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08-14-22 08:08 PM
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This is pretty much a different group just like the gullwings we were just anouncing it.

(And kyle I told you and John about Ariel so that you two would help push me in that direction... Just know that I did intend to ask her out anyway...)
kyle s kenedy
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Darkness I dont see you as couragous becuase of you actions with ariel though I am not much better you guys just cant move me in ambers direction like we did to you

Sparda thats what we ment when we set this up like the Gullwings kinda but diffrent
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Clans may be bad, but if they can keep it simply as a group like the "Gullwings", then I'm sure it's fine.
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((Cairoi, your avatar made me think you were Sparda... lol))

But yes... clans = bad, unless you feel like putting something into a custom title, like "Proud Member of the Triforce Trio"


Other than that, no.
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No, this has been done before. It will not happen again. I was the leader of the only clan on XGF, if you back far enough. I inherited it from Xeios. Trust me, don't make the mistakes of the clans again. It's a waste of time and posting by which can be easily accomplished by merely organizing a free battle or two.
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Neat idea you had about making a clan on Xeogaming...I think what your doing is a cool idea...perhaps this can start Clan Sim-battles or something...

Clan [XGF] can perhaps be opened for something else after all...

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So uh...



This thread accomplishes.... .... ....

WHAT that can't be solved with PMs?
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How bout me do you see me as couragous?

Well I do but that's just me.
kyle s kenedy
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Its ironic that I am the triforce of power and yet I have no power and how xmts is the triforce of wisdom but he is very unwise
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I am making a new group called the Triforce trio.


1.Respect other member's of the clan.

2.Must have a Zelda refence in your layout...

3.Have fun and make a zelda layout if you want...


Triforce of Courage--------Darkness
Triforce of Power-----------kyle s kenedy
Triforce of Wisdom--------XMtS (Banned)

Fariy's: Members----Open for requests
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