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02-21-24 07:24 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - General Chat - how old are you?
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Originally posted by Zabuza
In Mexico, my cousin was driving around at the age of 12. In the US, we issue licenses at the age of 16 (that should change, you people increase my insurance). It should be 18. I didn't get my license till I was 18 mostly because I didn't need a vehicle until I started going to college. Kids, yes kids, don't need licenses until they're 18 anyway. Adult responsibility, not parental.

The problem with getting it when your 18 is the people who have jobs and such.. I mean some parents cant take there child to and from work. Rideing a bike would work but not all the time. Getting your license when your 16 just helps out to much.
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In Mexico, my cousin was driving around at the age of 12. In the US, we issue licenses at the age of 16 (that should change, you people increase my insurance). It should be 18. I didn't get my license till I was 18 mostly because I didn't need a vehicle until I started going to college. Kids, yes kids, don't need licenses until they're 18 anyway. Adult responsibility, not parental.
Gan Ning
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Well, in the UK we can only get a license when we're 17. Yep. Besides, I don't really need a car anyway.
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.I'd PM you, Zabuza, but it's a waste of time, you siad. So I'll make it really quick to avoid going waay off topic for too long.

I know being pregnant and getting ready to have a kid doesn't make me an adult, TRUST ME. I didn't say it was. I know you have a lot more adult experience than I do, but I do pay bills and all that jazz now that I'm out on my own. So I was saying. I'm getting used to adulthood like a lot of 18 year olds are at this time in their life. I see myself even with the other 18-19-20 year olds out there getting their first place and getting used to the real world.

Gan Ning, why do you have to be 17 to drive??? It's 16 here.
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Evo: PM is a waste of time for me. It's like a (crude) extension of email. I say what I gotta say, bluntly as usual, with no care of feelings. I hate the sugarcoating element. I just find it hard to believe (with the exception of Xeo and his inability to think outside the box) that anyone would feel themselves to have the same mental maturity age as their physical age.

It's a methodology of thinking. It's how your mindset works, and what that would relate to in a physical age. I'm personally stuck in a virtual age (by choosing) of -2. Just because.

But, I've been an adult longer than you have, Evo. The pending having of a kid doesn't make you an adult. It just makes you pregnant.

I have responsibilities, both to myself and others. I have a career, bills, commitments, objectives, and somewhat of a free time schedule. I've been an outlaw, and I've been on the side of the law. I've worked with every degree of person you could ever imagine. I've been seeing school therapists since I was in third grade (it stopped when I graduated from high school). Life is harsh, but you make of it what you want.

But, this is totally off-topic. I'm 23, going on 24. That's it.
True Flight
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For I myself am 17. I remember actually having my b-day. I hope to have another e-card that I got last year too. XD I love you Rogue. XD I'm just about as old as Virginia Maxwell. So awesome. Next year for AWA I'll be just as old as her and hang around for yaoi after dark.... then again I can't do that now can I, it's just unfair to sis. =P Anyway I know I'll be here. Because I'm taking meteorology in Valdosta. Hope Scholarship, or something hopefully I'll find a meteorology course in Columbus State or something. I hope to find it soon. ANYWAY I'm 17 and I will be 18 on December 24. Hopefully some of you all will still be on to care lol.
Gan Ning
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Me? I'm 16, if anyone cares. (Even though somehow my bio says I'm 17.) I'll be able to drive next year, whoo hoo.
Yeah, in the UK you have to be 17 to (legally) drive. Fear us and our kerrraaazy laws.
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Four years sounds good.

Ah, sorry Zabuza. I just don't like having arguments in a public place anymore, unless it's mroe of a debate than "let's make fun of the other person," sort of thing, unless it's really sarcastically obvious that it's a joke.

And going with the flow of the previous paragraph, that's why I asked you to PM me. But, please do if you ever feel the need to.

Agreed with Truth / Serum. Hope things are going well for you, buddy.
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Growing old is inevitable, growing UP is optional. Physically, I am 18. Average age group of the people I hang out with: late teens to mid 20's, depending on location. Usually 20 to 27 year olds. If anything, this would merely give a hint at some idea as to my mental... well I wouldn't label it "age," but rather "situation."
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I have no problem with you, personally. It was all in jest, but judging by your reaction at an attempt to try to sound mature by having my PM you, I'd say I was justified. But in an effort not to incite anymore angst from you, let's just drop it as a really bad joke you didn't get.

Let's all be four years old.
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I agree the mental age thing is stupid, I was just going along with everyone else
Cyro Xero
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Yeah, I know what you mean. 4 years. Wow. 4 years and counting. I've boarding for 4 years already.

By the way, I'm 24. Forgot to post that within my 3 cents.
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I'm probably one of the oldest members on this or any board using this board system. I have about 22 months before I turn 30. I do know there are at least a couple of people on here that are older than me though. Heh, I probably won't stop visiting or posting on these boards when I do hit 30 though.
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Going off with what Truth / Serum said, I don't even see the point in the "mental" age thing personally.

I'm 18, so I am just that, 18.

Eh, guess I just look at age as something far more simple than most.
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Wow, ha ha, you're old.

So, who is the oldest one of them all? I wonder...Searches...
Cyro Xero
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Aside from the members who've put 1969 as their birth year and the older members who aren't active with only 0-1 posts with a 260 day and beyond register time, I say that I'm probably in the top 5 oldest, being 5th. Unless my calculations are wrong.
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I am 16, turning 17 soon. November 18, a glorious day in the face of this message board, and for all mankind. Cause If I wasn't bored, where woud y'all be without me excentric threads and nigh 1k posts?
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Not to be rude, but anyone who really says their mental age is that of an adult when they've barely lived, is just complete horse manure in my eyes.

I'm only 18, and that's where my mental age is as well, I'm 18. People like Zabuza over there, he's an adult now, he's been in the real world and he knows what he's talking about, he's been there.

Taking a look down there at shadowdude2... No offence, but I somewhat laughed at that remark. Trust me man, life often gets far more complicated the older you get. Hell, I remember when I was 15. These last 3 years have been big differences for me, majorly. But that's the way of life.

For you my friend, you may be as mature as someone in their mid 20's, but never assume that's your mental age, wait till you get there and look back. You'll know what I mean when the time comes. 10 years is a long time my friend, a long time. Look back now, 10 years ago you were only 5.

Then again, I may be totally off my rocker, but hey, I suppose that's what the military can do for you. All I know, is living here on base, I've begun to understand many vast new things about life, that really there is no way I could have learned any earlier. That and like my friend back home, Jenna (evo), I'd like to say I'm in a serious relationship. (Damn you Jenna! You beat me to being engaged! ) So for me, I know that trying to figure certain things out definitely have taken some time, and talking to people much older than myself. And you do learn a lot about all sorts of things about people and about life in general that way. So the older you get, then the more you can look back on.

So, having totally gone off the deep end with this reply, I'm going to stop here with my disclaimer:

The words written here are the sole ideas and comments of the said user and in no way is meant to offend anyone. If such an event has occured, it was purely coincidence and an accident that it happened to hit one of your nerves. So relax, and just ignore that comment that offended you. Enjoy.
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I'm 16 on November 13th EVERYONE SEND ME PRESENTS!!!
As far as mental age... somewhere between my actual age and mid 20's
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I'm 17 and cannot even drive yet, how pathetic is that?

I'd say that mentally I'm about 13.. I'm not that mature at all, and I really do wish I were 13 again. Heh.
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Xeogaming Forums - General Chat - how old are you?

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