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03-02-24 03:24 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Entertainment - R.I.P. Richard Pryor
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That guy was funny as hell. My dad told me he did drugs when he was young and I had no idea that he did. No wonder he acted weird.
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Originally posted by ¯\(º_o)/¯ I dunno lol
Um... Carlin fucking rocks.
I hear that.

Now having to listen to most of the guys on Just for Laughs...ugh...they suck. The only time that show is funny, is when a well know, and obviously good comedian is on. (For thsoe who do not know , Just for Laughs is a comedy festival in Montreal)
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Meh, to me, Richard Pryor was the funniest comedian in the history of stand-up comedy. How many people do you know burst into flames because he dropped a ‘cookie’ into his pipe and blew himself up, while in the meantime making it sound hilarious in the process? Meh, once again its my opinion…

Georgr Carlin is funny also, but to me, when a black person is making fun of his own race as well as others (And they are true…well…most of them) then it has to be hilarious...
The Accidental Protege
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Um... Carlin fucking rocks. Moreso than Pryor
Pyror was one funny man. It's a shame he bit the big one. Hear No Evil See No Evil FTW.
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Me and my father (Before he starded smoking cocaine) we used to stay up all night watching all of his stand-up comedy movies on VHS. It was priceless to learn that he was in a cocaine accident a long time ago (He cought on fire by dropping a 'Cookie' into his pipe).

No way...Richard was my most favorite comedian to this sucks...

now us humans have to sit around listening to 'George Carlin' CD's and such...UUGGGHHH!!!!
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Originally posted by Jubilee
Rest in peace, guy being saved in Superman. We salute you!
I forgot he was in a Superman movie! Silly.

Rest in Peace, bud. Comedy and Entertainment lose a great.
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Rest in peace, guy being saved in Superman. We salute you!
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Richard Pryor, a great comedian who's career spanded from the late sixties to the early ninties, died of a heart attack just today (December 10, 2005).

He was known for his edgy performances and racial humor. He was great; he could take incidents from his life, such as the time he burned over 50% of his body while trying to freebase cocaine (which he was addicted to along with alcohol), and manage to turn them into routines. He was given the Mark Twain award from humor. He was Richard-fucking-Pryor! And he died, and its too bad. I'll certainly miss him.
Xeogaming Forums - Entertainment - R.I.P. Richard Pryor

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