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01-22-21 08:33 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Entertainment - Star Wars: A New Hope deleted scenes
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Wow... it's been nearly an hour and I'm STILL in the Cantina scene. It's at the halfway point now. I think I'll leave the laptop on and sleep for awhile... perhaps it will be done loading in the morning.
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Oh yeah, tell me about it. I'm on Zoso's super-fast computer and I was at that point too.

The cantina seen was pretty boring, but they included that Han had a girl with him, something he didn't have before. Or at least they never showed him with any women other than Leia.

I thought it was amusing that Luke couldn't even stand up to that one girl that was with one of his friends. It's like Luke never seems to have any sort of luck or stance with women. Enter Mara Jade.

Well, that and when Vader strikes down the robe that's supposed to be Ben, and the bottom half flies off while the head and torso just float there.
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It loads so slow!!! Argh!!!! *rips out hair*

Amusing though... my the Cantina scene was boring then, heh heh.
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"Deleted Magic"

It's actually amusing how one of the greatest science fiction films of all time almost comes off like a college student's spring break film.

I was amused to see what they were doing with Luke before you actually see him with his Uncle Ben. He actually has friends.

Well it's amusing. The pauses can be long and ridiculous, but you know when it's over.

Xeogaming Forums - Entertainment - Star Wars: A New Hope deleted scenes

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