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06-27-22 04:40 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Sim-Battle Arena - Link challenges Kyle
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OOC: and btw... I"M NOT GOING TO PRETEND SOMETHING THAT COULDN"T POSSIBLY HAPPEN HAPPENED! What... are you retarded? If you team mate can't post a proper response then he'll be eliminated from this battle... Your post has now been nullified until further notice...
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(Just pretend that the spikes missed him anyway (Jexim)

*Link quickly pull's out a deku nut and throw's it at the ground and within the quick flash the nut provided he was able to move away from jexim by a bit, and was able to shoot a Ice arrow at the water around Chris right after he deflected the spikes with his shield.*

OOC: Oh and by the way... the turn system should be Kyle, Jexim, Me, Chris.
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OOC: *laughs maniacly!* You gotta change your post Kyle... or Yuki... whatever you want to be called... 1. Your attack would not damage me... as my powers are the manipulation of elements controlled by different weapons that I use... there for the chakra is all in my weapon... not in the shield itself... that alone completely disables the attack you attempted... BUT... and this is the big one... 2. IT WAS A DOME OF WATER SHOOTING SPIKES IN ALL DIRECTIONS! meaning when you appeared BEHIND him there were spikes coming out of there too... so edit your post and we may continue this battle...
kyle s kenedy
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OOC: I am not Kyle I am Yuki I know about the bridge thing ha ha ha not funny and in fact I am surprised that you know my name Jexim

Yuki *saw the shield form around Chris the chidori stoped* “thank you” Yuki *preformed Doton just in time too evade the spikes then he appeared right behind Chris not giving Chris time to move Yuki used Sabaki on the shield were chris's left sholder is* and sence the shield is around spartan it will be more than difficult to dodge one in fifteen chance I can miss

"this will hert a little if I hold on for five seconds I will get past the shield and to your chakra and when you run out of chakra in 50 seconds you will die this will hert you and jexim (for the five seconds of the shield)becuase its his magic but you cant move becuase of my technique"

OOC: be more specific with your attacks link tell were you arrows are going I thought you were trying to teach me somthing about sim battling by the way link you know I was going to win if spartan didnt interfer we are going to die sence I dont have enough battles under my bellt nither does link dam you spartan for interfering with my first practice

Sabaki: A Ninjutsu technique where the ninja must make contact with their enemy or his shield or aura. This technique absorbs the enemy's (chakra=magic) and makes it the ninja's own causing great pain that paralyzes

Doton: this ninjutsu isn't a widely used technique, since it is only used when surprising the enemy. After performing a series of hand seals and raising his chakra, the ninja is buried underground using his chakra. He can then move freely inside the ground, as if he was outside
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OOC: Ok... 1. we're going in turns now... Me... Kyle... Chris... and then Link... and 2. I'll assume you fired them in the patern that kyle told you too...

*Jexim watches his opponents awkward movements as they started their attacks, he listened to them scream their battle plan back and forth, he watched as Kyle changed his target in mid-attack, he knew this fight would not last. As Link fired his arrows, Jexim hopped easily through the middle of them, as the middle attack provided by Kyle was no longer aimed at him, as he did so, he removed his hands from his pockets, revealing a bright red glow coming from the back of both of his hands, the glow quickly deminished as he pushed the charge into the bright blue blades that were sheathed upon the small of his back. With this charge in place, he quickly took hold of the water near the shore on which Chris stood and, with a speed that could only be matched by that of Jexim himself, shot up onto shore as was looked like a sheet of glass, it quickly wraped itself into a dome around Chris, and as soon as it was done, suddenly burst forth with thousands of spikes going in all directions, small and sharp they we're sure to pierce anything that came near. Meanwhile Chris was perfectly safe inside the dome of water, with plenty of room and air, he was in no danger. The process of doing this took little thought and time, as he had done it many times, it was completed before Jexim's short hop had even reached it's peak and, as he started his decent, he took hold of the Onyx Blade, leaving it sheathed, and the moment he touched the ground launched forward with a frightening speed toward Link, a bright red glow already reappearing from the tatoo's that adorned the back of his hand*

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*Nothing happen's to Lin kdue to the fact that Chris just slashed at his sheild*

"Ok Yuki let's do this."

*Link put's another arrow to his bow making it have four then he fire's them at Jexim*

(Pay attention ppl I never fired my arrow's)
kyle s kenedy
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OOC: the bridge is already destroyed

considering that link has the mirror shield on his back you more than likely did nothing to link “jump fine” Yuki saw the kunai coming and put all his wait on the chidori and shifted his speed at spartan moving with the added speed of the explosion behind him then aims the chidori at spartans chest
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*Chris listens to the incredibly lame speech,a white aura appears around his feet and he moves incredibly fast to flip over Yuki and Link,In one swift movement he draws his katana and does a series of quick slash's at Links back in order of slash's coming at him they come as such Left Diagonal,Right Diagonial,Straight Down and Horizontal along his back as this series is completed he flips back draws a glowing red Kunai and throws at the ground at kyles feet exploding in a feiry explosion destroying the bridge underneeth his feet*

kyle s kenedy
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"It would seem that the only way to win is to separate don’t attack both you fool pick one opponent and stick with him” Yuki *thinks to him self* it doesn’t matter if we fight with all we have we are most likely going to die” Yuki *started making hand signs then chakra visable to the human eye appeared in his hand and a loud noise that sounded like 1000 birds chirping could be herd Yuki screams chidori and runs straight at Jexim carrying the chakra along the ground then aims straight at Jexims stomach he ran with incredible speed* "link fire 4 light arrows at Jexim one on the left and one right side up and down attack like a five on a dice I am the middle do it we have to take one of them out fast or we have no chance and I fear Jexim the most so attack like I told you"

Chidori: A Ninjutsu technique where the ninja using it grabs their wrist, and then collects enough chakra into their hand that it becomes visible to mere human eyes. With enough chakra collected into one focal point, that point becomes powerful enough to destroy an entire cliff side.requires a large amount of chakra can only be used 4 times a day if he atempts 5 he will die
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"Holy Deku Nut's!!!"

*Link takes out his bow.*

"Yuki you had better be ready because the fights about to begin..."

*Link then Link put's three Light Arrow's to his bow and aim's them at where Chris and Jexim are. Then he move's over to Yuki by a few feet*

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[OOC: I'm posting this on the behalf of Jexim who is currently unable to access his acount right now...]

*For a moment, nothing happens, then, slowly, from the shadow being cast by Chris, there came a slight ripple, followed by the emersion of Jexim's head, slowly he rises from the what now appears to be black water behind Chris, as he get's to full height, the ripples suddenly snap into solidity, Jexim stands slightly behind Chris looking upon his opponents with scorn, his cat like eyes flashing as his gaze passes from one to the other, his short cropped hair blowing gently in the slight breeze that blew across the top of the lake, his long black trench coat sweeping gently as well, his eventual gaze falls upon Chris as he finishes sizing up his opponents*

Why are you wasting my time?



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OOC....Your getting owned dude...guess whos my tag team partner...heh...

*Chris glance at the shadow he is casting, he draws his sword in one swift motion and begins to laugh*

"You fools,Shouldnt have picked a place you can cast shadows."

*Chris drops to the bridge and stands so he can cast a shadow*
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Out of Character:

Spartan pick a buddy and let's roll me and kyle will do our best to fight you guy's. Though our guy's are much more human so this will be hard. I assume you are going to use your only charater...

O and by the way Admin's I am okaying this, and kyle has told me ok too.

O but one thing Spartan...Our charater's shouldn't be mock due to the fact that many people have copied guy's from game's and anime's.

In Character:

*Link face's his new opponent, who is up in the air, and think's of how he will hold him off...*

Edited of grammar reason's
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*Chris Shimmers into existance next to link his Black Wings Flapping slowly*

Hmm....Not many Unique names..Or characters. I shall watch and see though.

*Chris Flys higher up and stares down at the two fighters*
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*Link quickly takes his mirror shield out and block both the strokes quickly then falls back to recope*

"I can see that your not hold back as much as before."
kyle s kenedy
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occ next time explain how long the fuse is lit for

Yuki *seeing the bomb before link magically lit it and kick it into the lake before it exploded then he unsheathes shoha and hitsu holding them reverse like you would a kunai if you were fighting with it and makes two slices one at his head (shoha) and the other at his chakra hole in his stomach with impressive speed enough to were if he missed or was blocked he could still defend himself in any direction *
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*Link trusts his sword out at Yuki but it's too late for him to hit Yuki, what it doe's do is move link so that Yuki hit's his chest and knocks him into the tree*

*Link shakes it off to the best he can but his arm was cut minorly on one of the tree branches, He then takes out a bomb and throw's it at Yuki*

(The bomb IS lit)
kyle s kenedy
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Not actually disappearing *Yuki attempts the second half of Senpuu cenkai* before link could activate quake

Second half of senpuu cenkai seconds later, the shin obi appears just below the opponent, and by raising his right leg, he kicks the enemy right on the chin, sending him up on the sky
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*Link is not sure what is going on, but chooses to use his quake power to force Yuki to reappear*

Quake: Link touches the ground with his palm and the ground around him shakes with a furious rumble that can knock opponents of balance.

kyle s kenedy
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Yuki *deflected the arrows so the shaft of the arrow hit the side of the kunai and made sure they hit the island between the mainland and the island in the middle so as to not freeze the water and used the first half of Senpuu cenkai*

Senpuu cenkai for this TaiJutsu, the ninja first disappears using a really fast movement.
The opponent, obviously, is totally confused. However ...

“the tunic coasts 300 rupees” he said as he started the technique
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