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01-27-21 12:07 PM
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((OOC: That's nice...))

Dynax, allready on the ground after kicking at Link, rolls to the right, leaving an orb behind him. He scrambles to his feet and darts a safe distance away.

Rip: Dynax carries these around with him. Basically magic grenades. He can sticky with them too. They have a blast radius of about that of a 10 sticks of dynamite.
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*Link seeing this leaped over Wrath's leg and then turned around swung his sword vertically in an attempt to cut off wraths head.*

(He is swinging with both hand's)

OOC: The last attack I did was purposely ignoring the fact that Link had no momentum on his attacks it was more to see your reation. Oh and If you want, my new sim charaters are ready to be put in battle.
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((Ever heard of momentum?))

Part of Wrath's followthrough on his kicks is to quickly whip them back, so naturally the sword missed it's target. As for the arrow, is hit Wrath's HL Cape, which is impenatrable to physical hits. Wrath felt the arrow hitting his back, but for the most part ignored it, ducked down and kicked again, attempting to sweep his legs right off the ground.
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*Link jumps to the right then, since his sword is right there, swings it down to cut of Wrath's leg with his left arm and with his right he quickly pull's out a fire arrow and attempts to stab it into Wrath in the center of his spine with it.*

(Yes I just did that.)
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Wrath ((gah... been a while... I've renamed this character since then...)) isn't fooled. He leans forward so his torsoe is parrellel with the ground, his body making a right angle, and back kicks behind him, hard at Link's groin, straight out.
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*Link smile's at his foe in a cruel matter unlike one Link would usually give to an opponent, Link then quickly throws a deku nut to the ground to use a stealth and then appears behind Wrath and stabs straight at his upper back where his heart is.*


OOC: Sorry I'm ready for your game now.
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He waits a very very long time... impatiently... urging his opponet to POST!
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Wrath pulls his legs closed and moves his sword relatively upward in such a way that sends him into a spiral that flips him over just intime for Link's blade to collide with his, defending. Wrath tilts slightly and lands on his feet, skidding, rising up so he's standing up perfectly straight. He stops, and does not stumble.

He praises Link with cold words, "Very good."

Wrath holds his katana up above his head, pointing the tip at Link, very much like the stance Sephiroth takes when he's not flying, and waits.
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*Link knowing that he can't win by just being Defencive, quickly put's the Megaton Hammer away and unsheathes his master sword. (He doe's this while he rolling to the left of the attack then he swing's his sword vertically at Wrath trying to cut him in half.*

OOC: LOL Crotch First...
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((OOC: Sorry for scaring you. lol))

The Fear Blade shined white and disapeared, reappearing in Wrath's hand, the same way a keyblade does, if ever it's cast away. Wrath parts his legs to avoid the Hammer, and stabbed toward Link's stomache.

EDIT: Yes, he's flying at you Crotch first...
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*Link thought this would happen and was ready, he quickly takes his Megaton Hammer and swing's it toward Wrath's foot attemping to smash it. With his other hand he throw's a Ice Arrow at Wrath's face like a dart.*


EDITED: Bad Grammar...
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Wrath continues spinning around on his sword, like a gymnast on a pole. He lets go after 3 additional revolutions after hitting Link, then lets go, flying for Link, aiming a drop kick with both legs at his damaged ribs. The Fear Blade vibrates softly and starts to glow.
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*Link stumble's not expecting this outcome, it cost's him, He is kicked in the upper rib's. He fly's back and quickly get's up.*

*Three of his rib's have cracked, and a small mark of blood is stained on his tunic though it is not that noticeable in the red tunic.*


*He then ready's for the next strike as best he can.*
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Wrath corkscrewed in the air like a fighter pilot performing a barrel roll, with an arc just high enough to avoid the attack. Wasting no time, Wrath stabbed his katana into the rocks and used it as a pivot to swing around, kicking at his neck. With metal plated boots, this might proove fatal.
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*Link this time, not having time to roll to the side, dunked his head under the sword and plunged his sword forward trying to stab Wrath in his gut.*

OOC: Crap your scaring me Shaddow...
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If he had emotions, it would have been surprize that he missed, but alas, he did not. Wrath swooped back into the air, avoiding the arrow, and then looped upward and around so that he was coming from the same direction, performing the same attack, except now with less time for Link to avoid him.
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*Link rolls to the side to avoid the attack and then like lightning put's at light arrow to his bow and aim's it at Wrath's face*


*Link then fire's the arrow.*
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Without a word, Wrath, the man who's face bears no expression, burst from the Lava, and soared high into the air. Wrath then shot down, straight at Link, at incredible speeds so fast that the lava never even had time to burn him, aiming to cut Link's head off with his Fear Blade.
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*Link is waiting for his opponent, in the Death Mountain volcano. He is standing at the entrance to the Fire Temple with his master sword and mirror sheild. He is wearing his Red fire tunic along with his Hover Boot's.*

*He begin's to kick at the ground impatintly, then after a longer while he take's out a milk and begin's to drink while he waits, he then throw's the milk to the ground because it is boiling.*

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