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01-19-21 10:00 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Entertainment - Gamma Ray (Gods of Power Metal)
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Well I got more albums in yesterday:

- Masterplan -- Not bad at all, but I wasn't as impressed as I was when I heard Iron Savior (in terms of a band that I never heard before but just bought a CD to see what they were like).
- Dragonforce: Valley of the Damned -- Awesome.
- Gamma Ray: No World Order -- Awesome, of course.

- Iron Savior, Iron Savior Interlude
- Tribue to Helloween 1
- Helloween: Time of Oath

Probably some more I'm forgetting.

Next Power Metal band I plan to check out will probably be Hammerfall.
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Dang. I really need to see some videos of him. Whether it's Helloween, Iron Savior, or Gamma Ray!

To be able to play and sing like he does, it just amazes me.
Kard Ayals
Posts: 802/2904
And headbang while playing solos (that's just awesome)
Posts: 3105/11731
Only Kai Hansen can use a pink guitar, and be a metal god at the same time.
Kard Ayals
Posts: 800/2904
His guitar is supposed to be pink, by the way.

(I've seen official pics of his signature, it's pink)
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Got another one in today!

Edguy Mandrake - I had absolutely no doupts in this album, and I can say after listening to the first couple of songs it just seems to scream "Classic!". Awesome stuff.

I will always prefer Gamma Ray's "Heavy metal rockin' headbanging baby!" style though. The way I look at it:

Gamma Ray - An offspring evolution of Judas Priest. They're all about having fun and playing heavy metal. It's in their blood!

Edguy - Like an offspring evolution of something like, Faith no More. They're heavy and Power, but much more epic and more about a unique style.

Still though Edguy is quite possibly my 2nd favorite band. They did pioneer my interest in to the realm of Power Metal the way metal should and should always be anyways.

I need more money though, these albums are about to stop coming. All I have now is:
- Dragonforce: Valley of the Damned (I still need to prove to a lot of people these guys are awesome).
- Helloween: Walls of Jericho (It's sad Mandrake got here quicker, considering it was an import. I've been waiting I think weeks to get this one).
- Avantasia: The Metal Opera - Coming from Edguy's Tobios Sammet (vocals) I'm sure it'll be very good.

I plan on getting some stuff of Angra (already heard a lot of their stuff, and know they're good) and some of Masterplan (from what I've read and heard, they seem to be pretty good).

I need to post my CD collection. It's grown so much in only 2 months.

And for good measure:
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I got 3 albums in the mail yesterday!

Gamma Ray: Blast from the Past - Just incredible. It's awesome hearing some of the new remixed songs and a lot of songs from their older albums before Land of the Free.

Judas Priest: Painkiller - Wow, what can I say? This album is so different from previous Priest albums, you could basically say this one is on the edge of being Power Metal. It's epic, fast, double bass drumming, high pitched screams. It's not just a great album though, it's something I'd say any Metal fan of any kind should own. One of the best albums ever.

Iron Savior: Unification - I really didn't know what to expect from this band, since I never heard any of their songs before I bought this. And I was more than impressed. Kai Hansen and Danial (both from Gamma Ray) teamed up with some of the Iron Savior members, and you can tell they're not joking around. Vocals sound a lot like Blind Guardian. I'd say if there were a metal opera dedicated to R-Type / Gradius / or Thunderforce, this album would be it. Some of their reefs and solo's are very remorable. I'd give them a very high recommendation for European metal fans like myself.
Kard Ayals
Posts: 797/2904

Just found a store with anything I ever wanted.

They have all Gamma Ray albums, all Edguy albums, all Helloween albums, lots of Symphony X, etc...

That's awesome.

They have lots of singles too.

But I had like $10, so I just bought Metallica's Load album (it's great, seriously)
Posts: 3079/11731
$66.66? Yeouch!

Today I picked up:
- Megadeth: Rush in Peace - Glorious Thrash at it's finest.
- Metallica: Ride the Lightening - One of my favorite albums by them.
- Man O' War: Glory to England - Picked this up because of what my friends have told me about the band. Am I impressed? They seem decent. They were cool to listen to in the car, but then I put in Megadeth and lost my breath from them.
For around $40 I think.

I also got Helloween: Keeper of the Seven Keys Part 1 today. I'm extremely impressed. There's some songs on it that are just amazing. My only disappointment, like a lot of others out there, is the length. But I try to look at both Keeper albums as one big album, so yeah.

And I was wrong about Kai Hansen doing vocals for Iron Savior: Unification. Regardless, I checked out a few demo's of some songs at Amazon and it sounds extremely good. I think Kai just helped produce the album or something, and direct it. Vocals sound a lot like Blind Guardian.
Kard Ayals
Posts: 793/2904
*Lord DarkSlaya is now the proud owner of one of the best singles of the history of Metal... Eye of The Beholder (Metallica).

Rhapsody's Live In Canada: The Dark Secret also wins (just bought it) since it's in Montreal.

Sonata Arctica's Reckoning Night, well, it's Sonata Arctica, do I need to say more.

(fun fact, this cost me $66.66 (Canadian Currency)).
Kard Ayals
Posts: 792/2904
Yes, Mandrake is pure awesome.

And the title track (Tears of a Mandrake) is obviously one of their best songs.
Posts: 3077/11731
Heh, buying is awesome.
(I like refuse to download stuff now, unless I'm checking a new band out).

Yeah Majestic is amazing. I'd say tracks 1, 2, 3, and 5 are definitely my favorites on the album.

The only thing I don't like about Majestic compared to the other Gamma albums though, is that it seems a little harder to hear Kai. The music seems to overpower him at a lot of parts, but it's still awesome.

That's one thing about Land of the Free, you can hear Kai completely, and he does that sexy screaming a lot more often (I love that stuff, if you guys haven't guessed by now ).

I ordered a few more ablums today: (XD)
- Gamma Ray: Blast From the Past - It seems awesome. From what I read, this collective album just isn't songs thrown into an album, but the band replayed the songs, and Kai redid the vocals. Tons of awesome songs are on it too.
- Edguy: Mandrake - I need a real Edguy album, and an older one than Hellfire Club. From what I've heard and read, this one seems to be their best (next to Vain Glory Opera).

Anyways, I'll upload Rebellion in Dreamland for you guys soon. It's the greatest song on the face of the planet.
Kard Ayals
Posts: 791/2904
Just got Majestic (Downloaded it awhile ago, bought it yesterday)

It's awesome
Posts: 3075/11731
Well, I finally got Land of the Free.

I was afraid I may have been overhyped about it, but that's not the case at all. It's slightly different than the other Gamma Ray albums I'd say. It sounds like a mix between Helloween's Keeper albums, and Gamma Ray.

Not sure if I like Land of the Free the most, or Somewhere out in Space. Both those albums are just basically, Perfect.

And I thought Helloween's Halloween song was one of the best songs ever, but compared to Rebellion in Dreamland ... wow, now that is probably the greatest song on the face of the Earth.

@DarkSlaya: Have you heard pre-Land of the Free Gamma Ray? I'm interested to try them out, but I've heard those albums aren't that great. And without Kai, it just wouldn't be the same.

I do plan to get Skelatons in the Closet though, it looks awesome.

So yeah, I officially own Land of the Free, Somewhere out in Space, Powerplant, and Majestic. Greatest band ever.
Kard Ayals
Posts: 782/2904
Now, if I was there, yes.

But the video is good for now
Posts: 3067/11731
Originally posted by Lord DarkSlaya
Yeah, I know that feeling.

Oh, and Halloween (Live) is the best thing I've seen in my life.

Now, what if you literally saw it.

(you'd explode? )
Kard Ayals
Posts: 781/2904
Yeah, I know that feeling.

Oh, and Halloween (Live) is the best thing I've seen in my life.
Posts: 3065/11731
Yeah. He's my hero, like seriously he's my top favorite musician. I wonder how popular he is in Europe?

But yeah. I'm really interested in hearing Iron Savior. I'm sure they're not like Gamma Ray, but with Kai they have to be great. I remember one guy on Amazon said Unification is like "A musical to the orginal Power Rangers series". XD (one with the cool intro theme).

Kai is awesome. Sometimes it's scary to see how similar he can be to Rob (vocalist) from Judas Priest also though.

I like Michael Kiske a lot too (Helloween, he sounds just like Bruce Dickinson and Geoff Tate).

It's crazy how much I've gotten into music just within the past month. Buying CD's just feels great (as compared to downloading them and stuff).
Kard Ayals
Posts: 780/2904
Kai is god.

Got a '87 Helloween Video.

He's like, always headbanging.
Posts: 3057/11731
This is getting a little crazy, here's what I have yet to -get-

- Helloween: Keeper of the Seven Keys Part 1
- Helloween: Walls of Jericho
- Iron Savior: Unification (Kai hansen is on vocals!)
- Avantasia: The Metal Opera Part 1
- Judas Priest: Painkiller
- Gamma Ray: Land of the Free

Yeah, those are all my amazon orders I'm waiting to get in the mail.
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