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01-24-21 05:39 PM
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Leon D. Sagara
Posts: 435/859
::Leon watched as his attack was thrown aside like a bad comic book, and watched the energy burn his way. With only a few seconds to react, Leon again turned and swung his giant axe, spinning sideways this time, Leon smashed the blade into the beam of light and used the friction to move himself out of the way of the beam. Leon flipped once in mid air and brought the Axe down again toward Cairoi. Stopping short of his head and retracting the giant blade, transforming it into a Broad Sword. Three foot in length, the blade was smooth despite it being made of pure energy. Leon landed softly on the ground and launched himself at Cairoi, aiming an overhead slash at his right shoulder::
Posts: 1334/3807
Immeaditly after the slash was released, Cairoi let go of Diosu and began charging. As Leon summoned the Giant Axe, all of Cairoi's excess energy was pumped into his arms. Each passing second he focused his energy into a different technique, ready to overcome. As Leon rose into the air, Cairoi predicted the slash and pointed his now gleaming hands.

"I'm not dying yet."

At first, Cairoi spent a large portion of his energy creating a Cross Scar Blue Shockwave that stopped the blow by exerting equal force. Then, he activated Cross Scar Red and absorbed the shockwave he exerted and some of Leon's Axe. With all this excess energy, Cairoi focused it all into his hands and screamed.


A gigantic flow of energy, with a green tint to it, sprung from Cairoi's hands. Enough to be viewed from space. Cairoi screamed and called upon hidden energy to push out more and more. Hopefully, this final, gigantic assualt would put an end to this battle.
Leon D. Sagara
Posts: 428/859
::The fire hit Leon's body as expected, but the effect was nulled out several fold due to Leon's transformation. In his full demon state, fire itself had little effect on Leon's naturally burnt body. The sword dtrike however caught Leon off gaurd, with only a second to react, Leon threw one sword and one arm up to block the strike, sending Leon flying several hundred yards back, breaking both one one his cherished swords as well as the Tibia bone in his left arm. Falling fast to the ground, Leon quickly flipped up and discarded the broken weapon, snapping the broken arm back into socket::

My arm is practically useless now......and my sword........

::Leon shot his face up at Cairoi, revealing his eyes. The color had changed significantly as well as the energy around him. Basking in a red glow, that quickly turned into a dark green-blue color. Leon released his wraith sword again, only now into the form of a Ginat Axe, the pole arm nearly six foot in length, and the blade itslef was giant as well. Not only did the axe apear faster then normal, but it kept growing at an exeeded rate, Leon's signiture move was upon Cairoi as he started to float high into the air at a 45 egree angle heading back toward Cairoi. When Leon was within 50 yards of nhis opponent in both directions ((Above and In front)) Leon pulled the now enornmous blade above his head and behind his back, causeing the blade to touch the ground behind and below him::

You are worthy, now die

::Leon brought the blade over his head faster then even the single blink of an eye could see, even though the blade had gotten larger and longer. The weight had dramatically decreased. Cairoi had only one fifth of a second to react before the blade would strike him down::

Execution of a GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posts: 1326/3807
Cairoi's wings flew upwards and took the blow of the swords by outputting equal force with the energy. Cairoi turned around as the wings' energy remained there, Cairoi swung the blade's tip on the ground as he turned. The sparks were green like Cairoi's Rage Flame and when Cairoi brought the sword around and slashed at Leon's midsection, a searing wave of Rage Flame flung from the slash in the air Cairoi had made.


Ripfire-A carefully executed technique where the adrenaline that fuel's Cairoi's superfast swing also releases a shockwave of Rage Flame in the form of a wave nigh gigantic. It spreads outwards and shoots forwards in breackneck speeds nanoseconds after the slash and extend almost 50ft in every direction. The fire would eat away at Leon's already weakened, burned body, and the powerful slash would sever him in half.

Leon D. Sagara
Posts: 427/859
::Leon had only to blink before his transformation into his final demon form was complete. Within the time that Cairoi took to finish his attack and execute it, Leon pushed all the energy he had surrounded himsefl with underneath him and released it all at the same moment, causeing Leon to burst into the air. With just enough time to dodge Cairoi's attack, Leon dove back to the earth, both of his swords in hand and both aimed at Cairoi's back. Leon was now testing Cairoi, to see if he was truely worthy of the title Leon had placed on him so Long ago. The True fight, began now::
Posts: 1314/3807

Cairoi, so far away from Leon he was naught but a speck, became enveloped in a green orb that encased his entire body. It was a swirling vortex that stuck with him as he flew at his sword and met with it in naught a few seconds. The moment he touched the sword, a huge flash of green energy erupted. When the energy dissolved he was shown standing on the ground, Diosu nowhere to be found. His skin was now releasing a green fire-like aura, and on his back were two light green wings.

"Let's dance, mi amigo."

Cairoi lifted his hands above his head and Diosu teleported into them. Then, he quickly overloaded the sword and his wings, and released a two-fold move that left little time for Leon to be prepared.

"Aeros Miyugu!"

He slashed the sword down along with the humoungous outpour of energy from his wings. Leon was in trouble.

Aeros-When Cairoi beats his wings a torrent of energy flies out and cuts up the enemy with incredible force.

The final stage is the killing blow of the attack. Miyugu is a massive outpour of magical energy from the attacker that literally springs forth from the sword and the slash. It is 20ft wide and tall, and it has been known to debilitate the strongest of defenses.
Leon D. Sagara
Posts: 395/859
::Within a single second, all of the mist that surrounded the area where the fighters were fighting, began to swirl and fly at one focal point. All of the deadly fog and mist began entering Leon's body, turning his skin slowly into a red tint. The aura around him quickly changed as the mist gathered within his body. It would take one turn for all the mist to retract into Leon's body, causeign his transformation to reach its second form::
Posts: 1293/3807
The moment Leon shot forward, Cairoi had used the ground beneath him to shoot upwards by having it push him quickly into the air. Cairoi flew towards the sun, gathering solar energy along with more of his own to propel this next step. He stopped 100ft up and turned to look back at Leon, now nothing more than a speck to him. If he could withstand one more assualt, he would bring about the beginning of the end.

Leon D. Sagara
Posts: 392/859
::Leon smiled as he shot forward in almost a fadeing line, he was now standing back to back with Cairoi. His aura surrounded them both, encaseing them within a red fire of energy::

My Friend, lets go.

::Leon spun around and aimed six quick slashs at Cairoi's back, three with each blade, ending it with a swift spinning heel kick to the back of Cairoi's head::
Posts: 1286/3807
He felt the kick land and he was pushed down onto the ground, looking up at Leon releasing his Red Mist.

"Well, as a fellow ex-member of the Juken Club, what did you expect?"

He slowly stood up, grabbing his sword's long hilt and focusing his energy. The Red Cross Scar energy protected him from the Mist, and quickly fed him energy as he began charging. He closed his eyes and stood perfectly straight, his arms resting on the top of the hilt. Something was to happen soon.

"You want to play for real, you say?"
Leon D. Sagara
Posts: 386/859
::Leon took the blow to the back, but used what moton was left in his leg to swing it around and aim it at Cairoi in an axe kicking motion, causeing the two warriors to hault their contact, and sending Leon into the air after the kick::

Hah, You've gotten better my friend. I am glad you are my ALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

::In that instant, Leon began to glow an errie red tint, his eyes changed from deep green to blood red as well. The energy flared all around him and turned the sky and area all around them into a red misty like fog. Then from both arms came the same twin swords that Leon had earlier, returned to him through telepathic ability, as well as the special bond that had been created between the three of them over the many years. Leon brought both blades up behind his arms, hideing both of them from plain sight and stared at Cairoi, awaiting his next move::

Red Mist - A demonic aura only have thought to have been possessed by the half demon Zero Tagart. The mist is fatal when inhaled by anyone who hasn't been trained in the arts ((anyone who has no control over their energy)). Additionally, it has no curative aid at all, it causes all plantand wilde life in a 100 mile radis to fall victum to its posion. As long as the mist is up, there can be no healing of wounds at all. ((even slow heals)) Even by its user.
Posts: 1284/3807
Cairoi smiled. It was time to take things for real. The moment Leon shot forward from his current position, Cairoi had turned around and stood up straight. He laughed as he began to fall backwards, almost as though he was to hit the ground. However, he stayed at a perfect parallel to the ground, his feet linked to the hilt of the blade with energy. In a flash, he had spun around the hilt so that he was underneath Leon, and he pushed himself up at Leon with a powerful punch aimed at his exposed back. If the hit were to land, his Red Cross Scar energy would begin absorbing Leon's energy as long as the two were met.
Leon D. Sagara
Posts: 383/859
I see

::Leon smirked eagerly as the energy around him disapeared. He stood with his arms crossed and a grin on his face::

Well, guess its time to play for real.

::Leon raised his arms above his head and murmured some soft spoken words, and after he had finished a shackle appeared on each of his wrists, and from the shackles came two chaine that quickly smalled into the ground, attached to two balls that quickly dug into the ground. The weight of the balls could easily equal that of a ton. Leon had been fighting and training for all this time with an extra two thousand pounds. At the single second that Leon looked back at Cairoi with teh same smirk, the shackles around his wrists removed themselves and slammed into the ground. In the instant that they left his wrists and hit teh ground, Leon had already sped behind Cairoi and aimed a swift Punch to his back, followed instantly by a jumpping heel kick::
Posts: 1282/3807

Cairoi just looked up at the six swords of legend and smiled. As each sword came down upon him, he expertly evaded with an amazingly agile sidestep or jump. the entire time he did so, his face showed a smile of interest, yet eyes filled with boredom. He finished evading the sixth blade by doing a backflip onto his sword. He activated his Red Cross Scar energy and patiently stood there, waiting for Leon to make his next move.
Leon D. Sagara
Posts: 378/859
::Leon still knelling on the ground yelled a furrious scream as he was surrounded with a small circullar ring of blue energy that shot straight into the sky. The energy blocked the fire from harming Leon::

::From below the ground Cairoi was standing on came six swords made of the same energy style. Each one stood ten feet away from Cairoi and raised thirty feet into the air. One by One the swords came down stabbing at Cairoi's position::

Wings of An Angel - Leon uses his own style of energy manipulation to re-create the six swords of legend in a limited area and space. These swords possess the same properties as Leon's Wraith blade and each one has a reach of thirty feet and can bend as the users will. After each sword makes one attack, they all disapear and the energy used to create them will disapate as well.
Posts: 1277/3807
As the energy fades away, Cairoi is revealed, panting from the attack he just released. He gains his compusure and curses, stabbing his sword into the ground in front of him. He connects his mind to the energy naturally dormat in the sword, and keeps it handy in case he need call on it.

He walked forward, watching his opponent's mustering with disdain. He remembered Leon had broken the natural healing shield of his robe. All it was doing now was wearing him down.

"Gimme a second before you kill me, man?"

He brings his left hand inside the cloak and from the inside takes the cloak off. He throws it to the side, and to the suprise of those only midly acquainted with Cairoi, it slammed into the ground and made a miniature crater of sorts. From Leon's filed of view, the heavy steel weights on the cloak were visible.

In total, the steel weighed around 600 pounds. Cairoi, now freed from the weights he had become accustomed to, smiled and breathed in the fresh air. His expended Miyugu attack was already beginning to return to him as he called to it, recovering from the attack quickly. Underneath his cloak he had worn a simple white t-shirt and black pants, along with black leather boots and a dark brown belt.

With his free hand, he scooped up a kunai from one of his belt pouches. He began spinning it, and after 20 rotations, the kunai had begun to glow with a green flame. Cairoi stopped spinning and threw it at the ground directly in front of Leon. It sticked into the ground and stayed there, still glowing unnnaturally.

With remote precision, Cairoi snapped his finger, triggering the dormat energy in the kunai. With a flash, it exploded in a 5 ft raidus with Rage Flame.

Rage Flame- This fire, formed from a mixture of pure will, energy, and rage, is almost identical to real fire, except for three things. One, the fire was green instead of the standard orangey glow. Two, this fire could not be put out with water or any other normal fire-stopping materials. Three, it would only disband if Cairoi's will for it to exist was rested.
Leon D. Sagara
Posts: 370/859
::Leon using the force of the air, jumpped back as far as he could, easily avoiding the rocks from the Gai attack, however due to his lack of knowing where Cairoi was, the Miyugu almost caught him off gaurd, but being who he was Leon was prepaired for anything that he comrad could throw::

::Leon during the jump, charged his energy and pushed it around him instead of with in him, which was a dangerous tactic due to the amount of energy that was pushed out. Should Leon loose consentration for a single second, everything within a 100 mile radius would be turned into dust and lie at the bottom of a giant crater. Cairoi's attack hit home, but the barrier withstood the attack. Leon fell to the ground and hit one knee, his energy had takein a serious blow. But nothing he hadn't planed on. Leon smirked as he placed both his hands on the ground, in a wide palm position. Something big was comeing, and it wouldn't be something to sile down on::

Nice tactic friend......Now here is one of mine

::Leon charged his energy again, this time as normal energy and kept it all in his own body. Leon wispered something to himself and then smiled at Cairoi, waiting for him to make a move::
Posts: 1273/3807
From the short time it took Leon to shoot past him, Cairoi had turned around by using the air Leon had flown through's momentum to aid his turn. He quickly took a large step back, throwing him far out of Leon's melee range. He stopped suddenly, and the strange white aura poured onto the sword from his entire body, and the wind began spinning around the blade, a minor tornado of sorts wrapped around the blade. Cairoi smiled and pulled the giant sword behind his head and began gathering energy for the strike.

"Koten Gai Miyugu!"

He connected the sword to the ground with immense force, and he released an amazing amount of energy, finilizing the attack. With a smirk, he dissapeared from Leon's sight behind a flash of energy.

Koten Miyugu- A three-stage attack that can decimate even the strongest of foes. The first stage is a shockwave of air that throws an enemy off balance. It moves at the speed of sound. That stage is Koten.

The next stage is a barrage of stone ripped up from the strike, launched at the enemy with the speed and force of a shotgun. That stage is known as Gai.

The final stage is the killing blow of the attack. Miyugu is a massive outpour of magical energy from the attacker that literally springs forth from the sword and the slash. It is 20ft wide and tall, and it has been known to debilitate the strongest of defenses.
Leon D. Sagara
Posts: 368/859
::Leon hit the ground fist first, sending all of the buil up energy he had been gathering during the fall all around him, destroying what remained of the rocks and rubble, but also it was used to temporarily block Cairoi's vision of Leon himself. With his attack quickly fadeing, Leon charged headstrong at Cairoi, but veered to teh left side at the last moment, passing harmlessly by Cairoi about five feet to his left::

Lets go

::In teh time it took him to move from point A to Point B, Leon had manifested his mighty blue sword of destruction. The Death Reaver. Shapped in the form of a giant scythe, Leon swung a full turn, aiming the blade at Cairoi's right side::

((Leon is on the left, but his weapon blade reached around due to teh curve in the blade))
Posts: 1262/3807
Cairoi did a twirling side spin and avoided Leon's attack, allowing him to pass clean by him. Cairoi had taken notice of Leon clinging to the rock and planned to dodge accordingly. He then saw the ground only a few hundred feet from him, clowing ever closer. He began charging energy in his entire body, focusing it. With his focus came a strange white aura around his body. He landed with finesse and ease directly next to his sword, implanted firmly into the grassy field. He drew it out and began charging harder, the white aura now becoming less opaque. Also, to facilitate his defense, he sped up the falling rocks and aimed them at Leon, hoping to distract Leon long enough to finish charging...

"Here we go..."
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