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08-03-21 01:49 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - General Chat - User CP Added
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Just wondering but where would you add that in the PMA.. Undre user's? or somewhere else?

Edit= @Ice man.. I think that your lay out is doing something to the tables.
Ice Man
Posts: 38/41
@Xeo: Add this into PMA to get the saved layouts working.

CREATE TABLE `savelay` (
`id` tinyint(5) unsigned NOT NULL auto_increment,
`postheader` text NOT NULL,
`postsign` text NOT NULL,
`userid` smallint(5) unsigned zerofill default NULL,
`name` varchar(50) NOT NULL default '',
`postbg` varchar(250) NOT NULL default '',

Oh, and if you have replaced the staff list with the buddy list, let me know.
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User CP? Git off my lawn.

It looks nice. Very ogranized, and as mentioned before, the Save Layouts thing is a nice feature. Just so you know though Xeo, I will only end up using this when I use it, which will I be... when I'm using it.
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Best User CP ever. I don't use it, but its the cleanest, easiest to use one I've seen. The rest have been shitty shit tastic on other boards. This one has features I haven't seen. I like the saved layouts one (though I've only used one layout ever... and it'll probably stay that way).

Good job with it.
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Originally posted by Tamarin Calanis
I don't like user CPs. I'd honestly rather have a cluttered menu bar. I think that's left over from my dialup days...

But that's just a personal preference. You or whoever made it did a good job on it, though.

I'm somewhat the sameway. That's why, unlike some boards I'm not going to remove the Edit Profile link at the top, because that's just easy access to editing your profile (same with layout, etc).

And yeah, I'll have to get that code from Ice Man, and I'll let him know he didn't include that or mention that anywhere from what I saw.

Fine Shuyin, Fine.
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Saved Layout seems a bit pointless to me since whenever I change layouts I save the code in a text document and stash it away on my harddrive But whatever works for those people who forget to save backups or lose the code or are just a bunch of lazy asses.

The User CP is easy to navigate, has some very nice features and will be even better as you put more stuff into it.
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Well for the savelayout to work, you will have to get the SQL table from Ice Man or someone. They have it working...
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I don't like user CPs. I'd honestly rather have a cluttered menu bar. I think that's left over from my dialup days...

But that's just a personal preference. You or whoever made it did a good job on it, though.
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You know it's funny you should mention that. Yesterday I was trying to go to the User CP and couldn't find it and was going to ask you about it.

Funny how things work with that.
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What is that garbage in your layout!? That is not a voluptuous woman!?


The Save Layout feature seems very convinient. Is it working?
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Yeah, that one.

I looked into it, but the file didn't say anything about adding a variable to the db. I'm sure that would fix it, but ... I'm unsure what kind of variable it needs to be.
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Warning: mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /home/sephiroth/public_html/board/usercp.php on line 403

You mean that error? >.<
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Does that work for you? I've got an error.
Cyro Xero
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I like the Saved Layouts option. I'm sure a lot of people will find that useful. Thanks for adding that stuff in.
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A new User CP was added today, check it out up at the top.

I plan on altering it a bit though. Changing the Staff List to a Buddy List, adding things, putting Favorites in there, and so on.

Also, expect an RPG CP in the future, then the index won't be so cluttered.
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