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08-11-22 01:22 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - General Chat - I need a good nickname
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Makura is technically pronounced Ma-coo-la, that's Japanese pronounciation. White people say, Ma-ker-ah Either or works..
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Yeah, maybe you can post how to pronounce it here. Heh.


Eve-oh = Evo

So we can associate sounds with your name. I've been vurious how to prounce a lot of people's names. Especially I pronounce it one way and I always hear Kaijin pronounce it differently. Drives me nuts.
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Hows about Sexy???

NO thats bad...

Um what about...
IM me...I can think about it more...

Really umm Makura is fine...even if im one of those people who horribly butchers it

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Originally posted by Makura
To me Lachesis sounds like something someone should cough up when they are sick.

Well, if you want to know even more... It is also based from Greek Mythology. ¬_¬

Originally posted by some website
In Greek mythology, Lachesis was the second of the Three Fates, or Moirae. She was the apportioner, deciding how much time for life was to be allowed for each person or being.

But meh... I guess calling you Makura or Zephyr work better...
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I know we can call her Makura when she peacful and Zephyr when she's in battle!!!
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Out of the two, I like Makura better. Sounds and looks prettier. Zephyr sounds like a good battle name.
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To me Lachesis sounds like something someone should cough up when they are sick. I'm thinking of just going by Makura. My friend from GSA started calling me Zephyr for some reason. Opinions?
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Originally posted by Hyatt
Out of blatent curiosity, how do you pronouce that name Shanan?


I think it goes something like: Lack-he-is. That's how I pronounce the name, so you give it a try. Beside, Lachesis sounds like a beauty goddess that can kick some ass.
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I think something... a little... easier to pronounce, guys.

Hmm... O.o wow. At a loss here. Most of my nick-names have been addidently self-assigned. You know, jokingly said, and then people just call me by that.

I'm horrible when it comes to assigning names that aren't similar to a person's real name. O.o I'll be thinking about it, but don't expect me to come up with anything, lol.
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Riptonia, Debbiricus, Aphrodite, Helena, Supergirl, Rastomos, Lady White, Rita, Sadie, Pamanther, Vima....Ask me if you want more. I have lists and lists upon lists of ectremely odd names.

McKillemdie. That's your last name though....OR ELSE.
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Out of blatent curiosity, how do you pronouce that name Shanan?
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What else is a better way to have a beautiful name that fit a gentle and caring soul? Plus, Lachesis sounds much better seeing how it have it own uniques name that sounds like you are a hot sexy god or something.

Believes me, Lachesis sounds cool... Maybe it is like Xena The Warrior Princess and that Beautiful Goddess combined together. So try and give Lachesis a try.
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I'd like to go by something more unique. *shrugs*

Definitely not a derivative of Sarah. I'd have no problem going by Makura even if people didn't say it right.

I'm not sure what elese to say..if you have a wuestion that'll help you come up with something just ask, I guess.
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I usually just call you Makura, since that seems to suit you much better. But I would love to see what people here come up with, so I'll just sit and watch.
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How about for those of us that don't know you too well? Wanna give us some help?

Let's make it a "Get to know Makura and give her a nickname" thread.

EDIT - would you like the nick to be a derivative of your Sarah (like Geoff has Geofferkins from me), or something completely different (I call my fiance, Ryan Kit, short for Kitten).???
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Well, as some of you know, I hate my real name. (Sarah) It's a nice name and all but it doesn't really suit me.. So I reach out to YOU *points* my fellow xeolians to help me on my quest to find the perfect nickname.

Oh yeah if you have a nickname post it, and the story behind it.
Xeogaming Forums - General Chat - I need a good nickname

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