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08-08-22 12:13 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - Battle That Is Open To Any Challenger
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(ooc: ...or as anyone else would have put it: "Open Battle")

A large, bush crowded field in the middle of the night was not the preffered place to be in, but Arukas had to put up with it. He punches his way through the bushes and bracken, trying to find his way to some more open air. He manages to find Seeing as there was no one around, and as there was not much else to do, he begins to practise his magical abilities.

He cautously casts a dome of illusion around him so anyone viewing from the outside could not see him or anything he was doing. He throws orbs and beams of various magical elements, trying to control the amount he lets out, and keeping his own attacks fully under his own control. He hears a train go past from the nearby railway. This was unusual since the trains never run this late. Out of fun, Arukas grabs a small rock and charges his arm with strength magic. He throws the rock with such force it knocks the train cleanly off the track, watching it crash into the canal below. Of course this action would not go unnoticed, so he jumps into a bush, waiting for anything to happen.
Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - Battle That Is Open To Any Challenger

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