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01-27-21 10:37 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - Entertainment - What's your relaxing music?
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Usually when I want to relax I listen to Depeche Mode or slow songs by other bands... or classical music. I love classical music. Especially the Moonlight Sonata... that is by far my favorite classical piece.
Posts: 348/793
Johnny Cash works oddly well for me. Simple twanging and that voice! That Johnny Cash voice, the only one there is.
The Accidental Protege
Posts: 793/2633
Relax Artists for Clockworkz:
Massive Attack
Zero 7

I like Electronica in general, so this should be no surprise.
Posts: 511/7838
I have alot of Nature CD's whenever im trying to sleep. To me, listening to thunderstorms at night helps me feel safe at home...

Other than that I like to listen to things like Zug Island to help me relax...
Posts: 627/1461
I generally listen to New Age music, especially Enya. I'm very fond of her music. Also, certain bellydancing songs that are more mellow are really good to make me relax (unless it's close to my bellydance final, in which case, I start to move my body to the music without realizing it).
Cyro Xero
Posts: 1028/1778
My relaxing music is "digital ambience" as I like to call it, or just ambient. If you want to know exactly what I listen to click the banner at the top of my layout and choose "English".(or if you can read Italian...). You'll find plenty of CDs with music belonging to certain themes. My favorite so far is Soundscapes 01: Ambience.
Posts: 376/944
I relax too...

The Beatles
Pink Floyd
Led Zeppelin
Black Sabbath
Bob Dylan
The Doors
The Eagles
Jimi Hendrix
Posts: 385/720

Thats my rekaxing band. There songs explain what happened to me and stuff.

I listen to them when i'm doing good too, lol. Overall sweet band.
Posts: 333/546
For me.. I relax to A Perfect Circle, NIN or John Mayer..

Posts: 11/23
Eh, I listen to Camilla the old old story by The Art Of Noise...I just comforts me..and makes I will be in the pissiest mood and I listen to it and I'm just calm and collected and can't remember what I was mad about
Posts: 740/11861
Most music that I like is another way for me to relax and mellow.

Lately the stuff I've been listening to that's been calming has been Journey, Styx, Johnny Cash, Mariachi music, random drinking bands. I've got a few versions of Danny Boy spiced up by different bands on my current playlist.

Other songs that I've got are Korean pop and then of course the Romanian favorite, Dragostea Din Tei.

I tend to fall asleep to a lot of heavy metal and so on.
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I can't really listen to musc to relax myself. I like to sing, I like to listen. I pay attention when I listen to music, so I can't really relax.

For a while though, when I was going through my depression stage, I would listen to Blink 182's "Adam's Song" and it would make me think twice about doing anything to msyelf.

Funny. That song is playing on my playlist right now. Hehe.
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Do you listen to tapes of nature, or do you have a particular song or artisit that just mellows you to the core?

For me, Jimmy Buffet is the most relaxing thing in the world. I grew up in a country household, but the island music of Jimmy Buffet was always played around the house. It's grown on me, and nothing else gets the job done as well.
Xeogaming Forums - Entertainment - What's your relaxing music?

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