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01-27-21 12:14 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Hyperbolic Time Chamber - I'm sure you all liked Mai more.
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The Accidental Protege
Posts: 848/2633
My rule of thumb among breasticles: I want just enough for a nice mouthfull. I don't wanna be smothered. LIke, CC, or D is fine. But anything over DD is just too damn big. And gross, to boot.
Posts: 2739/11731
You just ... have to be a man who knows what he likes.

... Or, I'm just a perverted guy.
True Flight
Posts: 1320/5243
man you all are sad sometimes. XD I don't know what it is about you and hot anime chicks.... never mind I do...

next thing you're going to say is "Bell Book and Candle's 'Rescue Me' is about sex."

oh wait... it is.
Posts: 2734/11731
It's weird. When it comes to real life though, I don't like the bigness. But in anime, they should be big ...
Posts: 703/2724
Different people have different tastes...

*Tamarin Calanis gets the feeling Xeo will somehow find perverrted humor in that statement. Somehow.
Posts: 2731/11731
There's no such thing as breats being too big.

Alright, maybe sometimes.
Posts: 700/2724
I stand adamantly by what I said in the other thread - that is, too much of a good thing becomes a bad thing. And Mai's breasts are just too big. =/
Posts: 610/2999
And the breast size is actually acceptable almost jsut right. Not as as Mais, but still...all together a pretty 'decent' cosplay.
Posts: 2730/11731
That's like, actually good.
Posts: 810/11861
Cause it's not like hot chicks don't cosplay Mai or anything...

Oh wait... they do.

Posts: 2723/11731
Alright, I'm making a php layout that'll show both.

aka TP's dream.
Posts: 2717/11731
Originally posted by \(_o)/
The more cleaage the better. Thusly, Mai FTW.

You sure?

I actually made a layout with that image a long time ago, here. Just seemed a little extreme, then again ... it's me, Xeo.
The Accidental Protege
Posts: 846/2633
The more cleaage the better. Thusly, Mai FTW.
Posts: 602/2999
How about the two of them...doing eachother!

*Gasps among crowd*

Or have one of them on either side. Both rox my sox.
Posts: 455/1567
I say go for both...

but either way I like them both the same so it's up to you
Posts: 2716/11731
Or do you want Akira again?
Xeogaming Forums - Hyperbolic Time Chamber - I'm sure you all liked Mai more.

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