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01-19-21 10:55 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Entertainment - bass pedal triggers?
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Soon, music will be lead to a digital entertainment...

I think that this "Cheats" alot of the respect of the bands we hear these days...Im guessing that this branch of musical technology actually makes it sound good...Almost like having a 12 person band, to which, a 4 person band can sound just as good, and get more respect....Catch my drift? No?

What Im saying is basicially I dont believe in it...I dont think bands should rely on technology to sound good...

Personally, and speaking freely, its a load of bullshit
Van Rhanell
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this might end up being in Debate, maybe

Here's what's going on: really fast repetative double bass is all the rage these days in many circles. The standard thing to do is train your feet a lot rhythmically and build up stamina so you can do stuff like that 24th note bass roll at the end of Tool's Schism. Then comes along the bass trigger, a device that you program to make the bass drum pound as fast as you want to. It takes away the timeless acousticness that rock percussion's always had, but makes for bass rolls faster than human feet can ever go. The only skill needed is a good sense of rhythm, which isn't rare. It's mostly the hardcore bands that are using it these days, now making 'hxc' music almost as easy as making rap. Do you think this innovation will take music to a higher level, or that it's cheating out good musicianship and once again putting machine over man? I happen to side with the latter.
Xeogaming Forums - Entertainment - bass pedal triggers?

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