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02-29-24 12:24 AM
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Xeogaming Forums - General Chat - This can't be right. Xeo's legal today?!
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Woo hoo!!! Go Xeo!!!!

Heh. Not the prettiest car, but hopefully it runs nice for ya. Good that you have a newer car rather than older that'll fall apart on you...
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Well, I've actually had the car for a few months now.

96' Silver Acura, 3.2 TL series.

It's extremely nice, just has a ton of miles on it.

I also guess it would be nice to say here, I recently got my 90 Day Review in at Jiffy Lube, and got a 50 cent raise.
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hehe, rock on.

Visa debit cards? Ok. Just be careful when dealing with actual credit cards. I always swore I would never get one because I've seen so many people go into debt. I get by just fine with my Wells Fargo Debit/Check card. and I carry checks with me just in case.

But besides that! Sounds like you had fun. What kinda car did you get?
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Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I saw this thread yesterday morning, but just didn't have time to post.

So yeah, haven't gotten much yet. My car was my grandparents gift, and my parents are just giving me little things here and there, but since I have a job and plenty of money it all doesn't really bother me.

Soon I'm going to be getting one of those Visa Debit cards so I can buy things online.

And what's all this talk about hentai and porno? What am I, a pervert? That's crazy!


There is a Priscila's up the street. >__>

But yeah, physically I don't feel any different or anything, but thinking about it ... mentally I do feel a little old now.
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happy birthday a bit late.

Yeah. We are all gettign old. I think WhiteRose and myself are about the oldest on this board that are actual regular posters.


*goes off to make a thread about that.*
Posts: 59/59
You're only 18? BAH! Im older than you!
I can drink legally faster than you...

Enjoy your birthday...even though you live in kansas and theres really nothing to enjoy in kansas for any reason what so ever.
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Happy fricken birthday fucker!!!!

As I pop up outta nowhere with this post. Anywho...**UBER glomps to Xeo** Well, everyone has pretty much said it can look at porn, buy cigarretts. go to jail....oh the joys of being 18. XD

**sniff sniff** So you're not a boy anymore...You're legally an adult...Gosh we're all getting old. XD
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Happy Birthday, man. I'll try and make you a Sung Hi Lee birthday card and e-mail it to you. Congratulations on turning 18 hope you have a balst.
Kaijin Surohm
Posts: 795/1852
I know! After thinking about it, Xeo, I'm ganna make you the sexiest Mai layout I can muster!

KEehehehehe. XD
Posts: 49/101
Happy birthday, if you're near long beach ca.. I'll take you to a strip joint..
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OMG, I'm actually on today for this!

Happy Birthday Xeo!!


"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Xeo, happy birthday to you!"

You can now go purchase hentai instead of just downloading it! Yay!
Posts: 571/1858

Yay! Now Xeo won't be tracked down by the internet police for hosting a massive hentai smut ring. It's all legal baaaby.¬_¬
Posts: 606/1351
No, Xeo isn't legal, Rogue. It is pretty much illegal without any supervising from a supervisor and this isn't a community board, right? Unless there was a new somewhere on the internet that Xeogaming became legal.

Wait, are you saying that Xeogaming is illegal for two or whatever years until now? I *insert every cursing words you know of* hate you. (Just kidding.)

Happy Getter A Year Older And Still Received No Present Day! Make sure you subscribe to Shanan's Latest Issue of Xeona Hottest Sexy Member Issue. It includes many female members in -insert your favorite looking style- with some of the amazing -insert your favorite place or paradise- and you won't believes your eyes!

Enjoy your entertaining birthday time.
High Flyin' Ryan
Posts: 56/93
~Happy Birthday!~

The Accidental Protege
Posts: 711/2641
Oi, oi! Happy B-day, Xeo-sama! Now get off your duff and buy some cigarettes and porn!
Posts: 1/8
I'm a day late and a dollar short, but happy birthday, Xeo!
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You guys take all the fun out of jokes sometimes. Obviously he won't be taking up smoking or whatever just because he can.

And obviously the legality doesn't seem to matter since all of us have looked at porn before we were 18, and if you say you haven't, you're lying.

And I'm taking away from the birthday well-wishing. Damn it!

Well, Xeo, I love you and you know that, so we'll leave it at that.
Posts: 516/2724
Originally posted by Rogue

Woohoo! Now you can have legally *snip* look at porn

Somehow, I don't think the law stopped him. Or a lot of other people, for that matter.

Happy birthday. You grow ever-closer to death, and with every birthday you get another year closer.

There's a pleasant thought. Have fun... while you still can *evil laugh* Uh, I mean... So, what'd you get, what'd you get?

Another day of work?
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Happy Birthday! =D
Posts: 715/1198
Originally posted by Rogue

Woohoo! Now you can have legally have consentual sex, vote, be convicted, smoke, attend NC-17 movies and strip clubs, look at porn, and all that overrated crap you might as well have been doing when you were 14. Ha!

Sucks doesn't it?

Either way, lots of love, Xeo. Many happy birthday wishes.

Just because he can doesn't mean he will. I bet Xeo still prefers his hentai and Mai.

Oh right...Happy B.
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Xeogaming Forums - General Chat - This can't be right. Xeo's legal today?!

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