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12-02-22 04:31 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - Xeo's Hot Tub - So how well do you know me....
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I dont talk about Yu Yu, I just have like 3 shirts...only clean shirt I have...

And you knew darn well I like One Piece...I told you that last night while playing Shadow of the Colossus!

What else did you get wrong?
True Flight
Posts: 1521/5243
>< Darn it I got a 50 on it because I thought that the words "Kitty Paddle" was the greatest weakness. I know that you would wind up like that. >.> And you were wearing a Yu Yu Hakusho shirt, you talk about YYH about as much as you do One Peice. XD

Anyway I'm going to make one now!

Posts: 1335/7838
I need to make my quiz easier...

Posts: 401/476
i got a 10... lol the only 1 I got was the very last one...

Ok... do mine
Posts: 2689/9733
Meh, I got a 40 on Clockworkz, oh well.

Okay, I give... let's see how you do.
Posts: 2/4
Heh, I got 10 on Sajin's and 80 on Clockworkz for some weird reason
The only one i answered right on Sajin's was his name Now that scares me.. I know none of you.
Posts: 1298/7838
Thats my favorite pet's name dude....
Posts: 977/3807
well yeah, we never would have guessed you liked being called penguin. I mean, that's just weird, man.
Posts: 1284/7838
Got a 60 on Clockworks...oh well..

Mine must be pretty hard for you guys
Posts: 970/3807
Well I didn't score so well on Saijin's...

Heh heh.

But on Clockz's I got teh high score! Go me, eh! Of course it's the only score on there right now, but I'm still the winner.
The Accidental Protege
Posts: 1094/2641
I got the last question right.
I only clicked it because they're my favorite out of all the choices.

hay guys do me now
Posts: 316/365
I didn't read the quiz I just chech random stuff....But by doing that I only got one right man I'm unlucky...
Posts: 41/46
Well ...I know you half as well as I thought I did. Not that it really counts for anything but some of those questions were a little odd to me, the last one mostly. I guess I know you well enough though. I'm afraid that if I get to know you too well that you might think i'm some freak who's stalking you. Anyways a 50 isn't too bad in my book.
Posts: 1270/7838

Im going to look at your answers...and laugh at the missed ones...

Oh yeah, im the only person who scored a 100
Posts: 2678/9733
I got a 60, not too bad since it's the second highest score.
Posts: 1260/7838
How well do you know Sajin Gorotto?

Im just curious to see how well everyone knows me...
Xeogaming Forums - Xeo's Hot Tub - So how well do you know me....

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