynax and sweeping her right heel towards Dynax.
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Also a quite predictable attack. Dynax dropped to his stomache and rolled to his right, under the attacks to his upper body, and also underneath the beams, which should be flying at their master right about now. Dynax's sword didn't glow. That'd give away the fact that there was power stored in it right now.
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(ooc: Sorry for the late reply, I've had some stuff on my mind lately)

Teundusia throws her hands in Dynax's direction in a fist, two large beams firing from them. When they get to only metres away, both beams disappear, then reappear just behind Dynax, continuing in his direction. As they do this, Teundusia draws her own sword and runs up to Dynax, slashing twice and stabbing once with deadly accuracy towards his face and torso.

"Playing With Elementals 2" - Wow, such an original name, but of course PWE1 had to have a sequel. The beams fired are much more extreme in their power and speed, and are very small compared to the PWE1 to make the attack slightly explosive on contact with anything, so this is a definate damage causer. Teundusia can cause confusion by making them disappear then reappear somewhere else, but keeping them travelling towards her target. Takes one post to charge.
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Dynax doesn't show any surprize that she randomly woke up, he'd been expecting her to, he just holds his sword infront of him, closes his eyes, and charges energy into the blade. This was going to be easy, but time consuming, he figured.
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Teundusia's eyes begin to open as she regains consiousness. She looks at the surroundings sleepily. "Urgh... My head..." She says wearily. "Where am I?" She thought hard to try and remember what just happened, then a voice came into her head. "You pathetic creature, you could never kill Sora!". Who the heck is Sora? She thought. She then remembers clasping her head around half an hour ago, trying to stop someone entering her mind. She obviously failed. She realises she was being held by Dynax and she jumps away from him immediatly.

"I guess I was fighting you... Time for the REAL battle! Mind-controlling assholes..." Teundusia begins to spin around wildly, her body beginning to emit a large amount of magic. She is charging an attack. She moves around the arena very fast to help dodge any attack Dynax may throw at her. (Find out what attack next post)
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Dynax walked slowly over, and stood below where the unconscious Teun hang, and dispelled the trap. He waited underneath to catch her.
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Teundusia tries to remove herself from her current position, but sees no way of doing that without cutting her hair off. After rejecting that idea completely, she realises she spent too much time thinking about getting out of the first trap before getting trapped in the second one. She just struggles, but something in her mind kicks in. Her eyes go wide for a few seconds, then seems to pass out.
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Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - Battle in Traverse Town: Dynax vs. Teundusia

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