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01-23-21 03:04 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - Xeo's Hot Tub - How does your country's flag rank?
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I think I like the comment on Zimbabwe's flag the most:

Features a hawk sitting on a toilet.

Oh yeah!

This site is rather funny actually.
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Yeah, the lesser known countries got some good grades, while the most known country gets a low grade.

Yay for Canada.
Van Rhanell
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I'd have to disagree with the dislike of anything remotely complex, not all flags that resemble bad modern art are good because they are simple. I do like the critisizing of plaugarism though, and can't disagree with the color opinions since I have no concept of what looks nice together. Cool thing overall, I liked how it went over even the unheard-of countries.
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Now that is interesting. What I find more itneresting is someone sat down and graded this. Didn't get a chance to look through all of them, but it's fun to see the little comments some of them have.
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wow. Canada got 80/100 which is called A-....

not sure how... the Canadian flag is pretty boring/plain. I'd even say the American is more interesting. The stars mean something .
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I found this by accident today and looked through how this critic rated the flags of each country.

There isn't any real system to it (though the site's creator posts their "methodology"), almost seemingly random grading--almost like ABC's failed reality series "Are you Hot?" where judges just came out with a random point system. "Your knees are too shiny. I'm giving you a 5.3 for attitude."

World's Flags given Letter Grades

Incidentally, he gave the U.S.'s flag 60%, which to most everyone else in the world counts as a D, but to him is a C+.
Xeogaming Forums - Xeo's Hot Tub - How does your country's flag rank?

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