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07-24-21 11:50 PM
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Got this CD from a friend...

Not really a real big fan of Rap as much as I used to be...I mean, I still listen to a little bit of ICP here and there ( It just got old...). But, after hearing this band play...Im loving the bass on my stero and the lyrics...

The band is consisted of ICP, Esham the unholy, and Lavel...Ill name their names on the albulm later on...

Well, how does this differ from the other things youve heard from ICP? First of all, its like listening to a hardcore techno with acid-rap lyrics...I love the beat like I said earlier...Kicks ass...

Also, theyre just like how the band title is...Theyre super villians..So your gonna hear Rap lyrics on how they kill people in America and all ofthat stuff...

Now here are the names of the band...and their description

Mr. Diamond ( Violent J) Real Name: Unimas Krasebo Devon Salimo Diamonare The 17th

Height: 6'3

Weight: 686,000 Karats

Eyes: Emerald Green

Hair: Ruby Red

Nick Names: The Multi-Villionaire, The Diamond Man, Big Shine

Abilities: Mr. Diamond is able to cast piercing laser rays, boring light beams, blinding glares and sharp-cutting reflections, point blank or from hundreds of miles away. His light beams can be seen casting SV on the moon. He is able to dodge bullets with smooth diamond-cut edges. He is able to blind pilots, snipers, and is undetectable to radar, as well as being able to easily scramble heat-seeking equipment.

Mr. Diamond is able to slice through almost any material with his diamond-cut hands and feet, and his body can withstand being crushed or smashed.

Weaknesses: Mr. Diamond's powers draw in from the light; he is unable to use many of his powers in the dark. Most of his rays and beams can only be cast using reflections in well-lit areas.

Cubic-Zirconia Diamonds seem to burn him and cause damage. In the few places where money is not used as currency, most of all his powers have little, to no effect.

Special Weapons & Equipment: Mr. Diamond possesses "Lethal Diamond Dust", which causes immediate death. He has unlimited wealth in any denomination, jet boots allowing him the ability to fly, a black cargo van, 2 Diamond Pistols, 25 Diamond-Encrusted Rolls-Royces, and a fleet of limousines at his disposal.

Mr. Heart ( Lavel):
Real Name: "The Don" Rik Valentino, James Bossey

Height: 7'1"

Weight: 320

Eyes: Deep Aqua Blue

Hair: Glossy Night Black

Nick Names: The Lady Killa, The HeartBreak Kid, Mr. No Love, Boss Playa, Big Hump, Soopa Pole.

Abilities: Mr. Heart has the ability to manipulate women, no known human female can resist his magnetic spell. They'll do whatever he asks of them. They become his slaves and are easily willing to die for him. He can even make them kill their husbands just for one night with him.

His powers are few, but extremely offensive. He can withstand immense punishment in battle because he has absolutely NO heart in his body. Also, his incredible strength allows him to lift just about anything. He can swat and knock any object before him, away with ease. He is a giant; regular bullets and slugs bounce off his immense frame.

Weaknesses: Mr. Heart is an extreme homophobic, so much as a rainbow flag can weaken his abilities in battle. Gay soldiers, male and female have sent him in retreat more than once.

Also, major amounts of smoke have been known to throw the giant off balance and diminish his strength & powers.

Special Weapons & Equipment: Mr. Heart has his harem of women; some with guns, knives, or worse. Mr. Heart is only half the battle, his powers bring forth women from all over, attacking for their heartless lover.

He also possesses a jetpack which allows him the ability of flight. He has a variety of firearms, as well as a weapon he calls "Cupid's Bow", a crossbow-type weapon which launches arrows strapped with poison-chemical bombs.

Mr. Spade( Esham)

Name: Mr. Spade

Real Name: Spaden X

Height: 6'1

Weight: Unknown

Eyes: Unknown (Varies)

Hair: Unknown (Varies)

Nick Names: The Black Plague, Leonardo DeBlackrio, The Black Militant

Abilities: Mr. Spade is able to recite powerful speeches that can unite armies, and even have them destroy each other at his command. He can camouflage himself into any setting, blending himself to become invisible and undetectable. He is able to alter his own skin color and features in seconds, allowing to him to appear as any nationality he wishes. Mr. Spade can talk his way in and out of almost any situation with his incredible hypnotic persuasion skills. Although he tops the FBI's most want list, he has talked his way out of government captivity many times using this power.

Weaknesses: The peace symbol; much like a cross to a vampire, the peace symbol is to Mr. Spade. His powers draw from the wars and hatred around him, therefore he fears the symbols of peace. Also, cold weather and snow greatly reduce his speed and strength. Even bullets drom his soopa-guns freeze and fall out of the sky in climates under 32 degrees. Lastly, loud volumes of country music have been known to temporarily fend off his attacks.

Special Weapons & Equipment: Mr. Spade has access to unlimited and customized firearms, automatic weapons, and explosives, including surface-to-air devices and underwater warfare. He possesses a white utility van, 3 bullet-proof Bentley Phantoms and a black surfboard allowing him the ability of flight. Mr. Spade also possesses a specialized soopa-megaphone for his hypnotic speeches that carries his voice over a radius of 125 miles.

Mr. Club( Shaggy 2 Dope )
Real Name: Mister Klub

Height: 6'2

Weight: 179

Eyes: Black

Hair: Brown

Nick Names: DJ Killa, Cut Throat, Hands Of Horror

Abilities: Mr. Club can unleash hundreds of razor-sharp disks, flying with precision in any given direction, all of which cut throught their targets and return to his crates without missing a beat. He is able to play soopa-natural music immensely loud, which makes his enemies (including entire armies) drop their weapons and dance in some sort of hypnotic dance. Mr. Club can explode human eardrums with his high-pitched noises and frequencies, which also disables most high and low-tech computerized equipment.

Weaknesses: In places without electricity, Mr. Club is rendered powerless; he draws his power directly from the area's energy supply.

Also, deaf people are completely immune to his sonic attacks, but not his razor-sharp flying disks.

Special Weapons & Equipment: Mr. Club's turn-tables have numerous features including 14 known firing features, a force-field device, as well as rocket-booster than enable him to take flight with incredible speed. He has thousands of razor-sharp records; not one disk has ever been left behind. Their material source is unknown. Mr. Club also possesses 2 giant speakers; carpeted titanium boxes that produce 9.0 earthquake rumbles, as well as noises so loud their frequencies can cause hurricane winds for hundreds of miles and tsunami storms, coast side.

Oh yeah, the site is unavailiable...not much is known about them...Hell, Even wikipedia dosent have much about them...but its good music and pretty good. Even though alot of people dont like Rap, I recommend this band to anyone out there

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