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01-27-21 09:55 PM
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Xeogaming Forums - Sunset Waterfall - Major Dilemma
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We're also talking time and money. There are cutoff ages for the government positions. But, I appreciate the input. I was thinking of heading towards Criminal Justice, but I still want to be a government hacker. I don't think I'm particularly cut-out for any field agent type duties...
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hehe, yay! I was waiting for more options.

Like Cairoi mentioned, a minor in psychology would be helpful. I think you'd really enjoy psychology, too. I hear it's a really fun subject, although challenging. I want to take it eventually.

I also said a major in Criminal Justice. They're (people hiring you) going to look for people that know their stuff. THe more training/knowlege you have in that field, the better, me thinks? I don't know exactly how it works over there, but that's my input.
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Thanks, I enabled multi-voting so that you can actually pick a major and minor.

Anyway, I know that skill sets are not required to be included in the major. But, a degree in something relevant to the careers I want are usually quite important.

I thought about throwing Psych in there because I would need it to track down a hacker...

I guess it stems from watching too much cop dramas on TV.
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I say go for Criminal Justice major and a Computer Arts minor, that way it covers the two major things that you want to do.

... of course, the killing for money thing was a hard choice to pass up... but I figured that you wanted a serious answer.
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If you are leaning towards Criminal Justice, then I'd take a minor in Psychology. If you plan on hunting down baddies in any way, to be able to understand where thier standpoint is and get inside thier minds would be a valuable asset.

Also, you don't have to take courses to list things as your skills. I mean, you know that whatever you don't choose as major or minor is always at your fingertips and available for future use. You can always take the knowledge you gain from Criminal Justice and use it as a first hand experience to add onto your writing.
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So, I'm indecisive. It's a wonderful trait. Keeps me on edge all the time.

Anyway, I've decided that I'm ready to transfer to University and get my life somewhat on track...after I hear back from the Border Patrol peoples.

That aside, I'm at a loss for my major. I was thinking that my highly intuitive and inquisitive mind would benefit from a career in cyber crimes with the FBI (Criminal Justice major with Computer Science minor), but I've also got a natural talent for speaking, deciphering and learning language (Linguistic Sciences major with Japanese Language minor).

In turn, I'm an excellent and highly creative writer (English major with option for Creative Writing coupled with a Psychology minor) and game designer (Computer Animation and Arts major with English option for Creative Writing minor). But, I've got limited funds and time, and want to settle down.

Here's where you come in:
You can ask anything about me that could help you make a choice for me and/or you can just vote for one of the mentioned majors. If you choose "Other", please specify the major (and minor if applicable) and tell me why you'd think I'd be suited for that career field.

I'm using this as an insightful guideline while doing my career planning. I'm leaning towards the Criminal Justice field, but I'm just so torn between everything.

Anyway, help!?
Xeogaming Forums - Sunset Waterfall - Major Dilemma

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