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06-15-21 09:26 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - Entertainment - Ever seen a movie entirely made of crap? Nah? Go see AeonFlux!
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Originally posted by ~|Kyo|~
Well I don't see the point in smoking a joint before seeing a sci-fi movie in the first place.......

Guess its a pot-head kinda thing...most things people will never understand unless you are put into their shoes...:: Shrugs ::

Im planning on going to go see the movie friday...and no I wont smoke one before I go...^________^
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Narnia wasn't all that bad. Cheesy and kiddy at times, but you look at it, it IS a kids movie. Not bad though

Better than Aeon Fudge.
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Well I don't see the point in smoking a joint before seeing a sci-fi movie in the first place.......

I have friends that do it before scary or funny movies, but not sci-fi.......
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Alot of my friends were smoking one day and decided to go see that movie...they htought it was great except for the movie. They kept telling me that the only good thing about the movie was the credits.

But see that’s just the thing right there. They thought the movie was undoubtly awesome because; of course, they smoked one big joint before the movie. To them it wasn’t hilarious, they told me that it was more like a mind-bending movie that didn’t make any sense whatsoever…but I would still like to go see it just for the waste of money, to me, watching priceless shitty movies is well above my “Random things to do list”
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Originally posted by Cairoi
Well yeah, but they give two thumbs up for everything.

Or...not. There are alot of movies that they don't give the Thumbs too. Alot.
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Well yeah, but they give two thumbs up for everything.

Anyhoo, Aoen Flux was that bad? Jeebus...but Shuyin is right y'know. She looks spiffy...

-Cairoi, Decider of Those Who Are Spiffy.
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Narnia is getting some pretty good reviews, including two thumbs up from our favorite movie critic duo. Or maybe just mine.
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Oh, they kept that from the cartoon? I heard that some of the things were the same... like the talking and the running around stuff... but yeah, I heard it sucked.

Now, for my own personal scale so I can understand just how bad it is: Better or worse than Catwoman?

I agree, everything I've seen since Batman Begins has been horrible... I mean, I hated a Harry Potter movie... me! The Narnia movie might be good, but I won't know until I see it.
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I will play the good cop and mention its high points:

She looks absolutely amazing with her black hair.

The part where she ripped Freiya's earring out with her toungue/teeth made me cream my pants. fly went in her eye?.....
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I still don't know, I mean really, this movie was just so bad.

The special effects were good, and nice to look at but nothing that saved the movie. Some parts seemed like I was watching the Matrix, but unlike the Matrix, those effects made no sense at all (you'd find yourself asking, how does this happen? how can they do that?).

I mean yeah, 90% of movies out there are usually over the top and go beyond things you'd see in real life, but the stuff done in this movie just didn't seem innovative, or cool.

But yeah, I've got to fully agree that this has been a terrible year for movies. I've not seen anything, even close to being "Very good" or even just "Good, decent" since Batman Begins and ... well, you know me, Revenge of the Sith (those weren't just good in my opinion though, more like Legendary ).

But yeah, I still go to a lot of movies, but most of the time this year when I walked out of movies I just didn't feel very satisfied.

So, I'm really hoping Peter Jackson's King Kong will finish off the year well.
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Actually it's been a really craptacular year for movies. Usually you can tell what films get nominated for Oscars and so on, but there's maybe a handful that I would have even considered intelligible.

And out of character for me, I pretty much stayed away from the theaters this year. Anything that I would have thought I was going to be any good turned out to be crap. There were some good things this year, but like recent years, it's been a formula composed of mostly CRAP.

So was it one that depended mostly on its special effects and so on? For the most part any footage I've seen is all the same crap (her own the grass, her with her explosives, etc).
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I don't know what to elaberate on really. I mean, the plot made absolutely no sense. The character design (costumes, etc), weren't cool at all, they were something to laugh at. The action itself was way more "wtf laugh out loud that was retarded" than "ah, that was cool" (if that makes sense).

I don't know. I mean, if you had things to rate this movie for, say storyline plot, setting, characters, music, etc, this movie gets a 0 out of 5 in every area.

The girl was a looker, but the movie was so bad I didn't even care.

Rogue: Yeah, I've seen some movies that I really didn't like this year (Doom, etc), but this was definintely one of the -very few- movies I've seen in my life, where I walked out and said to myself "Wow, I just wasted money". It was that bad.
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I knew it would be crap from the second I heard there was going to be a movie and Chalize Theron was going to play Aeon.

Hollywood, when will you learn?

Sorry you spent money to see it.
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Elaborate even more Mr. Ebert! Plot sucked, but what else made it suck!

"I'm a commoner that has no movie sense. This movie has a chick in a tight black suit and it seems to involve lots of special effects and action. It must not be that bad!"

(The guys who produce it wouldn't show it to critics. Right from there, I had a feeling this might stink)
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Worst movie ever.

Worst movie I have ever seen in my entire freaking life.

It wasn't bad, it was bad.

I'd give it a whopping 689 thumbs down and a 0 out of 5.


Edit: But seriously, it was horrible.

The plot was so horrible, it made the rest of the movie absolute decayed crap.
Xeogaming Forums - Entertainment - Ever seen a movie entirely made of crap? Nah? Go see AeonFlux!

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