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09-25-22 03:58 PM
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00c But still, it's irrational virus' take 45 minutes to reproduce, it would need at least 2.25 hrs to provide a large enough base in the body to do any real harm, and seven turns does not calculate into 2.25 hrs. Sorry, but your virus makes no sense. EDit please, or let me edit my post...
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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ooc: I quote: Z-35 then put the spear away from view for just a second, and then threw it towards Leon, designed to land right through his chest.

I put it out of view, when I put the virus on. It would be unrealistic for you to know of it beforehand. Also, it is easy to defend against, so don't complain. Just look at how it takes you out, then you'll know that what it doesn't let, is what kills it.
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ooc---That would be a GM you had me bit hit by something you neither prepared or warned me about. Then You forgot to tell where you placed the disease you nevcer told me about. Diseases, especially viral ones take a long time to break into the body and actually reproduce. In fact it takes viral particles exactly 45 minutes to reproduce once. Then there would be 300 more viruses for every particle that enters the body.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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ooc: You have no idea about the speed of my robot. When it collects speed, it can move faster than a bullet, faster than flesh could survive. Sorry, but throwing something that fast is not an option.

ic: Z-35 was fortunatley able to move fast enough to catch the spear, and was nearly knocked back, but it used its magnetic tools to grab onto a building, which helped stablize it.

"Then this will be your last one." say Z-35, for as the spear was away from view, a small amount of diseased virus was put onto the spear, which Leon unwittingly touched. This virus travels through sweat spores, then blocks neccesary organs, all the while not drawing blood. This virus takes about five posts to kill, seven if the enemy is extremely endurant. Of course, how Leon would even know about this virus until too late is questionable.
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Leon smirked, the spear was sent flying at his chest. he brought his hand down in a swiping manner and hit the flat of the spear. The spear instantly stopped in place and spun around. He then slammed his palm into the back of the spear with an insane amount of speed and sent it flying in a whiz of brown. The spear was aimed directly for the robot's CPU and it was moving at a greater speed than the speed limitations put on the robot. There was only so fast it could move, and the spear was moving about twice that speed.

"I'm still alive aren't I? That means every one I have attempted."
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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Originally Z-35 had planned to let go of the spear, and send it flying. However, the second that Leon let go of the spear and moved towards Z-35, a new plan was made. Z-35 zimply continued letting the spear go, allowed it to hit the ground behind him, and jumped.

Z-35 was quickly able to swing out of the way of any attacks Leon had planned, and landed safely several yards away, having had the spear level him away. Z-35 then put the spear away from view for just a second, and then threw it towards Leon, designed to land right through his chest.

"How many bounties have you succesfully accomplished?"
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Leon could only smile as his foe grabbed the spear, leaving him wide open for an attack. Leon almost slithered away from the spear as Z-35 grabbed it, and he sent a punch at its chest.He flung himself around the creature and threw attack after attack at the back of the robot. Leon was fast, and Leon was strong. So much so, that he almost seemed robotic himself. A fire glew in his eyes. And his body was filled with a sort of uncaring. It was odd to see a man in the heat of battle acting so coldly.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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Leon rushing forward was fast, extremely fast, nearly as fast as Z-35 himself. However, it was not as fast as Z-35, and as a result, was doomed to fail.

As Xeios was stabbing forward, Z-35 brought up bboth hands, and with both extreme strength and extreme speed, grabbed the spear from above and below. This had a guarentee of stopping the spear, however, it also we designed to knock the spear out of Leon's hands, going up and behind Z-35.

"Impressive: You go for a melee attack against what is clearly a much faster and stronger opponent. Such a style in not reccomended."
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Leon grinned, his foe had shown himself. Leon was waiting for what seemed to be forever. His hands closed together on the spear he had placed on his back, and drew it down in front of him, he tapped the back lightly on the ground. He was a combination of expertise in weapons unlike any others had seen. But even though he was wielding a spear, hand to hand is his true strong suit. His left hand drew across the back of the spear, and held it about mid-way. His right hand was sent to the point of the spear, and was possibly six inches from the start of the arrow-head like edge. The butt of the spear was pointed at his robot foe. A very unconventional way of holding the spear, but efficient nonetheless.

"Mr. Tanaka wants you gone, you have done something to irritate him, and he has surmounted a small fund in order to see you wiped out."

Leon rushed forward with an amazing blur of speed and sent the butt of the spear in a stabbing motion directly at the machine's central processing unit located in it's frontal lobe.
Lord Vulkas Mormonus
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ooc: A month late, but I'll take it.

ic: It was raining, hard. Z-35 walked through the abandoned city street, a small green glow radiating from him, showing that his enviromental shield was on. This shield would slowly gain power for as long as it was on, increasing in protective ability.

Z-35 was a metallic white robot, with a height of about six feet. No weapon was obvious in its hands, though the legs were wider than were needed, and there were several other potential spots that Z-35 could have weapons.

Suddenly he stopped and spoke. "Interesting: You are a bounty hunter, and you are hunting me." he turned, "Who put the bounty on me?"
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Leon Mahina requsts a test battle. To see how I go up against the others.

Anyone may join, normal rules and etc, post with the area, and hopefully you can post a location, it fits more into my character, He's a bounty hunter and would be tracking the opponent.
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