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01-22-21 11:20 AM
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I recently came across the rondomusic website and found another brand called Agile. I looked up some reviews for the Agile Les Pauls and from what I've read, they are quite good. Some say they are better than Epiphone.

So perhaps someone could give me some more info on the Agile Les Pauls?
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After asking Zoso, he says the Epiphones are made in Korea and have cheaper electronics. The Gibsons are made in the U.S. and are better quality.

Epiphones aren't bad; however, Gibsons are much better.
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I was looking into other types of guitars and suddenly, another question came up in my mind.

What is the difference between a Gibson Les Paul and an Epiphone Les Paul? Many of the Ephiphone Les Pauls are much cheaper than the GIbson Les Paul so I'm assuming that the quality of the Gibsons may be somewhat better. But is that all the difference there is?
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I'm not too knowledgable on the guitars, all I know is that I have a soft spot for Warlocks and I've heard that they are actually pretty good... and they just look badass. BC Rich makes them.

See what I mean:

Kard Ayals
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Well, of course.

Me <3 Jackson Warrior.
Posts: 903/1198
I recently found the following guitar...

Here's an image...

The price seems reasonable and from what I've read, it seems to be a rather good guitar. Do you think it would be a worthy investment?
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That's a popular review site. You should be able to get a lot of information there.

For more "axe" like guitars try Jackson, ESP, BC Rich, Dean, or Washburn.
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I do plan on getting a Gibson Les Paul in the future...but at the moment, it's not what i'm looking for. Maybe I didn't explain it clearly enough. I'm looking for a guitar that has an ax design to it. Something like the Gibson Explorer.

Oh, i know a good example. Randy Rhodes' guitar.
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try a gibson les paul. there great guitars. i know a kid who has one its really nice. may be a little expensive though...
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I'll have Zoso come in and post here. Not to say it out of favoritism or anything, but he'd be a really good person to ask this from. He has like 7 guitars--the one he uses most in his band is a Gibson Explorer.

In the meantime, off the top of his head (he's half-asleep right now) he says is a good review site.
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Hey guys. I'm going to need some help from all the guitar players of XGF...or just anyone who knows their guitar brands.

I'm looking for an ax electric guitar (is that how you call them?)) and I saw a couple ones that look really nice. However, i'm not sure which brands or models are very good. I saw a couple of Brownsville electric guitars such as JDV200 and the IV400 which looked really nice and were at a very affordable price. However...would they last very long during a gig? I'm looking for reasonable quality, reliablity, and affordable price.

if you don't know about guitar brands but you do know of some guitar review sites, that would be very helpful too.
Xeogaming Forums - Entertainment - Guitar Brands

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