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10-02-23 11:35 PM
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Oh shit! moon shoes! Me and my brother had a pair of those and they were really fun... until they broke and don't even get me started on pogs, we had so many of those freaking things and i don't even know what you did with them and those freaking skip-it ads were some of the worst plagues to roam the earth.
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Hehe, I played that game on the playground.

Ah... the good ol' days....
Artemis Nevermore
Posts: 11/25
What do you need moonshoes for when the floor is lava? AHHH!

:: jumps from furniture piece to furniture piece.::

*is poor*

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Originally posted by Evo
Oh man, I thought Skip-its were so stupid, I would NEVER ever be caught with one of them. Ever.

'Least you don't have the stupid jingle stuck in your head now.

Damn it...

I was the only kid in town that asked for an Orca whale every present-getting op.
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You know, this thread makes me realize how spoiled I really was.

I had a pool, a horse, and a trampoline as well as various other things, but I'd think I never got anything I wanted when I asked for the same things year after year (rock polisher, pottery wheel, moon shoes, etc). Heh.

Oh man, I thought Skip-its were so stupid, I would NEVER ever be caught with one of them. Ever.
True Flight
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Wow Evo your parents were right. A wast of money. XD But yeah they now have that mad scientist set out. And easy bake has always been out too.
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Aha, I remember the Moon Shoes. I got my mom to get me a pair. They sucked, they didn't work. =/
True Flight
Posts: 1213/5243
You jump too high... I think that would be the answer.

Skip-it's did rule. What makes me amazed is how all these people want people to go out and exercise so they put trampolines on your feet and let you loose!
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O no not those genericly make peices of crap!!!!

I had a pair of those when I was young but one time when I made my dad mad he

destroyed them with no effort... I dont blame him, those shoes should have been

able to take being pulled on...But they weren't and there for suck...I rest my case.
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Originally posted by J. Literal
They look flimsy... but fun!

Like you?
I'm kidding
I've never owned moon shoes, nor have I used them but I've been on trampolenes and they are bitchin'. Sockem boppers are pretty bitchin' too, used to beat up my cousins with them when ever I was at their house.
Jity Horo
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I wonder what would happen if you wore moon shoes while on a trampline.

I never saw them before. How old are they.
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Holy shit. Skip-it rules.

I've never tried moon boots though. They look flimsy... but fun!
Posts: 642/11918
Yeah, someone tried to bring pogs (tazzos) back. Even did ads on television, trying to give them this idea that they were the next big trend.

Pogs were stupid. I just remember the days where if you didn't have them, you weren't "normal," in grade school. Hell, Knott's Berry Farm even built an area for you to play them in. They were so easy to make that EVERYONE was selling them at every tourist attraction. It's just a bit of colored cardboard with circle punched in so you could poke then out and play.

Moonboots... man, that's up there with the Teddy Ruxpin dolls, the Sit 'n' Spins (I used to love mine), the Skip Its, and every product put out by Nerf.
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Why not use the Moon Shoes on a trampoline? That is most definitely NOT a health risk.

Now, Sock 'em Boppers, there was a good product idea. Beat the shit out of your buddy and call it fun.
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Pogs were so stupid... but they looked cool, and that is why I collected them.
Posts: 303/871
I think I was too young to appreciate the concept of pogs. And did they seriously make a comeback??? LoL

I had a trampoline. It rocked. But I sitll wanted moon shoes.
Posts: 2139/9733
Tazzos? Gods... I remember the Pog craze... I had so damn many of those things it wasn't even funny!

*hangs head in shame*

Sad thing is, I have no idea where they all are now.
Posts: 640/11918
What next? Pogs making a comeback and calling them Tazzos?

Too late...

Posts: 2121/9733
I wanted those so bad when I was little... of course I wanted a big trampoline too... never got either one.
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Wow, they've made a comeback. I always wanted a pair, but my parents said they were a waist of money. *pouts* Oh well.
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Xeogaming Forums - General Chat - Remember These?

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